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In Too Deep


Wylla, an aspiring writer and artist with a thirst for knowledge. Her first year of Uni was shaping up to be a fun one. She had made great friends with her roommate and found a friend in the girl across the hall as well. She had all the classes that she wanted, including creative writing. What could go wrong with her first year at that rate?

Niall, he was a stand out professor. It was the profession he'd always wanted and it definitely showed. He had a rapport with his students that few other professors did, especially those in the English department. He wasn't stuffy but he knew the boundaries. He hated teaching the boring stuff but he put up with it so he could be the one teaching Creative Writing. What could possibly stir up trouble with his track record?

I Want To Hold Your Hand - The Beatles
Want You To Want Me - Jason Derulo
A.D.I.D.A.S. - Little Mix
Addicted To You - Avicii
Sweet Talk - Samantha Jade
Secret Love Song - Little Mix ft Jason Derulo
Secret Love Song pt. 2 - Little Mix
Crushed - Lesley Roy
Witchy Woman - The Eagles
I Can't Tell You Why - The Eagles
Nothing Left To Lose - The Pretty Reckless
Chemical - Kerli
Suffer - Charlie Puth
Surrender - The Calling

Also available on Wattpad

Cover by : @abygail.bauman (her cover book)




this Niall because this look is everything.


  1. One

  2. Two

  3. Three

  4. Four

  5. Five

    {strong adult content}

  6. Six

    {strong adult content}

  7. Seven

  8. Eight

    {stong adult content}

  9. Nine

    {strong adult content}

  10. Ten

    {strong adult content}

  11. Eleven

  12. Twelve

  13. Thirteen

  14. Maybe Returning?

    something I'd like input on



I love the cover! Thank you so much, sweetheart!

Amazing (:

I'm glad you liked it.

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

Madeleine sounds like my kinda girl hahahaha. I love this so far and I've just started reading it

NoNameHere NoNameHere

Its just how it has to be. Maybe if I get a wild hair I'll add more but I'm not planning on it. :/