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Realms of Desire

Just Friends

"Niall, cut it out." Kim laughed as they sat in the cramped car, driving through the Italian countryside. He had to be the funny guy once again. As they drove past vineyard after vineyard, Niall was describing the kind of wines in his best Italian accent. Though Kim was giggling and telling him to stop, she loved it. It was the reason that they were friends. Without his quick wit and raging humor she was sure that they never would've become friends.
"You love my accents." Niall teased her with a big grin. Kim just shook her head and turned the radio up. Niall quickly reached over and turned the radio down. "This was a great idea, this trip. I don't think that I've ever seen either of our mums so happy about us being gone before." Niall praised Kim for her idea.
"Probably because both Mum and Maura were sick of me crying about how much I missed you." Kim replied within another giggle.
Niall smirked and started to tease again, "Well I would've let you come on tour more if you wouldn't flirt with Harry so much."
Kim rolled her eyes, "Harry flirts with me. The boy is harmless really." Kim picked up the map and looked over the path that she and Niall had agreed upon. "Why do you care if Harry flirts with me anyway?" Kim asked without looking up from the map.
"Because I love you. And as much as I love Harry...I'd just rather that you didn't." Niall replied with a sigh. Kim looked over at her best friend with curious eyes. Niall kept his eyes on the road in front of them. "Speaking of flirting. Mom and Izzy say that you've met someone." Kim shrugged and nodded. "Are you going to tell me anything about it?" Niall asked feeling a little annoyed.
"What do you want to know?" Kim inquired, still not looking up from her map.
"A name? Where you met him? What does he do? Is he good to you?" Niall inquired in a quick succession.
"David. At my internship. He's the media coordinator for the company. He is very nice to me. But it's nothing serious. We've only gone on like three dates and I've only let him kiss me once. Nothing to really worry about, Ni." Kim replied, finding Niall's little interrogation a bit curious.
"I wanna meet him. When we get home, I'm going to meet him." Niall stated with a serious, demanding tone.
Kim laughed again, "Fine. You can meet him." The car went back to being quiet for a few moments. "Niall, turn here." Kim said pointing off to her right. Niall nodded and did as told. "So, how is Harry?" Kim inquired setting her map back on the dash.
"Jesus Kimmie." Niall whined. Kim started laughing loudly. "I hate it when you do that." Niall grumbled.
"No you don't." Kim chuckled, poking Niall's cheek playfully. "So tell me about this wine since you know so much about it all of a sudden." Kim commanded as they passed another sign for another vineyard. Niall went back to ranting about the smell and taste of wine in his best Italian accent. Kim held her sides as she laughed at his ridiculous statements.
Kim sat on the back steps of the house she and Niall had rented for the weekend. A glass of wine was in her hand as she stared out over the landscape. Suddenly, she felt an arm around her shoulders. She smiled over at Niall.
"I see you didn't forget your guitar." She smirked seeing in laying beside Niall.
"Of course I didn't." Niall chuckled picking it up. He cradled it like it was the most precious thing in the world. Kim couldn't do anything but smile as Niall began to play a song by his favorite band: Take It Easy by The Eagles. Kim rested her chin on Niall's shoulder and listened to him play. She could see him smiling nervously as she stared at his cute face. "Kim, stop staring." Niall grunted playfully, still playing the song.
"I've missed listening to guitars like this, so shut up." Kim teased pulling his hair gently.
Niall chuckled, "Well, if you had stayed in the lessons, you wouldn't have to." Kim rolled her eyes at Niall's statement. She hated lessons. She didn't want to spend her time in a stuffy room with that guy that smelled of patchouli and pot.
"I hated it. The only good thing about those lessons is now we're friends." Kim stated with a cheesy smile. Niall nodded and laughed, still strumming his guitar gently. "Do you remember how much I hated that?" Kim giggled as she leaned against Niall.
"Yes. I think your mum had to drag you in by your ponytail." Niall chuckled at the memory of Kim's mum forcing her into the instructors house. "Although, I think after like a week she had no problem getting you to go." Niall stated curiously.
"Of course not!" Kim laughed. "You were there. I stopped going because I didn't care to learn guitar and I hated lessons. And we started playing together at each others houses." Kim smirked. Niall shook his head and laughed again. "I can't believe that it took my mum so long to figure that out." Niall looked at Kim with amusement. "Best thing I've done so far was have my mother drag me into that stinky little house." Kim beamed at her best friend. Niall leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"Kim, slow down!" Niall shouted at her as she pulled him through the streets of Barcelona to get to the Gothic Quarter. Niall was taken with the way she was so excited to see everything in the city. But he wanted to take his time seeing every little bit, he was sick of being rushed through towns.
"Come on. Come on! We'll take it slow on the way back. They say the quater at this time is amazing. Let's go! Let's go." Kim tugged Niall's arm a bit harder to get him to walk faster. Niall just shook his head and did as she asked. He ran after Kim with a smile, knowing he'd never seen her so excited. He missed her smile and her laughter. Being away from her was one of the hardest parts of being on tour. Yes, he spoke to her as often as he did his mother but it just wasn't the same. Kim knew him best. Niall knew that she was willing to go out on the road with him whenever he would ask, but he didn't like asking. Niall was well aware that Kim wasn't all that interested in Harry but the way Harry would flirt with her made Niall uncomfortable and almost angry. The banter between Kim and Harry was innocent, Niall knew so but he couldn't help the jealousy inside when he heard it. Harry would always question Niall's feelings for Kim when she would leave. Niall would always give the same answer: "We're just friends." Niall knew that Harry never believed him, so Harry never did anything more than flirt.
"Niall, what are you thinking about?" Kim asked as she and Niall sat in the small Spanish cafe. She sipped her tea as she waited for an answer.
"What are we going to do next?" Niall replied with a smile. Kim lifted her eyebrow, not believing Niall's answer. "Art museum? The cathedral? Casa Mila? Casa Batllo? Pac de la Ciutadella? I think you'd like the Parc." Niall rattled off quickly.
"Niall," Kim began setting her glass down. "Why are you talking to me like you're nervous?" Kim leaned to speak to Niall.
"It's a big city and I want you to see everything you want to see." Niall replied swiftly.
Kim leaned over the table and whispered, "You're still lying." Niall sighed and shooed her out of his face. Kim sat back with a smirk and folded her arms over her chest. "Niall James Horan, you better tell me what is bothering you." Kim stated firmly.
"Nothing is bothering me. God." Niall grunted at her.
"Then why are you so mad?" Kim giggled.
"Shut up. You're worse than Greg." Niall glowered at her. Kim giggled and shook her head.

"Hey, let's climb the Effiel Tower!" Niall stated with enthusiasm. Kim looked at Niall skeptically. She wasn't a fan of heights. "Come on. It'll be fun! We can see the whole city from up there." The entire day of being in Paris Niall had been pushing Kim to do things that she normally wouldn't. She assumed that he'd been doing it to get back at her for pushing while they were in Spain. Kim gave in even though she was terrified of the height. Niall grabbed her hand the way she had done to him in Spain and dragged her toward the tower.
Kim clung to Niall as they reached the top of the Effiel Tower. Kim had her arms wrapped around his waist securely and her face buried in his chest. She was too afraid to look down so she kept her eyes shut tight while breathing in his scent.
"Kimmie, just look." Niall laughed as he hugged her close. "Nothing bad will happen. Just look for a moment." Niall urged her. "It's beautiful. You should really see it." Niall still tried for her to open her eyes. Kim opened her eyes and looked out over the edge. She still held firmly to Niall as her eyes scanned the landscape below them. Kim slowly began to loosen her grip on Niall and let her body drift toward the railing.
"Niall." Kim breathed as she took in the sight before her. She was in awe of everything. Niall stepped up behind her and placed his hands on her hips. He wanted her to feel safe as she stood over a sight she'd always wanted to see. Kim looked back at him with a bright smile and his heart leaped in his chest. What was that? He asked of himself. Niall smiled back at her nervously. "It's so beautiful." She stated looking back out over the edge.
Niall grinned as he gazed upon her glowing face, "Yeah, really beautiful."

For Niall being in Belgium, Germany and Holland wasn't as fun as it had been for Kim. In Belgium, Kim dragged him into every single Cathedral and art museum she found. Probably her way of getting back at him for making her go to a football game in Barcelona and Madrid. And in Germany, beside Kim stuffing him full of amazing food, they spent their time in and out of more art museums and classic cathedrals. Holland was the most fun for Kim. They stayed with some of her friends. He disliked it because while Kim's friends spoke a hefty amount of English, some of the boyfriends did not. He didn't want to spend all of his days in Holland with a bunch of girls he didn't know but had to. Kim apologized for it, saying she hadn't intended on all of the girls showing up. Niall waved away the apology. He disliked the mass amounts of estrogen but he loved the smile on Kim's face.

Both Niall and Kim were happy when they reached London. Even though Kim wasn't in London very often, she thought Niall's house was another home for her. She was sick of hotels and hostels. She wanted a home like bed, even if it was only Niall's guest room.
"You want my room or the guest room?" Niall asked Kim as they entered the house, all of their bags in hand.
"The guest room is fine, Niall. I've always slept in the guest room." Kim replied with a laugh.
Niall nodded, "Alright. You know where it is." Kim dashed up the stairs with her bag in hand. "It's my house, I get the first shower!" Niall called after Kim.
"Not if I'm naked first!" Kim shouted back, her giggles echoing in the hall. Niall felt his stomach drop a bit. It was not the first time she'd made a bold statement. But the way he instantly pictured her in the nude was different. He'd never thought of her like that before, not for more than a moment, when she had brought it up. This time the thought was lingering. As he made his way to his room, he heard the shower in the guest room start. He thought of the way she would remove her clothes and step into the shower. How she would lean back into the spray of the hot water. Niall slammed his bedroom door. Where were all of these thoughts coming from?
Kim stood in the shower loving the feeling of the hot water and the way it was relaxing her. She'd missed showers that were in a place she felt comfortable. Kim grabbed the shampoo off the rack, ready to have cleaner hair again. As she washed her hair she thought about the whole trip with Niall. She loved all of the things that she got to see. But Niall had been acting a bit different. He'd been a bit distant and speaking to her as though they'd not been friends all of their lives. Paris was when he got really weird, she thought. She'd even noticed that he'd started to touch her differently. His touch never lasted more than a second or two and it felt more tense than usual. She sighed, not liking the change in her best friend.
Kim leaned back into the spray of the water to rinse her hair. As she let the water flow over her, her mind was flooded with Niall still, but not in the way that was normal. She was used to thinking about the way he acted like an idiot. His funny moments and the moments they shared that made them the best of friends. But that was not the case at the moment. Right now, she was thinking about his muscled arms, toned and hairy chest, the strength of his hands. Kim was frightened of herself as she thought of the way he looked naked. The boy was not shy around her. It was a sight that she'd been seeing since they were teenagers. His mother cared but he sure didn't. Kim shook the thoughts away quickly. It'd been too long since she'd had the touch of a man.
Niall walked into the bathroom to get Kim's clothes. He was going to do the laundry. When he heard the shower still running, he didn't think that it would be an issue. He scooped up all of Kim's clothes from the floor when the water shut off. As Niall stood straight, Kim stepped out of the shower in all of her glory. Niall swallowed hard when she jumped, seeing him standing there. Kim's face flushed red. They way Niall was looking at her made her entire body blush.
Niall cleared his throat and tried to sound normal, "Anything else you want to throw in the wash?"
Kim shook her head, "No. Thank you." Niall gave a single nod but kept his eyes on her petite frame. She could feel his eyes roaming her body. It wasn't until Niall cleared his throat again that she realized how close they were. "I should get dressed. I'll make you dinner." Kim smiled, trying to push away the unusual thoughts she was having about her friend.
"Yeah." Niall breathed out before leaving the room quickly. Kim ran her hand through her hair. Yeah, it's been too long since I've had the touch of a man, she thought.

Niall and Kim stood in the kitchen quietly. Niall was sitting at the island while Kim was attempting to make a dinner that they'd had while in Spain. Niall watched her with loving eyes. He'd missed the boring moments with Kim as well. He loved the car rides and traveling all over Europe with her but he loved the moments when they were both quiet and not really saying anything at all. He always thought that the most fun he'd had was when it was just them in a room, nothing else. Niall smiled when Kim started to sing along with the stereo.
"You can't carry a tune in a bucket." Niall teased Kim after a few moments. Kim gasped then whipped a small piece of carrot at Niall. "You can't!" Niall laughed louder. Kim leaned over the counter and smacked Niall in the arm. Niall caught her wrist and motioned for her to come around the counter. Kim rounded the counter with a smile while Niall still held her wrist gently. He stood as she stopped in front of him.
"Are you going to apologize for being mean?" Kim asked with a pout.
Niall gulped down his nerves, "Something like that." Without another word, Niall pressed his lips to Kim's. He made sure to kiss her softly and sweetly, not wanting to scare her. He knew that he was breaking all of the rules with her but he couldn't help it. The whole trip he thought over their friendship and what it really was to him. He decided he was going to take the chance with her. He knew it could end badly, but he couldn't not know.
Kim couldn't believe what was happening. Niall had kissed her. A kiss so soft and tender. She chewed on her bottom lip as Niall waited for her to respond. He was waiting for anything. He decided that her being angry was better than her being silent. Niall was caught off guard when Kim didn't get angry. Kim wrapped her arms around his neck then pressed her lips back to his without any hesitation. Niall wound his arms around her back, holding her as close as possible while her lips meshed with his so perfectly. Niall held her tighter, making sure that she couldn't escape his embrace. Niall and Kim stumbled back toward the wall.
Niall reached out for the wall behind Kim. He pushed her against the wall. Kim clung to Niall, loving the way his lips felt against hers. Kim's breath caught in her chest when Niall's lips left hers and met the skin of her neck. Niall kissed every inch of bare skin he could get to without letting go of Kim. She held onto him tightly as well. She didn't want to let go out of fear. What would happen if they didn't feel out the fire that was between them all of a sudden? Niall lifted Kim slightly, making her wrap her legs around his waist. Kim held onto Niall tighter.
"Kim." Niall breathed heavily, backing out of the kiss. Kim stared at his with uncertain eyes. "Tell me no. Tell me you don't want this." Niall knew that being with Kim the way he wanted to be had the potential to be awful in the end, but at the same time, it could be amazing. Kim didn't reply with words. She placed her hands on Niall's face, cupping his cheeks tenderly.
"Is this what you want?" Kim asked softly. Niall just stared into her eyes with longing. "I'm not saying no." Kim pulled his face to hers. Her kiss was as soft as the first he placed on her. Niall was elated as he meshed his mouth to hers harder. Niall lifted Kim even more, gripping her rear to keep her completely wrapped around him.
Niall carried Kim up to his bedroom. He was glad he'd left the door opened. Niall sat Kim down on the bed. She looked up at him as he stood. He stepped back a little taking in the sight of her staring up at him. Niall combed his fingers through her hair, moving it away form Kim's face.
"Come 'ere." Kim smiled weakly, grabbing the bottom of his shirt. Kim pulled Niall to her. He leaned forward, taking her face in his hands. He kissed her slowly and softly. Kim slowly slid his shirt upward, wanting to see him the way she'd been imagining for most of the evening. Niall gladly stripped himself of his shirt, throwing it to the floor. Kim smiled a bit seeing his smooth abs and strong chest. She slid her hand up his abs to his chest. Kim bit her lip lightly as she concentrated on the way his skin felt under her finger tips. Niall couldn't help but feel his heart start to race when her hand traveled back down his torso to the waist line of his joggers. Kim hooked her fingers into the elastic band of his pants and pulled them down slowly, biding her time because even though she didn't look it, she was nervous. Niall's nerves were building more and more the slower that Kim undressed him. Niall leaned forward and captured Kim's lips between his own once again. Kim stretched her neck to meet his lips. She wanted his kiss. As Niall devoured Kim's mouth with his own, she managed to get Niall's joggers off. They fell to the floor around his ankles; he quickly kicked the article of clothing aside.
Niall then helped Kim stand from the bed. He gripped her hips and kept their mouths attached. He worked his hands underneath the shirt she was wearing. She had stolen one of his because he had taken all of her clothes to the laundry room to be washed. He didn't mind seeing her in it now. He loved the way it looked on her. She removed her lips from his then reached down, grabbing the bottom of the white tshirt. She pulled the shirt over her head and let it fall off her arm on top of Niall's pile of clothing. Niall tried to control himself. He thought the woman before him was absolutely beautiful. He didn't understand how he had never seen it before, but now that he was, he was entranced by her. Kim chewed on her lip nervously, watching Niall watch her. Niall took her hand and lifted her arm. He placed her arm over his shoulder then wrapped his arm around her waist. Niall held her close. He was reveling in the feeling of his bare skin on hers; she was as well. Niall quickly but smoothly removed her tiny, adorable underwear before kissing her with fire again.
Kim leaned back a little, letting Niall know she wanted on the bed. Niall released her from his embrace. Kim sat down on the bed then moved herself back toward the pillows. She beckoned Niall to her with a weak and nervous smile. Niall crawled onto the bed carefully, not wanting to startle or hurt Kim. He was amazed though. He couldn't believe that he was in the situation he was in. How could it be happening? Niall wound his arm around Kim's waist and settled her onto her back, laying against the pillows. He was going to do it right with her. He was going to take his time, make every part of her feel him. They both deserved that. Niall started with a sweet and gentle kiss on her lips. He then worked his mouth over every inch of her neck, chest, and shoulders. Kim smiled down at him as he placed warming kisses down between her breasts to her stomach and hips. She felt her legs tremble and breathing waver when his lips reached her most sensitive of areas. Niall glanced up at her, seeing if she was showing any signs of backing out. She wasn't. Kim was staring at him with anticipation.
Niall felt a strange rush when he realized that Kim actually WANTED him. Without another thought, Niall lowered his mouth to her cunt. Her hips lifted off the bed immediately and she gasped. She couldn't believe the way he mouth felt. Niall pushed her hips back to the bed, holding her still while he swirled his tongue around her nerves and sucked gently. Kim's hand was then buried in Niall's thick, fluffy, blonde hair, gripping and tugging. She writhed with the rhythm of his tongue against her clit. Niall' stomach dropped and his blood rushed south when he heard his name slipping through her lips among her moans. Suddenly, Kim's grip on his hair tightened and she held onto his shoulder. A small squeal escaped her mouth as he body was taken over with extreme pleasure. Niall smiled against her skin, pleased with himself. Slowly, he kissed back up her torso. Kim was delighted when Niall's lips returned to hers. The kiss was cut short by her gasping once again. Niall still held a smirk as he pushed further inside of her.
Kim was writhing after just a few moments of Niall being inside of her. He felt amazing. Niall groaned quietly, loving the feeling of her. Kim lifted her head from the bed and caught Niall's lips between hers. Their kiss had fire but also a gentleness. Niall held Kim close as she wrapped her legs around his waist, forcing him deeper inside of her. Kim moaned and lifted her hips from the bed. Niall quickly pushed her back down. He held her in place and dove into her over and over with a lust that had been consuming him for the last few weeks. Niall let his lips roam over every inch of Kim's skin that they could. Kim sighed at the feeling once again. She'd never felt lips like his. Kim then raked her nails down Niall's back. He'd struck a spot within her that was driving her crazy. Niall felt a jolt inside of him when Kim started to call his name. Niall tried to lean back but Kim stopped him. She wanted him close. She wanted to feel his skin on hers.
Niall stomach dropped again when his eyes met Kim's. She was staring deeply into his eyes. Her finger tips traced his lips, nose and every other feature of his face. She was taking him in as much as she could. Niall felt like she was really seeing him. Niall smirked a little when he felt her body start to tremble. Kim let out a high pitch moan as Niall drove her to an orgasm. Niall caressed Kim's cheek with a gentle stroke of his thumb. Kim smiled up at him as her body calmed just a little. Niall molded his mouth to hers. He chuckled a little when Kim gasped again. He began to thrust with a new found passion. Kim wound herself around him once again.
Kim carefully pushed Niall onto his back. She then threw a leg over him with a small smile. She straddled him, using her hands on his chest as an anchor. Slowly, she slid down on his still rock hard cock. Kim sighed as her pelvis came to rest on Niall's. Niall gripped her hips tightly as she began to pump her hips gently, taking her time to glide back down. Niall smoothed a hand up her abs and between her breasts. He gently groped her making her moan quietly. Niall drank in the sight of her on top of him, something he'd never thought he'd see. Kim ran her hands over Niall's abs and chest as she rocked her hips back and forth, creating a friction deep within her body. She slid her hands up Niall's arms to grip his wrists.
"Ni." She breathed out. Niall grunted softly and helped her lift her hips. He groaned when she dropped back down on him. He struggled to breathe as she bounced in his lap. She felt incredible; her walls tightening around him, gripping him like she'd never made love before.
"Kim." Niall moaned. He felt a stir within his thighs that told him he wasn't going to last much longer. Kim recognized the look and smiled. Without a second thought, she tried to coax him into his peak. She leaned forward pressing her sweat soaked chest to his. She placed her hand on his neck and kissed him deeply. It was a sloppy kiss, one that held all of the intentions they had for the next few minutes.
"Cum for me, Niall." Kim whispered against his lips with a sultry tone. "I want it, baby." She smirked, teasing his lips with her own. Niall gripped her hips tightly again, forcing her onto his dick harder and faster. With that Kim started feeling that twinging sensation in the pit of her stomach, she was going to cum again as well. Niall started grunting louder, his fingers squeezed harder. Kim released a moan that reverberated through out the house. Her inner walls clamping down on Niall's cock like a vice. Niall's breath caught at the feeling of her orgasm and it forced him into his own. Niall wrapped his arms around Kim's waist and thrust upward as hard and fast as he could. He came moaning her name, the sound echoing off the walls.
Kim collapsed on Niall's chest. Both of the were out of breath and soaked in sweat. Kim lifted her hips for just a moment then fell to the bed next to Niall, her leg still draped over his. Kim placed her hand on Niall's chest over his heart. She closed her eyes and buried her face in the pillow. She was trying to regain her composure. The room was nearly silent, all that could be heard was the sound of Kim and Niall panting. It stayed that way for a long time.

Niall and Kim laid in bed still silent. Niall had a hand between Kim's thighs, stroking the tender, soft flesh with his thumb. She held onto his wrist loosely. Both of them were afraid to let go. Kim was too afraid to speak. She was worried that she would say the wrong thing.
"Wow." Niall murmured after another long moment of silence. Kim looked up at his tired, red face and smiled. She nodded a bit. "I never..." Niall began. "Wow."
"Yeah." Kim whispered, slightly embarrassed. Niall leaned toward her a bit and kissed her forehead gently. "Ni?"
"Yeah?" He replied, keeping his eyes on her.
"Can we just..." She started. "Never mind." She quickly shook away what she was thinking. Niall looked way too happy to be laying next to her in the state they were in. Niall pressed his lips to hers softly, as to reassure her. Kim smiled and turned to face him. She rested her head on his chest while he wrapped an arm around her.

It was the last day for Kim and Niall to be in London. Kim was snuggled into Niall's side as they laid in bed completely nude. Niall kissed Kim's forehead gently and combed his fingers through her hair. Kim smiled up at him and caressed Niall's chest with just her fingertips. Niall dropped his hand to Kim's arm and caressed her skin tenderly.
"What do you think about another trip sometime soon?" Niall asked Kim softly.
Kim hummed, "Where would we go? We've been all over Europe already."
"We could always go to a place with sun and sand. You know, beers on the beach." Niall suggested with a smile.
"Why? Wouldn't you want to do that with your guy friends?" Kim was curious about his idea now.
Niall grinned and pulled her hair over her shoulder, "Well, you're my girl. Gotta take my girl to a place like that for a holiday." Kim's heart was gripped with fear and disappointment. She sat up with a sigh. She wrapped her arms around her knees as she pulled them to her chest. Niall sat up as well and placed his hand on her back. "Kimmie, what's wrong?" Niall asked nervously.
"Your girl?" Kim spoke softly, looking up at Niall from under her eyelashes.
Niall chuckled, "Yeah, my girl. We've been in this bed almost nonstop for a couple days." Kim frowned and buried her face in her knees. "Kimmie, what is wrong?" Niall was becoming more concerned with her distant and saddened demeanor.
"Niall, I can't be your girl." Kim stated. She was about to cry seeing Niall's face drop. She looked into his eyes and saw his heart breaking. "Ni. We can't. This has been...wonderful, the trip, the time together. Being with you has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life but we can't." Kim spoke calmly. She pressed her forehead to his even though he looked so angry. "I love you, Niall. I do. That's why this has to be a "what happened in London, stays in London" thing." Her voice was so sad but Niall knew that she meant it.
"Just tell me why. Tell me why you can't be mine." Niall pleaded.
Kim buried her hand in his hair, "Because I love you. I value your friendship, your loyalty and all of the memories we have more than the sex. I don't want to lose everything we have because we lost control for a couple of days."
"Who says that we'll lose it? We can just make it better." Niall didn't care that he was begging. Kim was what he wanted.
Kim shook her head, "No, Ni. This is how it has to be. I need you so much more than you know. I don't want to date and have everything ruined because we have broken hearts. Lets just be us they way we were. This has to stay between us. This can never leave this house." Kim pleaded. Niall sighed heavily and nodded. He understood her. He knew that she didn't want almost ten years of friendship to be ruined by stupid mistakes and broken promises.
"Can I ask one thing?" Niall spoke quietly. Kim nodded; she wanted Niall to not hurt so much. "Just one more night here, like this, pretending that we're in love with each other?" Kim quickly pressed her mouth to his. She decided that she was going to give him everything that he needed for the night.

Niall and Kim sat in the car silently. It was different from the silence that they shared in the weeks before. Before it was a comfortable silence, a silence that meant nothing needed to be said because they were content with each other. But now. Now the silence was thick and tense, filled with all of the things that Niall wanted to say but didn't know how. He needed to try to get to Kim one last time. Kim knew what he wanted to say though. Niall didn't really need to say anything for her to know what was going to come next.
"Kim?" Niall began nervously. She hummed but didn't look at him. "Can we talk about something?" Niall inquired quietly.
Kim glanced over, "You don't have to ask, Niall." She felt annoyed with the sudden change in him. He was not the way he used to be with her. It bothered her that she let London get out of hand.
"Um..about everything that happened..." Niall started, not exactly sure of what to say.
"It's done, Niall. It happened and we can't take it back. I'd rather not talk about it anymore." Kim replied looking down at the map. Niall sighed heavily. He got shut down again.
"I promise, after this, not another word." Niall stated firmly. Kim inhaled deeply and agreed. "I need to tell you what I think, how I feel about it. I really think you need to know." Niall informed her. Kim set her eyes on his bright red face, waiting for him to tell her what he wanted. "Kim, I love you." Niall breathed out.
Kim smiled, maybe it hadn't changed so much, "I love you too, Niall."
"No." Niall grunted in frustration. "I love you. I really love you." Niall corrected her. Kim's eyes welled with tears like they had the night before.
"Niall." Her voice cracked as she said his name. "Don't." She pleaded.
"No. Kim listen to me." Niall stated slamming on the breaks. Kim stared at him with sad eyes once again. "I love you. I know you don't want to hear it but I do. Right now, I wish that I didn't. But after all these years...this is how I feel." Niall stated.
"Niall. I can't. We can't. This is not how we were meant to be." Kim held her ground. "I love you but not the way you love me. We can't have this conversation again. It's done." Niall felt his heart breaking. "Let's just go home."



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