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Realms of Desire

Surfer Liam

"Harry, stop teasing." Liam grunted at his friend as he started dressing for the day ahead of him. He was going to have a surfing lesson for the first time and he was already nervous about it. Harry wasn't making him feeling any better about it.

"Oh come on, Liam." Harry chuckled from the other end of the room. "I'm just saying you're probably going to get the most bad ass surf instructor down at the beach." Liam shook his head with another grunt. "It's not a bad thing. Maybe by the end of the day you'll be a bad ass surfer dude too." Harry tried to lighten his friend's mood. "Everything will go just fine. Text me when you get back from the beach." Harry laughed before leaving Liam alone to panic.

Liam stood down on the beach, checking his watch. He was sure of the place he was standing and he knew he had the time right. His instructor was late. Suddenly, he saw a small, blonde girl running toward him, surf board in hand. She was smiling brightly. He chuckled when he saw flowers in hair. She was gorgeous. The green of her eyes was bright and clear, like the water lying behind him. He loved that she looked like the stereotypical hippie/surfer. Crazy, air dried waves, a bright tie-dyed bikini top and a cute peace pendant necklace hanging between her breasts. When she made eye contact with him, he knew that she was his instructor.

The cute hippie girl stopped in front of Liam and smiled once again, "Hi. Are you Liam?" He nodded and held his hand out to her. She giggled and shook his hand, "I'm Daisy. I'm going to help you learn to surf." Liam nodded nervously. "Have you ever surfed before?" Daisy asked Liam, trying to keep her tone light and carefree, which actually wasn't that hard for her.

Liam nodded, "A few times. I've always made an ass of myself." Daisy giggled at his bluntness. "I thought this would help me not look like such an idiot."

Daisy laughed again, "Well, alright then. Let's see if we can get you looking like a seasoned surfer." Liam quickly agreed even though he felt like he'd made an ass of himself again. "Let's take a look at your board." Liam quickly moved his board into view while Daisy set hers aside for the moment. Daisy smiled as she examined Liam's board. "This was a great choice for a beginner." Daisy informed Liam.
Liam blushed, "I went with the recommendation of the man who worked at the shop. He said this board would work the best." Daisy nodded before touching the surface of the board.

"We'll need to wax it before we get out to the water but it's good." Daisy smiled at Liam once again. Liam stood still as he nodded. "Okay, throw your board down." Daisy said making the motion of throwing something down with force. Liam did as he was told, letting his board land in the sand in front of him. "Alright. Stand on it with your feet together." Liam stood as Daisy asked. Daisy took her place behind him. Daisy held back a giggle when she felt Liam tense as she placed her hands on his lower back. "I'm going to give you a little push. I'm not being a bully. I just want to see if you're a regular or goofy foot." Liam nodded even though he was uncertain of what she meant. "When I push, whatever foot you try to catch yourself with is the foot you'll throw forward when you push up to catch a wave." Daisy explained seeing the confusion on Liam's face. Liam nodded once again. Daisy gave Liam a small push in the back. Liam caught himself quickly. Daisy giggled, "Goofy foot."

"Goofy foot?" Liam inquired.

"Yeah. You stepped with your right foot. You're a goofy foot." Daisy explained cheerily. Liam nodded. He was taken with her attitude. She was so full of joy. As he looked down the beach he saw other surf instructors, looking annoyed with their students but not Daisy. She seemed happy to be explaining every little thing to Liam. "Now that we know that you're a goof. Let's see how well you paddle. Lay down on the board like you do when you've surfed before." Liam did as told. Daisy looked at the way he laid on the board and smiled a bit. She knelt down beside Liam. "I see what may be causing a problem for you." Daisy stated.

"What's that?" Liam inquired with a bit of fear in his eyes.

"You're going to pearl or you do often. You're too far up on the board. Move back so you're not pushing your nose into the water." Daisy placed her hands on Liam's hips to move him back on the board. Liam felt his whole body tense at the warmth of her touch. Daisy bit her lip feeling the same sense of warmth that Liam did. There was no doubt she was attracted to him. He wasn't the usual kind of guy that Daisy would find herself swooning over but she was getting a kind of high off of Liam. Liam smiled at Daisy when he noticed that she was chewing on her bottom lip. "Alright, show me how you paddle." Liam did as asked. He scooped at the sand as he did the water. Daisy bit at her lips again as she watched the way Liam's biceps moved under his skin. Liam noticed once again the way Daisy was looking at him. "Okay. You can stand up now, Liam." Daisy said standing herself. Liam nodded and followed suit. He was wondering if Daisy was going to make a move on him seeing the way she was eyeing the rest of his body.

Daisy really couldn't help herself. Liam was toned in all of the best places. He had chiseled abs and defined upper arms. She licked her lips slightly when she realized she loved the way he his chest was covered in hair. Too many times had she seen the men at the beach with waxed or shaved chests. Liam was in tune with nature in a way. She loved that.

"Daisy?" Liam questioned her when he realized she was lost in her own head. She was quickly snapped out of her thoughts of being explicitly natural with Liam. Her mind had wandered to a place of completely primal impulses. "What now?" Liam asked of her, knowing his mind was about to go to the same place Daisy's had been.

"Let's wax your board. Then we can get into the water and wait for that perfect wave." She beamed at him genuinely.

Liam looked around a bit nervously, "I don't have any wax."

Daisy giggled, "It's alright. I have a ton." Daisy reached for her bag. He retrieved a bar of wax. "Here." She held the bar out to Liam. He took it with a quiet thank you. He knelt beside his board and started to apply the wax. Daisy sat behind him, taking his wrist his her hand. "Small circles." She stated guiding his hand slowly. "And start slow so you know you're covering all of the surface area. You don't want to lose your footing out there." Liam nodded and allowed Daisy to guide his hand still. She rested her chin on his shoulder just a little. She was chewing on her lips again. "You can speed it up. It seems like you've gotten the hang of it." Liam started to sweep the bar of wax quickly over every inch of surface. Daisy sat down next to him and just watched as he did so. Watching him concentrate so hard on just applying wax was amazing to see, she wondered what he looked like when he was really applying himself. She smirked a bit, letting her mind drift to the place it'd been before.

"Okay. I think I'm done." Liam announced. Daisy took the opportunity to gauge Liam's reactions. She ran her hand along the length of the board in a semi-sensual way. Close to the way you would smooth your hand down your man's abs while lying in bed. Liam's breath hitched when he made eye contact with Daisy. It was good they were about to get into the water. He needed to cool off.

"Feel's right to me." Daisy smiled a little making Liam's breath flee his chest once again. He decided to change the topic quickly.

"That wax smells really good. What is it?" He inquired.

"Oh, it's a completely organic wax. My friend makes it." Daisy smiled as brightly as Liam had seen all day. "That board is going into the water. Have to be careful of what we are putting into our oceans. We don't want to disrupt anything within the natural balance. We surf to connect with the Earth, to ride the energy she creates." Daisy explained to Liam. Liam chuckled softly. "What?" Daisy inquired poking him in the abs playfully.

"You're a right hippie." He teased.

"I am free spirited beach baby. Thank you." Daisy responded with a slight amount of sass. She blushed and added, "At least that's what my mother calls it." Liam leaned in a bit to say something cute but Daisy quickly got them off the topic. "Well, let's get you leashed then we can get into the water." Daisy grabbed the leash on Liam's board. "This is very important. Do you know why we use these?" Daisy inquired. He shook his head. "This is so we don't lose the board. If we lose the board we could potentially hurt someone else and no one wants to lose the board." Liam nodded in understanding. "Now, the leash always goes on your back foot. Now come here, goofy." Daisy teased with a hint of flirtatiousness. She bent down and strapped the leash to Liam's ankle. She looked up at him through her eyelashes. Liam gulped feeling that familiar sensation in his thighs. He wanted this pretty, tiny, sweet hippie at his feet. "Let's go out to the water."

Liam and Daisy sat in the middle of the ocean on their boards. Liam was nervous as he tried to gauge the way the ocean was sending out waves. Daisy smiled over at him after a moment.

"Relax." She whispered. "Don't tense up. She's not going to send you a wave if you're tense." Liam stared at the vibrant, blonde girl with curious eyes. "Close your eyes for a moment." Daisy instructed. Liam did as he was told. "Breathe slowly." Daisy then walked him through the "ins" and "outs". "Feel the water around you. Let her tell you what's happening. Feel the rock of your board. Listen to the waves break." Daisy commanded sweetly. She saw Liam's shoulder's and arms relax. "Can you see where the water meets the Earth?" Daisy asked softly. Liam nodded. "Okay. Open your eyes." Liam did as Daisy had told him. "Now. Just watch and listen." Liam and Daisy both took to looking at where the waves were cresting and breaking. Daisy smiled when she felt the water kick up just a bit. "Do you feel that?" She asked Liam of the sensation. He nodded. "A good wave is coming. Lay down and wait." They both laid face down on their boards. Daisy looked back and grinned. "Paddle." She instructed Liam. "When you feel board carrying itself, stop. Then pop up." Liam nodded again. This part he knew.

Liam was in awe when he saw how quickly Daisy popped up. He quickly followed suit. She knew how to read the water better than he did so he figured following her was best. Liam was proud of himself when he stayed steady on the board. He was even more proud when he started to glide over the wave easily. He glanced over at Daisy and was completely captivated by her. Her appearance of relaxation was astounding. And she looked so beautiful. Her hair flowed behind her and the flowers picked up the sunlight perfectly. She glowed. It was as though she was one with the wave the way she had talked about it before. But unfortunately for Liam, watching Daisy meant he wasn't actually surfing, within a moment, he was toppling over into the wave. His board flew out of the water for a moment as he crashed into the water. Daisy saw and was instantly worried. Not wanting to get hurt herself, she rode the wave out in its entirety.

Once near the shore, Daisy called out to a friend to take her board. She unleashed herself and dove out into the water, finding Liam's board before him. She called out to him in a panic.

"Over here." He groaned, holding his head in his hand while trying to stay above water. Daisy swam to him quickly. She needed to be sure he was alright. Daisy grabbed Liam's arms gently as she pulled him toward the shore, dragging his board along as well."I'm alright. I swear, I'm alright." Liam tried to assure Daisy. Daisy ignored him and dragged him onto the shore.

Daisy pushed Liam into the sand next to her board. Daisy threw his board down then removed the leash from his leg. She straddled his lap and examined him for injuries. She scoured every inch of his torso, looking for anything.

"Daisy, I'm fine. I promise, I'm okay." Liam tried to assure her again. Daisy still ignored him still. She took his face in her hands. Daisy frowned and it made Liam concerned.

"You're bleeding." Daisy murmured to Liam sadly. He touched his head where Daisy's hands had just been. He shrugged when he pulled his hand away and saw a bit of blood.

"I'll be fine. I've had worse. I've seen worse." Liam stated to ease Daisy's worry.

"Let me clean it and stuff? It'll make me feel better." Daisy smiled weakly. Liam nodded slowly. Daisy stood from his lap and held her hand out to Liam. HE placed his hand in hers then let her pull him from the sand. "Oh no, Liam!" Daisy shrieked. HE looked around. "Your leg too!" She pointed to his left leg. There was a small amount of blood trickling down his leg.

"She got you too, huh?" A bigger man with red hair smirked at Liam as he approached. Liam just lifted his eyebrow at the brute in front of himself and Daisy. "The whole feel it the way nature would bit she runs." The guy explained. Liam frowned; he didn't like the guy's attitude toward Daisy. Liam liked her unorthodox way of thinking.

"Nope. I had small blunder. Happens to everyone." Liam replied with a smile. He didn't want Daisy to know he was annoyed with the red-headed surfer.

"Happens to a lot of her students. Nice going, Daisy." The red-headed surfer sneered before walking away.

Liam smiled at Daisy, "You wanted to clean me up?" Daisy nodded. "My hotel is just up the street. Is that okay?" Daisy agreed without a word. Liam motioned for Daisy to follow him.

Liam led Daisy into his hotel room with a smile, "Here we are." Daisy looked around in awe. It was a beautiful room. "I'm not sure of what you need." Liam stated shyly as he set their boards in the corner by the door.

"Bathroom?" Daisy answered, wanting to know which way to go. Liam motioned for her to follow again. Daisy followed Liam a few steps to a big white door after setting her bag down on the floor.

"Bedroom." He said opening the door. She nodded and stepped inside as he opened the door. Liam led her through the bedroom to the bathroom. Daisy was even more impressed by the bathroom. "What do you need?" Liam asked her gently.

"We need to get you cleaned up. You need to get all of the salt and sand off your skin." Daisy informed him. He nodded nervously. "Go on. In the shower." Daisy commanded. Liam lifted an eyebrow at her but just for a moment. He turned his back to her and started the shower. Daisy urged him inside the glass doors. Liam did as instructed. He was a little shocked when Daisy followed him into the shower as well. "Don't look so scared. We're both still dressed." Daisy giggled at how red Liam's face had turned when she closed the shower door. Daisy pushed Liam under the spray of the water and gently started to run her fingers through his hair, rinsing off the salt, sand and blood. She was careful around the small gash on his head, just into his hairline. "I'm sorry you got hurt." Daisy murmured as she grabbed the soap from the shower rack. She knelt down in front of Liam and started to lather the soap on the gash on his leg. Liam gulped seeing the girl he found so beautiful, kneeling in front of him, trying to take care of him.
"No. Don't be. I should've payed more attention. It's my own fault." Liam replied. He didn't like the Daisy felt guilty about his mishap.

"What were you so taken with that you didn't notice you were losing it?" Daisy asked standing up. She set the soap back on the shower rack. She reached for Liam's shampoo to wash his hair and get the sand and salt out of his wound but stopped when she saw he was blushing again. "Liam?" She was a bit worried about his answer now.

"You. I was looking at you." Liam replied shyly. Daisy smiled weakly and took a step closer to Liam. He became more nervous as she gazed up at him with those big green eyes. "I...you looked so...beautiful on that board, the wind in your hair and the smile on your face." Liam informed her. "You're very beautiful." He complimented her again.

Daisy bit her lip gently, placing her hands on Liam's chest, "You're quite the stunner yourself." She began to stroke his chest hair lightly with her thumbs. Daisy and Liam just stared at each other for the longest time. Liam's hands trembled a bit as he made a decision: he was going to go for it. Liam leaned forward a bit then stopped, gauging Daisy's reaction. She didn't move or seem scared or upset. Liam pressed his mouth to hers softly, not wanting his kiss to be too demanding. Daisy melted against him almost instantly. Liam took that as a sign of approval and so he deepened the kiss without hesitation. His lips molded to hers perfectly. She felt so soft and warm. He loved the way she tasted. So sweet.
Daisy leaned into Liam as he deepened their kiss. All of the thoughts she'd had about him while they were on the beach flooded her mind again. The attraction between them was undeniable. Daisy sighed when Liam gently slipped his tongue between her lips, letting it caress hers. His kiss was sweet and tender. Daisy loved that. It was clear that Liam wanted more. The way his swim trunks were filling out proved that but he kept his kiss sweet. He did nothing to possibly scare Daisy out of his arms. Daisy smiled into Liam's lips when he finally wound his arms around her waist, holding her close. Daisy let her hands slide down Liam's chest to his toned abs.

"Daisy." Liam moaned quietly. Daisy backed out of the kiss and moved her hands back onto Liam's chest. She gazed at him with innocent eyes as she curled her fingers in his chest hair. "Daisy, I..." Liam didn't know where to begin. He knew that his arousal was blatant; there was no way of hiding it. Daisy chewed on her bottom lip, waiting for him to say something. When his nerves took over, and he couldn't get out what he wanted to say, he just forced his lips on hers again. Daisy's knees went weak from the passion of his kiss. She curled her fingers in his chest hair with a smile.

Liam's hands traveled up Daisy's back to the tie of her bikini top. He pulled it slowly, waiting for Daisy to tell him no. But she didn't, Daisy reached back, he lips still devouring Liam's and untied the second knot at the base of her neck. Daisy let her top fall to the shower floor. She grinned shyly at Liam when he detached his lips from hers. Liam stared at her almost like he was in awe. She was becoming more and more gorgeous by the second. Daisy slid her arms around Liam's waist and pressed her wet, warm chest to his. She loved the feel of his chest hair against her skin. Liam smiled; he knew that Daisy wanted him too. He wasn't so nervous any more.

With his new found bravery, Liam hooked his fingers into the waistline of Daisy's shorts. Daisy released Liam's waist and carefully untied her shorts. Once the garment was untied, Liam guided them down over Daisy's bum. They fell to the floor beside her top. Liam was in awe of the woman clinging to him. Every single feature on her was perfect. Liam let his hands explore her body while his tongue explored her mouth. Daisy was melting into him with every new caress. No one had ever touched her like that before. Liam was so passionate but he treated her like she was precious too. Daisy slow skimmed her fingers across the waistline of Liam's swim trunks. His breath hitched a bit when she pulled the string to untie them. She tugged the trunks gently to unsnap the buttons. Daisy broke the kiss, biting her bottom lip and staring into Liam's eyes with lust as she pushed the trunks away from his hips. His trunks landed on the floor with hers.

Liam gazed into Daisy's eyes with as much lust as hers had held. Her heart began to race when she decided she was going to make the next advance. She dipped her head down and brushed her lips against his chest. Liam buried his hand in her hair as her kisses moved lower down his chest then to his abs. Daisy flipped her hair over her shoulder as she sunk to her knees again. She was going to take care of Liam, but not by attending to the wound on his leg. Liam seemed a bit nervous to Daisy as she lightly kissed the tip of his dick. All of Liam's apprehension washed away when Daisy took his length between her lips. Absolutely perfect lips, he thought as he watched her head bob. Daisy relished the feeling of Liam against her tongue and roof of her mouth. His skin was soft and he was bumpy in all of the right places. Daisy opened her eyes and looked up at Liam, showing him how much she was enjoying the act. Liam felt his stomach flop with the way Daisy gazed up at him. Daisy let his perfectly engorged cock fall from her lips so she could breathe for just a moment. In that same moment, Liam took her hand and pulled her up from the floor.

Liam attacked Daisy's mouth with his own. Daisy squealed into his kiss as he lifted her into the air. He wrapped his arms around her waist then pressed her against the shower wall. Liam lifted one of her legs, so he had access to where he wanted to be the most. Daisy looked at him with anticipation. She meshed her mouth to his, urging him to continue. Liam pushed forward, slowly entering Daisy. He gasped a bit feeling how warm and tight she was. He began to thrust gently, taking his time to find out what Daisy liked. But after just a few moments, he realized: Daisy just liked him. She was holding onto him tightly, panting and whimpering already. Liam kissed down Daisy's neck as he picked up the speed of his thrusts. Daisy whimpered his name then moaned. Daisy swept her lips across Liam's shoulder and ran her hands over every inch of his skin that she could. She was reveling in the feel of his strong thighs sliding against hers as he drove deeper inside of her with every thrust.

Daisy yelped in surprise when Liam lifted her other leg. Liam pinned Daisy to the shower wall. Her legs were hanging from his arms like wet noodles. He smiled, loving how tiny Daisy was. He enjoyed the way she looked at the moment. She was hanging off him like a delicate flower. Daisy cried out as Liam pounded into her with a bit more force. Liam slammed his lips to hers for a passionate, hungry kiss. Daisy panted against his lips as she felt her body tense. She was close but Liam showed no signs of stopping. He wanted her screaming in his arms. Her limp legs bounced with every thrust Liam delivered. Daisy twined her fingers into Liam's hair, tugging gently. She was beside herself with pleasure. Liam was making her feel like she'd never felt before. It felt like he was turning her inside out, but in a good way. His hips were strong and demanding, taking everything from her. But his eyes and his lips were so tender and caring, showing her love. Daisy was enjoying every minute of being with Liam.
"Liam. Liam." Daisy panted, feeling that familiar stir within her lower stomach and the tingle in her thighs. "Baby." She pleaded. Liam thrusted harder and faster until she was screaming and writhing against the shower wall.

Daisy's entire body went limp in Liam's arms. Liam wanted to let her shaky legs drop to the floor but he knew if he released her, she would collapse and he couldn't have that. Instead, he shut off the water then carried her to his bed. Liam laid her down carefully, making sure her head rested comfortably on the mattress. Liam and Daisy smiled at each other when they noticed he was still buried inside her. Liam didn't waste anymore time. He began thrusting into Daisy at a slow and steady pace. He was going to take it slow now. Show her everything little thing he was feeling for her.

Daisy smiled up at Liam as she wound her arms around his shoulders. She lifted her head from the bed for a kiss. Liam kissed her softly and slowly, to match the thrust of his hips. She hummed into his mouth, loving the change in their intimacy. Liam pressed his forehead to hers and gazed into her eyes. He was overwhelmed by the feeling of her underneath his body. He loved the way she was clinging to him again and the way she was whimpering his name.

"Liam." Daisy hummed holding him tighter. Liam caressed her neck and shoulders with his lips. Daisy gripped his strong arms and wrapped her legs around his hips. "Liam." She moaned again, this time right into his ear. He could feel that she was about to fall over the edge again. "Don't stop." She pleaded over and over. All she wanted was this kind, sweet, gentle, loving man to keep making love to her. That's what it was. That's what it felt like. His tender touch and soft kisses let her know that there would be more than just a strong sexual tension between them. Daisy bit down on her lip, trying to fight the orgasm that was about to pull her under. Liam thrusted a little harder, feeling that familiar flutter of her insides. Daisy threw her head back into the mattress and held Liam tighter.

Once her body settled, Daisy gazed up at Liam again. His big, soulful, brown eyes peering back into her soul. The way Liam was thrusting and breathing. She knew that he wasn't going to last much longer. His wave of pleasure was going to course through him and they would fall into a pile of sweat and satisfaction. Liam sat up a bit, changing the angle of his thrust. Daisy gasped, loving the sensation.

Liam smiled down at Daisy. HE adored this girl that was entirely wrapped up in him and the way he was making her feel. He was reveling in the feel of her breasts grazing his chest every time he thrusted forward and the way her thighs squeezed his hips. He was taken with the feel of her fingers caressing his scalp as she clung to him. She was absolutely perfect to him. Liam then felt that change in his body. He picked up the speed of his thrusts. HE needed the release. When he looked into Daisy's eyes again, he saw that she was well on her way to another amazing peak. Liam dropped onto Daisy. His chest pressed to hers tightly. His arms going around her back to cradle her gently while his hips started to pick up speed. Liam pounded into Daisy quick and hard. She was panting and writhing in his embrace. The bed shook with the bounce of Liam's hips. Daisy tightened her legs around Liam's waist and hugged his shoulders even tighter. She moaned into Liam's ear, urging him to reach his climax. Liam pressed his forehead to Daisy's as she reached another orgasm. Her breath caught in her chest and she struggled to even moan his name. The intensity of Daisy's climax pulled Liam into his own. His voice raised an octave as he called out for Daisy.

Liam's hips slowed to a stop and he collapsed on top of Daisy. He quickly removed his body from on top of hers. He felt as though he was crushing her tiny frame. He laid beside her, taking her hand in his. He wanted them to stay connected as he tried to relax into the bed. Liam looked over at Daisy and smiled warmly. She had been just watching him. Looking at the way his chest rose and fell. The way his hair fell over his forehead. The way his beard made him look so manly and sexy. Daisy turned onto her side and rested her hand on Liam's chest, twisting her fingers in his chest hair. Liam placed his hand over hers. He stroked her warm, soft hand with his thumb.

Liam and Daisy readjusted on the bed. They both were relaxing into the pillows underneath the blankets. Liam had his body propped up on his elbow, resting his head on his hand. He smiled at Daisy when she let her eyes meet his again.

"Daisy." Liam chuckled quietly. She hummed and turned to face him. He reached out and brushed his fingers against her arm slowly. "What was that guy so mad about?" Liam asked nervously. Daisy raised an eyebrow at him. "That big guy that was giving you a hard time before we came back here. Why was he trying so hard to be rude?" Liam rephrased.

"Oh that's just Bodhi. He's always mean like that to my students." Daisy replied.

"Why?" Liam was upset for her. She was too sweet for that man to act the way he did.

Daisy sighed, "He and I used to date. Not for very long or anything but I am a very free spirited person. I try to be kind to everyone and he mistook my kindness as flirting when I had male students while he and I were dating."

"So he thinks that this..." Liam motioned between himself and Daisy. "Has happened before, with someone else." Daisy nodded sadly.

"But it hasn't." She informed Liam quickly. "You're the first student that I've ever...I've not ever done this before." Daisy giggled a little, "I don't think I ever will again."

Liam took Daisy's hand in his, "Why not?"

"Because." Daisy smiled. "I really like you. You're a special event in my universe."

"Does that mean that I can see you again?" Liam asked hopefully.

Daisy nodded, "Of course." Liam leaned toward her and kissed her tenderly. Daisy slid her hand into Liam's hair and hummed into his kiss. "Liam?" Daisy sounded a bit nervous. "What do we do now?" She asked.

Liam shrugged, "Whatever you'd like?" Liam blushed, "I'd like it if you stayed with me for the rest of the day. Maybe...you could stay the night?"

Daisy stroked Liam's hair sweetly, "Anything you want. But I..." Daisy turned to look out the window. "I think we should finish our lesson." Liam looked a bit apprehensive. "Come on. Don't worry. I have a feeling that you are going to do amazing now." Daisy popped up from the bed and headed for the bathroom.

Daisy and Liam sat out in the middle of the ocean once again. Both of them waiting for the perfect wave to come along. They both sat upon their boards with their eyes closed, just feeling their surroundings. Liam opened one eye to see Daisy sitting completely still and focused. He reached out just a bit and took her hand in his. He laced their fingers together. Daisy opened her eyes and turned to Liam. He had closed his eyes again and went back to focusing on the water. Daisy grinned, biting her bottom lip. He was definitely going to do well this time.



Aw thanks love. I don’t know why I even thought of it but I’m glad you like it

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Good chapter about Niall and Harry steamy

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