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Realms of Desire


A/N: This is the other story that I will be throwing into the vote. I know it seems like it now but this is not the average cliche of boy sees girl across a crowded room. This story will be trying and emotionally exhausting, well, it is for me to write it. But I love this one and so do a couple of my happy beta readers. Enjoy!

The house was packed. There were people everywhere. I could barely move through the kitchen to get back to the living room. It had been just over a week since we started the break and the boys and I were already hanging out. But this was not what we had in mind at the start of the night. Some how a movie night had turned into basically everyone we knew in Niall's house. There must've been a hundred people in the place it was so packed.

Finally, I reached the sofa where I had sat earlier in the night. But unfortunately, some one had taken my spot. Niall stood and met me at the end of the sofa. I handed him the beer that I had been sent to find. Niall thanked me with a kind smile. I nodded and began sipping on my own beer. Niall and I started a conversation with a girl that was giving Niall the eye. She was cute. She'd fit with him. But he wasn't looking for anything but a good time lately. She gushed at him about some shop she'd been to that wasn't actually that interesting to either of us. After another moment, she dashed off to talk to a group of girls across the room.
Liam and Louis made their way over to Niall and I. This had been the whole point of the night. For the four of us to spend time together, just as mates. Louis appeared happy with the current surroundings. He'd been a party animal since we got back to London. Liam as well, but this obviously wasn't Liam's type of party.
"This got out of hand very quickly." Liam informed us, glancing around the room. Louis and Niall nodded, laughing at his statement. My eyes darted around the room as well. I saw some people dancing, mostly people were standing around and talking. I looked outside to see some party go-ers lighting joints outside. As I drew my gaze back inside, that's when I saw her.
Long, wavy, lavender hair hanging off her shoulders carelessly, her lips painted with a nude tone and bright eyes that almost brought me to my knees. She looked so out of place with her long, boho skirt, plain white tank top and denim jacket. But she was absolutely gorgeous. She was sitting with a few other girls who looked like the typical ones that would hang around us. Girls in short, body hugging dresses that were over done with embellishments. Her eyes met mine for just a moment before she quickly looked away. Blue. A bright, icy blue. It described her gaze as well. I turned my attention back to the boys.
"What do you think about a boys' holiday, Harry?" Liam asked with a smile.
I shrugged, "I'm all for it. But we need someone else to plan it. We're terrible about that." Niall, Louis and Liam all agreed. "Maybe your mum could do it." I teased him.
"Oh my God, no. It was a battle trying to tell her that I was coming here tonight. I think she started crying...again." Liam sounded panicked, making the rest of us laugh. "Seriously, the woman has lost her mind." Liam grunted.
"We've been gone for the better part of five years. She just misses you. My mum has asked me to stay over I don't know how many nights since we've been home." Louis grinned a bit.
"My mum too." I added.
"My mum is expecting me back in Ireland within the next week. Gotta get my roast." Niall chuckled. I shook my head. Of course he wanted to go see his mother for the food. I glanced around the room again, only to have my eyes meet the blue ones. The girl rolled her eyes and turned so she wasn't facing me any longer. I wanted to laugh. No girl had done that to me in the last five years. "Harry, where do you think we should go for holiday?" Niall touched my arm to get my attention.
I shrugged again, "I'm thinking tropical. A place with a beach or pool. Sunshine."
"Girls in bikinis." Liam smiled widely, nodding like he was proud of himself.
"Oooh I like that idea." Louis bumped fists with Liam. I shook my head and tried not to laugh at them. "Ni, what do you think?" Louis inquired.
Niall nodded, "Fun in the sun sounds good to me." Louis, Niall and Liam proceeded to think of places that we could go that fell into the field of requirements. I let my eyes fall back on the lavender haired girl. She wasn't looking in my direction so I took the time to study her more. She was obviously beautiful. A woman with curves, soft where it mattered most. I smiled as she flipped her hair over her shoulder with ease. Her neck was tattooed. I couldn't make out the design but it appeared very well done. It started just under her ear and went back toward her hair. I wanted to see the whole thing. I let my eyes fall further down. It seemed as though she had tattoos on her arm as well. But she was too far and turned away from me. She was still a sight though. So beautiful.
"Harry! Harry!" Liam shouted waving a hand in my face.
My eyes landed on Liam's face, "Sorry?" The boys all huffed at me. "What? What were you asking me?"
"How about Hawaii? We've never been there before. Be nice to go the four of us. We could go sky diving and surf there." Liam suggested to me.
I nodded, "Hawaii is good for me." I went back to watching the lavender haired girl. I knew she could feel my eyes on her when she peeked over then shifted uncomfortably. When she turned her head to actually catch my gaze with her own, I turned my face away, sipping my beer coyly. I saw her look away out of the corner of my eye. When I gazed at her again, I noticed she was mad. There was a fire in her eyes while she was spoken to by a brunette with a gaudy white dress on.
"Nialler." I elbowed him gently.
"Yeah?" He asked setting his attention on me.
"Who's that girl?" I pointed to her discreetly. "With the lavender hair and denim jacket." I specified.
Niall made a growling sound in the back of his throat, "No."
"No? What do you mean no?" I laughed even though I was completely confused as to his shift in mood.
"I'm not telling you, Harry." Niall grunted at me. I was shocked at the general anger in his voice.
I decided to mess with him anyway, "Well, I could just go talk to her." I said, moving like I was going to walk away.
Niall stopped me quickly, "No. You're not." I looked over once again at the lavender haired girl. Why was Niall being so protective of her? Why didn't he want me to talk to her? That's when I saw her stand and adjust her outfit. But as she went to sit back down, she purposefully knocked a glass of wine onto the girl wearing the white dress. She smirked as the wine hit the girl.
"Looks like there's going to be an issue." I said motioning to the lavender girl and the one in white. The girl in white had stood and was now in lavender's face.
Niall groaned, "Shit." He let go of my arm then rushed across the room to "Lavender". He grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the girl in white. "What is going on here?" Niall asked the girl in white.
"She pushed my wine over to ruin my dress, Niall." The girl in white whined. "Lavender" rolled her eyes and folded her arms over her chest. Niall spun to face "Lavender". She smiled sheepishly at him. He grumbled something to her. Her arms dropped and she pushed him back. I was stunned. Niall grabbed her arm tightly then dragged her away from the girl in white.
"Let's go." Niall puffed leading "Lavender" toward me and the other boys.
"Let go of me, you ass." "Lavender" snapped at Niall. An accent just like his falling from her lips. Niall glanced around embarrassed, people were staring. "Niall! Let go of me!" The girl hollered.
"No. I'm taking you home. Why would you do that?" Niall's voice was filled with anger.
"Well, I could've called her a fucking cunt and punched her in the nose. I thought the wine would be easier." "Lavender" stated flippantly.
"You act like a damn child all the time." Niall sneered at her as he dragged her toward the boys and I.
"Hey Niall, relax. We don't know what happened."I said coming to the girl's defense. Her eyes lifted from Niall's face to mine and she glared at me.
"What do you think you're doing?" She asked. I didn't speak. I was a bit shocked by her tone. "What? You think that because you're in the band and have those pretty green eyes, you can interject on people's conversations?" She snapped at me. I then noticed that Niall was glaring at me as well.
I smirked as I shook my head, "No. I was trying to help."
"Oi. Well, cut it out you smart alic, jackass." She had tenacity that's for sure. Niall growled lowly then dragged her away from me. I lifted my eyebrow as I watched him lead her toward the door. I heard them continue arguing as the door opened then closed. Liam and Louis looked at me just as curious as everyone else in the house.

It'd been a week since Niall had the unexpected house party. Since then, I hadn't been able to think about anything but the lavender haired girl. I wasn't sure of why I couldn't get her out of my head. I didn't really speak to her. She wouldn't give me the time of day. Now, here I was with Niall at the pub. He seemed a little bit preoccupied. He wasn't paying any attention to me or the other people we'd shown up with. I looked across the pub to see "Lavender" sitting alone. She seemed out of it. She was just staring off into space. I glanced at Niall. He was really worried.
"Guys, I'll be right back." Niall informed us, standing from the booth. We all nodded. The other guys went back to talking while I watched Niall go to "Lavender's" side. He placed his hand on her back. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. I glanced at Niall's reflection in the mirror across the bar. He looked upset and even more concerned as he spoke to her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he hugged her tightly. He pulled back and pressed his forehead to hers. He pecked her lips sweetly. My jaw nearly dropped. What? Niall told me and the boys that he'd not been seeing anyone. Now suddenly, he was with her? I felt jealousy grip my heart. I frowned. I didn't even know the girl. Why did I care? I wanted to know her but she was with my best mate. That's why I cared.
"Hey Haz." Dustin laughed, capturing my attention again. I focused my attention back on him and not the fact that my friend had been hiding things from me.

Again, the girl with the lavender hair was in the same place as Niall, Louis, Liam and I. She was looking as beautiful as the last few times I had seen her. After the night at the pub, I saw her again, but she wasn't with Niall. Niall wasn't even around. I had been shopping not too far from my house and she was in a shop just across the street. She looked relaxed and almost happy when I saw her. I wanted to speak to her but I was too afraid to. I didn't want her to think I was super strange or unhinged. Plus, she was dating Niall. I couldn't get him to admit it to me or the other boys but he instantly got mad whenever I asked about her.
"Lavender" came running over to Niall. She was freaked out. Her eyes were wide, her lips swollen and her cheeks drained of the rosy color I had been seeing. She ran straight into Niall's arms. He held her close and tight.
"Are you alright?" Niall asked her quietly, brushing her hair away from her face. She shook her head and mumbled something to him. "Well, we just got here, babe." Niall sighed. He looked back at Liam, Louis and myself. "Come sit with us." I knew my eyes lit up because Niall glared at me. The girl nodded shyly. Niall released her and she seemed okay. Until he tried to walk away. She grabbed Niall's wrist quickly. Niall gazed at her concerned but he sighed and put his arm around her. "Let's get a table boys." Niall said to Louis, Liam and I. The three of us nodded and let Niall and the girl lead us to a booth in the back of the pub. It wasn't crowded around the table and it was a bit darker. I sat down on the end quickly. Liam scooted in from the opposite side toward the middle and Louis took a seat next to him. "Sit down. I'm going to go get your bag and coat." Niall instructed her. The girl looked between Louis and I for a moment. I saw Niall smirk a bit. The girl moved toward my side of the table, keeping her eyes on Louis. I could tell by the way she was looking at him, she wasn't fond of him. I moved in so she could sit beside me. She sat right on the edge of the booth. "I will be right back. I promise." Niall spoke with assurance. He bolted away after the girl nodded.
We had been sitting in silence for only a moment and I already couldn't handle it. I leaned over to the girl and held my hand out to her.
"I'm Harry." I spoke calmly and politely. She gazed at me with wonder in her eyes.
"I know who you are." She stated quietly.
I chuckled, "But I've not met you properly before. I'm being polite." She slapped her hand over her face turning a light shade of pink. I pushed my hand a little closer to her. "Harry."
She giggled and placed her hand in mine, "Sadie."



Oh hush you do fine my friend but I’m glad you like it

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

I love you...jesus this was sooo good... you write Harry so well...whyyyy can't I write him like this??

Kammy. Kammy.

Aw thanks love. I don’t know why I even thought of it but I’m glad you like it

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

Good chapter about Niall and Harry steamy

LizzyM101 LizzyM101

You da real mvp, girl. ❤️

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel