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Realms of Desire


A/N: This is one of the stories that you will get to vote on for the replacement of ALWAYS. It's different, so everyone that beta read has said. Enjoy.

I stood at the top of the hill, Harry at my side. It had been nice getting to know him on this journey we had started. Of course, we worked together side by side at the museum every day, but we never spoke much there. When we did it was about the work. Always about the work. I turned my head to smile brightly at him. Finally, we had made it to our destination. Something the both of us had always dreamed of.
"What are we waiting for, Asa?" Harry asked quietly, the excitement bursting through his voice.
"Let's just take a minute. We made it here. We finally got the chance to be here. We are now the lead historians and archaeologists on this dig." I informed him. Harry nodded and looked out over the grass covered hill down to the dig site. Grids were set up all over, dirt piles not far from the grids they were taken from. Small but astounding stone buildings surrounded the grids.
Equipment was neatly placed near each grid site. I turned to Harry after absorbing the incredible sight before us. "Race you to the bottom." I giggled before taking off down the hill, leaving him behind. I heard Harry laugh behind me then his footsteps coming down the hill after me.
Harry and I acted like children as we raced down the hillside. Playfully pushing each other and trying to get the other to fall. He grabbed my pack a few times, jerking me back toward him. I pulled on his belt loops to maneuver him behind me. We laughed when we both came tumbling down for a moment. I collapsed on top of him, throwing my head back in laughter. Harry laid his head back on the lush green grass and smiled up at me. I bit my lip as I stared down at him. I hadn't noticed it while working in the museum but he was a very attractive man. His dark hair slicked back, a few strands falling into his face because of the heat and our incredible trek. His green eyes sparkled in the sunlight and his dimples made an appearance yet again. Harry gently moved my hair from my face with a single smooth sweep. The air had grown thick between us, considering the altitude.
"Shall we continue to the camp?" Our guide, Matteo, asked with a sneaky smirk. I quickly got to my feet then helped Harry stand. I tightened the straps on my pack and headed down the hill without another word. This time, Harry and I tried to be the professionals everyone else thought we were.

Once Harry and I reached the bottom of the hill, where the main camp was set up, we looked at each other curiously. It was eerily quiet and seemingly abandoned. I gripped Harry's arm gently. I'd read about a few expeditions where something similar had happened. All of those on the crew had fallen deathly ill and were found by the archaeologists in their tents, rapidly decomposing in the heat. I didn't want to be alone to find bodies. Harry placed his hand over mine to soothe my anxiousness. I looked back at Matteo; he too appeared absolutely confused by the quiet. There wasn't even the sound of animals in the surrounding forest. I held Harry's arm tighter as we approached the tent that was supposed to house all of the maps and research for the excavation. Harry opened the tent door to see the man who was funding the project. He smiled at us politely and rounded the table to greet us formally.
"Styles and Havelock, correct?" The man inquired, already knowing the answer to his own question.
"Harry Styles." Harry held his hand out to him, sharing a firm but quick handshake.
"And you must be the lovely, Dr. Asa Havelock." Our benefactor stated. I nodded slowly and held my hand out to him, releasing Harry's arm finally. "I'm Louis Tomlinson. I apologize I'm not as educated as the both of you for this kind of thing but I assure you, I am looking for the history of this place nothing else."
"In my experience, when a man says that, he's usually lying." I quipped quickly and without thinking.
"Asa." Harry scolded me quietly. I shrugged and folded my arms over my chest. Harry and I embarked on a small staring contest. I lifted my eyebrow at him. He knew I was right. We'd heard that before and all that the benefactor was after was money. Harry sighed and looked at Mr Tomlinson, "Asa is correct though. What is it you're really after?"
"Since there is no fooling you. Here." Mr Tomlinson motioned us toward the very large table at the center of the tent. Harry and I followed him. We were both curious as to what was so important that he needed both of us looking. "This is what you will be looking for." He showed us an engraving. I sighed heavily. "The urn of Mehki." Mr Tomlinson stated proudly. I was instantly annoyed.
"Most of the academic community is under the impression that this was lost centuries ago, during the age of the Spanish Conquistadors." Harry informed the man in front of us.
"IF it ever existed at all." I grunted. I hated the people who chased after what were essentially fairy-tales.
"Asa, you can't know that it's not real. Things get lost in translation. We still don't know a majority of the language to translate the texts we find. We only know about thirty percent of the texts. There are entire tablets that we've not even been able to find a single known word on. Stop being such a killjoy." Harry snapped at me. I was shocked by the tone of his voice. He was genuinely upset with me. It rarely happened, even within the confines of the museum.
"All I'm saying is, it's looking for a clear needle in a haystack. Even if it was real we don't have the texts to actually figure out where it is." I replied with a soft and calming voice. I didn't like when Harry was upset with me. Of course, we would argue over the basics as far as our profession goes but this was different. Harry sighed and nodded. I turned my attention away from Harry. "Mr Tomlinson..." I began.
"Please, call me Louis." He insisted. Harry and I both gave a small nod to acknowledge the request.
"Louis, how have you been telling those digging to set up the grids?" I asked politely. "If we're going to find it the grids must be large enough and deep enough. Two by two by one?"
"Really? You think we need to start that shallow?" Harry inquired curiously.
"Yes. What if we try digging any deeper and some idiot with a shovel breaks it?" I snipped at him, payback for his tone earlier. Harry made a face like he understood my reasoning.
"Actually, I had them doing two by two by one half." Louis stated with pride. I nodded and turned to Harry, ready to discuss the rest of the dynamics of the dig. "How about we get you two settled then we can walk the site and decided what we'll do, yes?" Louis suggested. Harry and I both nodded slowly. Louis then led us out of the headquarters tent. "I hope you two don't mind sharing. I've gotten a partition for you. But we simply don't have enough tents at the moment. We'll be getting more when the next supply shipment comes in." Louis sounded nervous as he opened the tent door just across from the headquarters tent. Harry and I both shook our heads. "Right. Well, we don't start digging for real until tomorrow. So take your time unpacking and settling in. Hell, take a wee nap if you please. That's what the rest of the crew is doing, sleeping while they can. I'll see you two later on." Louis grinned at us and left the tent, closing the door behind him.
I turned to Harry with mean eyes, "Why did you snap at me like that in front of him? It was not very professional."
"Neither was your comment about his objective even being real." Harry shot back quickly.
I rolled my eyes, "What? I'm not allowed to voice my concerns?"
"No. What I'm saying is, you've been dying to run your own dig. You have the chance to do it. Be happy. So what if you don't believe in the urn. Even if we don't find that we're going to find a treasure trove of information, something that could change what we know about these people's history. Don't be picky, Asa." Harry spoke with fervor. I nodded slowly; he had a point. "Now. I am going to get some sleep. You should too." Harry suggested.
"Actually, I think I am going to speak with Mr. Tomlinson. I'd rather get all of the planning out of the way. That way I can relax until sun up tomorrow." I sighed. Harry groaned and dropped his pack on his cot. I dropped mine by the door. Harry led me out of the tent.



Oh hush you do fine my friend but I’m glad you like it

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

I love you...jesus this was sooo good... you write Harry so well...whyyyy can't I write him like this??

Kammy. Kammy.

Aw thanks love. I don’t know why I even thought of it but I’m glad you like it

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel

Good chapter about Niall and Harry steamy

LizzyM101 LizzyM101

You da real mvp, girl. ❤️

morrison_hotel morrison_hotel