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Christmas With Niall Horan


After splashing my face with cold water my blush finally disappeared. How did he do that? Normally I wouldn't blush so fast but this guy made me blush within seconds. This is so strange and I felt a bit awkward around him but it also felt like I've known him forever.
He still looked a bit familiar but I still could;t place him and he was also not helping me finding out where I knew him from. "Em are you done yet?" he yelled, which startled me as I was stuck in my own thoughts. Well to be honest I was daydreaming about him and there it was again that god awful blush.

Damn it, damn Niall with his damn blue eyes and his beautiful smile. This was pure torture and to think he was off limits, I shook my head, as if that was going to help. "I'm coming" I yelled back, I quickly got out off the bathroom and ran downstairs. Niall was already waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs and he was smiling at me.

"I'm sorry, that just took more time than I had imagined," I explained but he waved it off and gave me coat and a scarf, which was probably his. I pulled it on and when he turned around I sniffed it and followed him outside. We got into the car but this time he was the one driving as I was pretty tired by now. "So I was thinking, we probably should get a tree and some decorations" he said whilst gazing at me. "Maybe you should look at the road instead of me," I said giggling at this point it became annoying, when did I turn into a giggling lunatic, I rolled my eyes whilst looking out the window.

He chuckled but turned his attention back to the road. "So what do you say?" I turned my eyes on him and studied him for a bit "Sure, let's get a tree and decorations before we are to late" I said and his smile grew a lot bigger. He was just a big kid and I loved that about him. Wait what? I didn't love him it was just a nice character trait, that's what I mean! God stop rambling Emily, I scolded myself.

We drove in silence but it wasn't awkward at all. It was actually really comfortable and I felt my eyes drop. I couldn't sleep yet though because I know that if I fell asleep now that I would be awake the entire night. I turned on the radio, which was playing a Ed Sheehan song, which was my favorite as it was 'thinking out loud'. I bit my lip to stop myself from singing along but that didn;t last long as I couldn't help it.

As I was singing along, I suddenly heard Niall sing as well and I fell silent. My mouth fell open because I heard that voice before. It made me think of that boy band everybody was crazy about. I didn't listen to them though and this was not because I didn't like them. To be honest I like their songs, I don't like the fans though, as they are crazy like hell. At least that's the impression I got from their fans but he couldn't be in that band. I mean how in the world did Emma meet him if he was. She was my friend but she wasn't that famous. She was only a model and she didn't even like her job to begin with.

I was still staring at him when we arrived. We parked our car not to far from the Christmas market. I couldn't wait to pick out the perfect tree and I got really excited, so excited that I nearly jumped out of the car suddenly bursting with energy and ran straight to the tree seller. "Niall hurry up," I yelled whilst he locked the car "Yeah, Yeah don't get your panties in a twist" he yelled back making me blush again.

I was walking between the trees when I saw the perfect tree right in front of me. "Niall, I found the perfect tree" I yelled at him "You don't have to scream love," he said in my ear. That made me jump "Jeez Niall, a warning would be nice next time" I said with my hand on my heart "You scared the hell out of me" I said completely out of breath.

"I'm sorry but you are right about this tree though" he said. He walked back to the salesman. I was already picturing the decorations that had to be on this tree. "This is the tree we would like to have sir" He said politely and the man smiled at him and nodded.

"That's a good choice Mr Horan," he said and I was wondering how he knew him. If I think about it we got stared at the whole time we were here, which was a bit weird to be honest. The salesman wrapped the Christmas tree for us and we carried it together to the car.
We loaded the tree on the roof of the small car and went back shopping for Christmas decorations. Luckily for us there was a shop especially for Christmas. We walked through the store when Niall came running back to me with antlers on his head, which was totally adorable. "My god what are you wearing" I laughed and he shrugged.

He stopped right in front of me and that's when I saw the antlers in his hands "I've got a pair for you as well" he said and before I could protest he already put the antlers on my head. "Well how do I look?" I said whilst turning around for him and he laughed "You look like a cute little reindeer and especially like Rudolph" he said cheekily and I immediately grabbed my nose.

"It's red isn't it?" I was mortified because I hated it when my nose turned red, which it did a lot, it was also the first body part that burned whilst walking out in the sun. "Yes it's really red" He said with a smile but I just shrugged and walked towards the Christmas lights. He walked beside me and I felt his eyes on my, which I choose to ignore. "So what kind of lights shall we take?" I asked him in my most casual voice.

"I don't know, you are the boss off the lights" He said, which made me laugh.
"Really Niall?" I said sarcastically and he just nodded with his adorable smile plastered on his face. "Well then we should take these twinkling lights I guess" I pointed to the box, which contained the lights.

"Sure, they look pretty" he said but he wasn't really looking at the lights but as I completely failed to recognize his flirting I just gave him a basic answer. "They sure do" I said with a smile on my face, whilst grabbing the box.

I put them in my cart and pushed it further towards the Christmas balls "Before you say anything, you are the master of the balls" I said and Niall just bursted out in laughter. I immediately saw my mistake and also had to laugh "Shut up I didn't mean it like that" I quickly said.

"I know but it was pretty funny. Okay I will be the master of the balls then" he chuckled. He picked out two different colors, bright green and white. I though it was a weird combination and definitely not for a Christmas tree but I made him the master right?
We also got candles, pretty garlands and wood for the fireplace. "Are we done yet because we still have to eat something?" he complained. I hadn't thought about eating yet but as he mentioned it, I could hear my stomach growl at me. "Yeah lets pay for this stuff"
We reached the register and I pulled out my wallet. He took it away from me though and paid himself. "Alright so now that you paid this, dinner is on me" he only smiled whilst walking with me towards the car.



I totally agree with you ♡♡

You should make a sequel..... Just start off where you left off....

Louis_bae Louis_bae

@Allie Miller
Thank you!! :D I'm happy you liked the end of the story :D I don;t think there will be a sequel this is because I haven't got any ideas for a sequel at the moment.

Liampayneaddict Liampayneaddict

Excellent!!! So glad they got pregnant Nd engaged!!! Soooo is there going to be a sequel?

Allie Miller Allie Miller

your very welcome, your doing a great job <3


HazzaBear1234 HazzaBear1234