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Christmas With Niall Horan


"Don't mind if I do" I just went along with it even though my fingers were turning blue by now. He was just so cute with his goofy smile that I couldn't get mad at him for leaving me in the freezing cold. I quickly walked inside and when I wanted to pull my coat from my body he stopped me. "Please let me" he said and I instantly blushed. He touched my arm, which led an electric shock through my body and it startled me to be honest.

I think that Niall was also a bit startled because he immediately let go off me. He was watching me carefully and I took of my coat just to avoid these electric shocks.The thing was, this wasn't the first time I had felt this and I was curious to what it meant.
I had to keep my distance though as he was with Emma, at least that is what I was assuming. It also meant that I had to keep him from touching me even if he was just trying to be a gentlemen because I couldn't do that to Emma.

I grabbed my stuff and walked to one of the bedrooms. I picked the biggest one, this room had a view on the garden, not that you could see much, thanks to the weather but it must be a nice view. The bed looked like it came from a book and I loved the chairs that were in front of the window, as it would probably be the perfect place to read books, with a steaming mug of tea in one of your hands. I put my bag in the closet but not before I grabbed some more comfortable clothes out of the bag.

I was just on my way downstairs when my phone went off and if I heard it correctly Niall's phone went off as well, which was probably a coincidence. I checked who was calling and when I saw it was Lucy I immediately picked up. "Lucy? Why aren't you here yet?" I asked her without even saying hello. "Hi Em, we are not coming because they cancelled all flights" I kept quiet for just a second.

"How did that happen?" I asked because they were suppose to be leaving at the same time as me but at another airport. "Michael, Bryan and I were getting a flight later then you but thanks to heavy snowfall we are stuck in Philadelphia" she explained but I couldn't understand how it was possible that there was so much snow in just three hours.
"What how is that even possible, I just left 3 hours before you was suppose to leave!" I yelled at her. "Look em we are truly sorry but there is nothing we can do" He said apologetic but that didn't make it any better. "Damn it!" I shouted through the phone because I was really pissed off by this.

"We will make it up to you we swear!" She pleaded with me but I wasn't in a good mood after the long journey I made to be here to celebrate Christmas with the, this was their idea to begin with.

"Yeah whatever, happy Christmas Lucy" I said sarcastic and hung up.
I really wanted to scream but first I threw my phone at the wall. I immediately regret throwing it but for now I didn't care and I let myself fall in my bed and pressed my face into the pillow. "ARGHHHHHH, FUCKING HELL!!!!" I yelled in the pillow.

"Hey, are you okay?" I heard Niall suddenly ask as I felt the bed dip a bit. "Yeah I'm fine but my friends aren't coming" I muttered and I felt his hand on my lower back. He was silently subbing my back. I think he was trying to sooth me, which normally would help but as I felt electric sparks running up and down my back, I sighed but I didn't stop him.
"Well, I guess it is just going to be be the two off us then." He said and I lifted my head from my pillow and that's when I saw that he was sad and I was wondering who would dare to make him sad.

"Oh what happened to Emma? I asked friendly and he gave me a sad smile and without realising what I was doing I stretched out my hand and caressed his cheek. He was now staring at me and my hand but he didn't pull away.

"Emma has decided that she'd rather spend her Christmas with someone she really cares about instead of me" I felt terrible but to be honest that really sounded like Emma, she didn't really care about guy's. That's why I was surprised when I found out that he was Emma's plus one as he wasn't her type at all but then again nobody really knows what her type is.
"I'm sorry to hear that" I pulled him in for a hug, which resulted in us falling on top of each other. Niall was holding himself up by his elbows and he was staring in me eyes and again I thought his eyes were the most beautiful eyes on the planet as he had really light blue eyes, which lighted up when he was happy but darkened when he was feeling sad.

I had to break this magical moment by moving my head and he quickly scrambled of off me. "I'm sorry" I said to him and he just shrugged and left the room. I let out a sigh and got up from the bed and as I pulled my laptop out go my bag I lost track of time as I was reading some assignment for college. "Emily, where are you?!" I heard Niall yell and it actually startled me. I scrambled up from my position on the floor and actually tripped over my own two feet. "Damn it!" I sat there holding my knee and yelling at myself because of my clumsiness when Niall decided to open the damn door.

"Ah here you are." He was looking at me as if I was crazy and I let myself fall backwards, as I already made a fool out of myself. "Yea sorry I uhhm" I couldn't really think of something brilliant so I just let it go.

"You fell asleep didn't you" He was actually staring at me with a amused expression. "Maaaaybe...." which wasn't the case but that's better than telling him I tripped over my own two feet. "Sleepy head, let's get something to eat." He suggested and I couldn't say no to that.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked him, as we didn't have anything to eat yet. "I read that they have a lovely pub in Surrey, so I suggest that we eat something there" I couldn't agree more. "That's fine by me, let me freshen up for a second" He nodded and left me alone again.


Chapter 4,
I hope you all liked this chapter of casualness between Niall and Emily! ❤️


I totally agree with you ♡♡

You should make a sequel..... Just start off where you left off....

Louis_bae Louis_bae

@Allie Miller
Thank you!! :D I'm happy you liked the end of the story :D I don;t think there will be a sequel this is because I haven't got any ideas for a sequel at the moment.

Liampayneaddict Liampayneaddict

Excellent!!! So glad they got pregnant Nd engaged!!! Soooo is there going to be a sequel?

Allie Miller Allie Miller

your very welcome, your doing a great job <3


HazzaBear1234 HazzaBear1234