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End Of The Day


Rosaleigh and Harry have been dating for six year and have been engaged for one year. They have a two year old daughter named Adaline. With the break for One Direction coming up the pair focus on being better parents, partners, and planning their wedding. Join them for this crazy ride!


Adeline Styles

Adeline Styles

She is the two year old daughter of Harry and Rosaleigh. She is a total daddy's girl and clings to him. She is girly with a hint of tomboy in her. She is always dancing and singing around the house. Considers the other boys her uncles.

Rosaleigh McHenry

Rosaleigh McHenry

She works in her sisters' bakery and also does photography. She has a YouTube channel that has a little of everything on it. She loves being a mom and is protective of Adeline. She and Harry were friends for years before they began dating. She is very bubbly and is always smiling. She sees the glass as half-full. She can get awkward at points, but who doesn't. She is a dreamer and loves love. Her best friend is are her cousins, Clayton and Madison. Engaged to Harry Styles.|19|



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