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You'll Never Be Alone


Paislee Payne seems has it all going for her. The perfect brother, the perfect boyfriend, the best best friends ever, and the perfect career. But it all isn't butterflies and roses. Having a brother, a boyfriend, and 2 best friends in the same band can be lonely at times as they are always touring. Harry's and Paislee's relationship seems easy to handle, but it's not with him touring and her touring. They make it work....well as least they did...


Kalani Kannon

Kalani Kannon

She is Paislee's best friend. She is a YouTuber also. She doesn't hold anything back. She will tell you exactly how she feels right then and there. She is dating Niall Horan. She is a people person and is grounded.|20|

Paislee Payne

Paislee Payne

She is the younger sister of Liam Payne. She is a YouTuber and a recording artist. She is very bubbly and always has a smile to hide the pain. She doesn't express her feelings and tends to hold everything in. She is sensitive and selfless. She has been dating Harry Styles for 3 years. She is random at points.|19|



I re-wrote chapter 3...is that better?

This story would be perfect if it didn't rush so fast forward. I feel that there's a lot of potenial with it but the fact it jumps so quickly ruins how good it could be.