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Fool's Gold

Chapter 8

I woke to the sound of birds outside. I opened my eyes to see the sun drenching the bedroom with light. I turned over to see Harry, laying face down. His arms buried in his mountain of pillows propping his body up a bit. I smiled as the light touched his face in all of the right places. He looked so innocent when he slept. The way his curls fell over his face. How soft and plump his lips looked made me want to kiss him but I didn't want him awake yet. He wore himself out the night before. I slowly and carefully exited the bed. I grabbed some clothes from the dresser. I left our bedroom to go to the bathroom across the hall. I wasn't taking any chances waking him up.
I sat in the living room alone. Harry was still in bed. I had photos scattered all over the floor. I picked each one up and examined it closely. I smiled when I found a picture of Harry from the days we spent in Ireland. I set it aside. I went through the photos to find more like it. I wanted all of the pictures from Ireland. I knew that I had taken quite a lot.
"Noli?" I heard Harry's voice in the hall.
"In here, Harry." I called out. Harry stepped into the living room. I giggled when I glanced back. He was compeltely naked. "Good morning." I greeted without looking at him. He sat down on the sofa behind me.
"What are you doing?" He inquired leaning forward and looking over my shoulder.
"I am sorting through pictures so I can start my next project." I replied picking up another photo from the time we spent in Ireland. I set in the pile then kept looking.
"Are you looking for certain themes or subjects?" Harry slid onto the floor beside me.
"I am looking for the photos I took in Ireland. Mostly the ones of you and the apartment we were in." I replied still searching. Harry nodded and began scanning the photos as well. I tried to contain a smile as Harry rested his hand on my bare thigh.
"Here. Found one." Harry picked it up and handed it to me. I thanked him and set it in the pile. "So, why are we looking for these?" Harry sighed as his eyes continued to glanced over every photograph on the floor.
"Well, they are a little too personal for me to want to use them in anything. I want to set them aside so I can try and form an idea without the sight of you clouding my mind." I replied in a small giggle.
"You don't need pictures for that." I turned my face to see Harry leaning toward me. He rested his forehead against my temple and smiled cheekily.
"You cheeky boy." I chortled softly. He laughed and kissed my cheek. I returned my gaze to the floor filled with pictures.
"I thought artists liked to use super personal things when they create. When we're writing, I do." Harry blushed a bit, "I mean, I wrote about you." I lifted my eyes to his and smiled.
"You did?" I was so suprized by the thought. Harry nodded. "What is it called?" I asked.
He scratched his head nervously, "It's not out yet. It's going to be on the new album. At least I hope it will be." I just gazed at him, urging him to tell me about the song he wrote. "The other boys wrote on it too. I just had that main idea that got it all started."
"Harry, just tell me the name of the song." I giggled.
"Stockholm Syndrome." He murmured.
I lifted my eyebrow at him, "As in a hostage situation?" Harry's eyes dropped a bit as he gave a single nod. "Sing it for me." I smiled turning to him completely.
Harry smirked, "Come to a show when the new album comes out."
I whined, "Harry, I want to know now."
Harry leaned toward me again and pressed his lips to mine. He grabbed the top button of my dress and began to sing, "Who's that shadow holding me hostage?" He slowly began to unbutton my sundress. One by one popping out each button. He kept singing, "I've been here for days." I smiled when he reached the last button on my dress. He slipped the straps off my shoulders. "Who's this whisper telling me that I'm never gonna get away." He sang quietly kissing my shoulders up to my neck. "I know they''l be coming to find me soon. But I fear I'm getting used to being held by you." His lips met every inch of my chest. HE eased me back onto the floor. HE lfted himself over me and sang with a smile, "Baby, look what you've done to me. You've got me tied down. Baby, I'll never leave if you keep holding me this way." I wrapped my arms around his neck and stared into his eyes. "That's part of a song I wrote for you." Harry grinned.
"I love it." I beamed.
"So, you're going to use those photos in your next bit?" Harry inquired hopefully.
I shook my head, "Sorry but no." Harry appeared disappointed as he looked down at me. "Harry, you have so many people butting into your life all of the time. Taking pictures of moments that don't belong to them. I don't want to add to that. Plus these moments belong to me as well. Maybe I am not ready to share them yet." I explained. Harry lifted his eyebrow then placed his lips over mine. He took care sliding my dress off my hips and down my legs. "Harry, what are you doing?" I asked breathlessly, realing from his kiss.
"I don't want either of us to be dressed yet. Let's just stay naked all day." Harry answered kissing down my neck.
I frowned a bit, "I wanted to walk the vineyards today, take more photographs."
Harry laughed, "Let's just stay like this for now." He unhooked my bra. I tried not to let my hormones get the better of me watching Harry chew his bottom lip and remove my bra from my body. "You are the most beautiful woman." He murmured throwing my bra on the chair.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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