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Fool's Gold

Chapter 88

The room was finally set up the way I wanted it. Harry stood off near the door with his arms folded over his chest watching me. He looked a bit nervous. I smiled when I saw in his eyes just how nervous he actually was. I went to his side, placing my hand on his chest.
"Are you alright, Bear?" I asked, softly kissing his cheek.
He nodded, "I'm fine. I just don't want to get in your way. I know you want these sessions to be perfect."
"Ah, but that's the beauty of the world we live in, nothing is ever going to be absolutely perfect." I stated with a genuine smile. Harry pressed his lips to mine gently. "I like that you want to watch." I stated as I backed out of his embrace.
"You're sure it won't be creepy? I mean, I don't want to be weird." Harry still seemed really nervous.
I laughed, "No. It won't be creepy or weird." Harry nodded once again before pulling me into a hug. I was happy that he wanted to watch me work on his last full day with me. Just then there was a knock on the apartment door.
"Are you sure it's okay for me to be here?" Harry asked once more.
I nodded, "Perfectly. I mean, I've gotten to watch you work. Why can't you watch me?"
"What I do is very different from what you do." Harry replied, anxiety still clear in his voice. I chuckled and shook my head. I went to the door and answered it with a big smile. I let the models for my shoot in. Harry greeted them with a small smile and a warm hello. I led them to where I had set everything up for the shoot.

Harry sat in a chair watching intently. His chin resting on his fist and a pensive expression on his beautiful face. His eyes held an intrigue that I'd never seen on him before as his lips pursed, trying to take in every detail of what I was doing. I chuckled a bit when I heard him grunt quietly. My female model giggled quietly as well. I glanced at Harry once more to see he was blushing. I turned back to my models then stopped for a moment. I set my camera on the table.
"Everything alright?" My male model inquired.
I nodded with a smile, "Everything is quite alright. I just want to adjust the lighting is all." Both models nodded and let me go about changing the amount of light in the room and where it came from. I closed the blinds and turned on two lamps. I shut off the main light. The lighting was now softer, creating a glow instead of flooding the room.
Harry lifted his eyebrow in curiosity. Harry tilted his head for a moment, trying to understand what I was doing. As he listened to my instructions for the models. He smiled. He understood what I was trying to do. I instructed the two to lie on the floor in a warm and comfortable embrace. I didn't tell them how to hold each other I let them chose what was most intimate to them. They ended up facing each other, legs intertwined with their arms around one another. I smiled and nodded. I snapped a few pictures from different angles. Harry leaned forward as I asked the models to keep the intimacy but change positions. My female model turned her back to the man. He wound his arms around her waist to keep her close. I took more photos from more viewpoints. Once more, I asked them to change the position in which they laid. This time, my female model laid on her back as the man rested his head on her chest. She wound her arms around his shoulders. Their legs were still intertwined and the man still held her waist tightly. I looked back at Harry between shots, he seemed completely taken with the display. I smiled seeing the fascination in his eyes.

"Okay. Um, would you like me to ask him to leave?" I asked my female model motioning to Harry.
"But I don't want-" Harry began. I cut him off with a sharp glare. Harry quickly closed his mouth. I turned back to my female model, waiting for her answer.
She giggled and shook her head, "No. It's okay. He's not really looking at me." I lifted my eyebrow at her. When I glanced at Harry, I saw that he was blushing. "He's been watching you. Not us." The girl whispered to me. I bit my lip and gave a single nod.
"You can stay, Bear." I said without looking at him. My models both smiled so I assumed that Harry's big, dimpled, pleased with himself grin had appeared. I turned my back to the models to let them do what they needed to get comfortable for the next part of the shoot. I went to Harry. I touched his arm gently when he gazed into my eyes. "Hey, how are you doing?" I inquired softly.
He seemed to ponder a bit before speaking, "I'm fine." I gave him a look that said I didn't believe him. Harry smiled a little, "Really. I am. I'm just...I'm thinking about all of this. I wanna know what you're thinking. I wanna know what they're thinking." He motioned to the models. I kept my eyes on his soft face, "I wonder what you're going to make out of this." Suddenly, Harry's eyes widened. I turned to the models to see that they had undress as much as we had talked about when we set up the shoot. I quickly grabbed Harry's chin to make him look at me. His eyes set on mine still filled with shock.
"Harry, you can leave if you're uncomfortable." I stated softly.
Harry shook his head, "No. I'm not uncomfortable." He glanced over at the models again. "This isn't going to turn...sexual is it?" He whispered.
I laughed loudly, "No, Harry. I'm not going to make porn." He looked extremely embarrassed as he nodded. I pulled him closer and whispered in his ear, "You and I can do that later."
Harry flushed bright red and pushed me away gently, "Go work." I kissed his lips lightly before going back to my models.

Harry and I entered my studio as silently as he had been all night. Even his demeanor while we were out had changed. He was completely consumed by what I had done in my photo-shoot. It made me smile. Charles never thought so deeply about what I was working on. Charles always told me what would be a better idea, even when he didn't understand what my point was. I threw my purse and sweater on the sofa and turned to Harry. I leaned against the sofa, waiting for him to speak. He just stood in front of me awkwardly.
I laughed, grabbing his hand, "Come here." I pulled him to me. I wrapped my arms around his waist as his arms went around my shoulders. "Talk to me." I smiled up at him with loving eyes.
"About what?" Harry asked, avoiding eye contact.
"What's been on your mind all night? Why you've been so quiet?" I replied, not liking his sudden emotional distance. Harry blushed and shook his head. "Come on, baby. I'm not going to tease you or anything. I just want to know what you're thinking. I like being inside that beautiful head of yours." I kept the smile on my face to ease his tension.
Harry sighed quietly as his shoulders sagged, "I want to know about what you were doing today with your shoot. It's been on my mind all day."
"Okay. Ask me any questions that you want." I instructed.
"Why did you let them pick the positions? Why did they get to chose how they held each other?" Harry inquired.
"Because chemistry between two people determines their view of intimacy. We've got our own flow. So would every other couple. The strength of love and level of passion is different for everyone. I mean, for the first position, what would you have chosen had it been you and I?" I asked of him to prove my point.
He thought for a moment, "The way we lay when we've been up talking all night. When I have my head on your chest and you're holding me."
I smiled a little, "Exactly, because you're the most vulnerable in those moments, right?" Harry nodded slowly. "So, the pose that they took first was very intimate for them because they'd just met. I mean, you could feel that right? The waves of emotion?" I asked. Harry nodded once again. "I let them chose what felt right so the art was true to emotion." Harry stayed quiet making me giggle again. "But that's not all that's been on your mind." I stated, knowing it was true. Harry gave a nod. "Tell me." I pleaded tugging his shirt gently.
"You said..." He began nervously. HE then mumbled, "You said that I am your muse."
I grinned, "It's very true."
Harry spoke even softer, "Well, don't a lot of artists use their muses in their art work? Salvador Dali always painted his wife." I confirmed his statement of a well known fact. "Have you ever...um..." Harry blushed. I bit my lip concealing a smile. "Did you ever want me to do that?" He motioned to the portion of the room I had done the photo-shoot in.
I shrugged, "I've thought about it."
"I would, you know...if you wanted." Harry stated turning another shade of red.
I joked, trying to ease his tension, "Harry, are you asking me to draw you like one of my French girls?" Harry laughed as well but I could tell that he was a bit embarrassed. His embarrassment is what made me realize how serious he was. I nodded quickly, "Yeah. We can. I will." Harry's face lit up a fiery red again but he seemed relaxed as well. Harry then placed my camera in my hand. "You mean like right now?" Harry smiled weakly. I held the camera firmly between my hands, "Okay. Um...get comfortable."
"Should I change my clothes?" Harry asked shyly.
I shrugged, "Are you uncomfortable in them?" He shook his head slowly. "No. But I am going to. I feel like this isn't right for me." Harry nodded and released me. I set my camera on the table beside the sofa before walking into our bedroom.

I reentered the living room to see Harry laying on the sofa on his back. He was staring up at the ceiling taking slow, steady breaths. He was obviously nervous. I sat down on the sofa beside him. He gazed up at me with surprised eyes.
"You're wearing just my shirt?" He seemed quite puzzled. I had changed into the shirt he'd worn the day before. It smelled so much like him that it put me at ease. I felt as nervous as Harry looked.
I bit my lip, "Yeah. I'm making a relaxed environment. The last time we had my camera out just the two of us we were just goofing around. We were naked and in bed, remember?" Harry's expression showed that he understood my attire. I leaned over him and grabbed the camera from the table. I checked my lens and the battery. "Is...tell me if you get uncomfortable or feel like you don't want to do this anymore." Harry agreed after a moment. "Where do you want to start? Is there something specific you wanted me to do?" I let my nervousness show.
Harry smiled, shaking his head, "Nope. You're the artist. You decide." I nodded and thought for a moment. "Actually, can I make a request?" Harry blurted. I nodded quickly, wanting him to be as comfortable as possible. "Can we turn on music or something? The television? It's too quiet. The quiet is making me nervous."
Harry and I had been sitting silently, just listening to the music I'd turned on for a few minutes. I had been watching him sip the tea I made him to help him relax. I made note of every little thing that I loved about him. I set my tea down on the table then picked up my camera. While Harry looked straight ahead, sipping his tea, I snapped a picture. I loved the way his lips curved around things. I focused my camera on his lips. Harry looked over at me with a surprised smile. I took more photos of him just looking at me with an endearing smirk.
"You're sneaky." He chuckled setting his cup down next to mine. I giggled and snapped another photo.
I stood from the sofa, "You know, I don't know why we're both so nervous. You get in front of a camera all the time and I have done many a shoots." I placed myself directly in front of Harry.
He leaned back into the sofa with a smile, "Well, I'm not in love with any of those photographers. Are you in love with any of your models?"
"I am now." I bit my lip and blushed. Harry shook his head. His dimpled smile reappeared and I took another photo of him. "Be natural. Talk to me. Act like we do when we're not doing this." I instructed him. Harry agreed and started to speak to me about some stunt he'd pulled with Liam while on stage. I captured many pictures of him laughing and smiling. I even caught a few where he was looking absolutely exhausted.
I bit down on my bottom lip as I gazed at the wonderful man in front of me. There were parts of him that I loved that weren't showing. I wanted to capture them so I'd never forget.
"Noli, baby, why are you looking at me like that?" Harry inquired reaching out to touch me. I quickly hit the button on my camera. The look of love and concern in his eyes was something that needed to be documented.
"Is there...will you do anything for me?" I asked softly.
Harry nodded quickly, "Of course, love. What do you want me to do?"
I blushed a bit as I requested, "Can we lose the shirt?" Harry chuckled and stood from the sofa. As he lifted his shirt over his head, I clicked my camera again. I loved the way his skin moved over his muscles. Every inch of his torso seemed like it's own piece of art. He was the world's eighth world wonder to me. Harry threw his shirt to the chair across the room. He held his arms out as to ask if it was what I wanted. "Lie down on the floor on your back." I instructed quietly. Harry smiled and knelt down on the floor. He carefully laid back on the arrangement of pillows and blankets I had set up for my earlier photo-shoot. As soon as Harry was comfortable, I sat on top of him, straddling his thighs. "You have to tell me when you get nervous or want to stop." I informed Harry once again.
Harry shook his head, "I trust you, baby." I bit my lip and nodded. I lifted my view-finder to my eye then aimed the camera at Harry's butterfly tattoo. I took a few photos with different amounts of focus and I adjusted the aperture and shutter speed as well. I lowered my camera and reset the camera, returning the focus, aperture and shutter speed back to normal. I chewed on my bottom lip and lifted my camera to my eyes again, feeling Harry's strong hands on my bare thighs. I caught the moment. I moved back on Harry's thighs, sliding closer to his knees. "Where are you going?" Harry inquired as his hands fell from my thighs. I lifted my camera, taking photos of the tattoos on his abs and the waistline of his jeans. I don't know what made his waist so attractive but it was so titillating for me. I tried to control myself as I snapped photos of Harry's stomach. The soft, smooth skin that was just above the waistline of his jeans. I dropped my hand to his flesh. I stroked the small patch of hair that was so sexy to me. Harry's eyes slid closed and he sighed softly.
"Harry?" I murmured to get his attention. His eyes opened and he gazed at me. "Pants?" Harry nodded and sat up. I slid off his lap onto the floor beside him. "You know you're the most gorgeous human being on the planet right?" I whispered to him. His cheeks flushed and he smiled as his hair fell into his face. I lifted my camera, taking a few quick shots of his dazzling, embarrassed smile. Harry returned to lying down once his jeans were removed and laying next to his shirt. I crawled back into his lap but this time, my back was facing him. I started at Harry's feet, every few shots I would let my lens travel father up his legs. I began chewing on my lips when Harry's hands slipped up the back of my shirt onto my hips. He caressed my skin slowly and gently. I moved my camera up to just below his knees. I tried to control the noises I wanted to make when Harry's hands slid from my hips to my inner thighs, caressing my skin close to my panty-line. I tried to concentrate even more as I photographed Harry's thighs. There was something about this man's thighs that had me captivated. Harry's glided his hands over my rear, squeezing gently.
"Noli?" Harry whispered sitting up.
"Yes Bear?" I replied feeling his lips on my neck.
"Is it okay if I have an idea?" He asked shyly. I nodded and turned to look at him completely. "Lie back." Harry instructed shifting me onto the floor. I did as asked. I laid back with my head on the pillows. Harry smirked and moved to my feet. "You were talking about intimacy, right?" Harry inquired. I nodded slowly. "What's more intimate than the moments leading up to making love?" He smirked a bit more. My hands trembled a little as he lowered his lips to my thigh. I made sure to keep his full face out of the shots as I hit the button continuously. I tried to focus on the art I was trying to make with the love of my life while he tenderly swept his lips up the soft flesh of my thighs. When he hovered above me, I captured the image of his chest once more. The way his muscles were contracted and the way his necklace hung from his neck made me even more weak in the knees. "Am I taking this too far?" Harry inquired lowly.
"Not at all. Even though I think the moments after love is made are even more intimate." I replied quietly. Harry lowered his mouth to mine.
"Well, I guess we better work our way to those intimate moments then?" Harry beamed at me. My head dropped back onto the pillows as his lips traced up my thighs to the hem of the shirt I had on. Harry smoothed his hands up my flesh, pushing the shirt away. He hooked his fingers into my panties then dragged them down with an agonizingly slow pace. I was already squirming and he was just looking at me.
Harry smiled down at me before lowering his body onto mine gently. His lips met mine with tenderness. I wound my legs around his waist, trapping him. Harry chuckled into the kiss then unwrapped his hips from my legs with gentle hands. I whimpered and pouted at him.
"Plenty of time for that later, baby." Harry whispered. I shook my head and wrapped him up in my legs again. I picked up my camera and snapped a photo of my legs holding him tightly. Harry looked down, actually taking in the way my legs looked around him. He glanced back up at me, biting his lip. I smiled warmly at him. "I like the way that looks." He murmured shyly.
"I like the way it feels." I giggled softly. Harry broke into a quiet laugh as well before kissing me again. I carefully moved my camera out from between our bodies. I let the hand holding my camera tightly fall to the floor while the other disappeared into Harry's curls. I lifted my hips to slide against his. Harry released my mouth of his own to drop to my neck. His lips were like the wings of a butterfly, I could feel them but barely, the biggest sensation created was by him breathing on my skin. Just feeling him breathing against my skin was sending me into a downward spiral. My heart was racing and I'd never felt this way with him before. There was something so different about the feeling in the room, the energy between us.
I buried my hands in Harry's curls as his lips moved down my stomach. I knew what was coming next and the anticipation was killing me. I wanted it so badly. We'd made love every day but there was something about the energy between us now that made me feel like it was brand new. I gasped and lifted my hips from the floor feeling him pull my sensitive nub of flesh between his lips. Harry smirked against my skin and teased my nerves with his tongue as slowly and lightly as he could. Harry carefully untangled my fingers from his hair. I reluctantly let go; the sensation of his mouth on my clit was already making me lose control. Harry laced our fingers, letting me squeeze his hands as hard as I needed to. I breathed his name and my hips jerked as his talented tongue brought me to my first climax. Harry removed his mouth from my clit then kissed up and down my thighs smoothly. He took his time with each one.
"I love these thighs." Harry murmured against my skin. He reached for my camera as he nipped at my skin. I blushed and tried to push him away when he took a picture of my thigh that now had little love bites on them. Harry returned my camera to the floor and leaned over me. "What are you blushing for?" He snickered. I shook my head, not wanting to tell him. Harry lowered his mouth to mine. I whined when he wouldn't kiss me. "Why are you blushing?" He chuckled leaving his lips on mine just enough to tease again.
"My thighs are too big." I replied shyly.
Harry shook his head, "No way. They're perfect. I like the way they feel around my waist." Harry smoothed his hands down my thighs and smirked, "Around my head." I giggled loudly and wrapped my legs around his waist again. Harry kissed me passionately before saying, "They're a woman's thighs." I blushed at the compliment. It might not have sounded like one to anyone else but knowing Harry, that's exactly how he meant it. "Perfect everything on you." Harry muttered kissing down my neck. I bit my bottom lip as Harry began kissing across my clothed chest. I felt my stomach turn when Harry began unbuttoning the shirt I was wearing. I sat up a bit to let him slide it off my shoulders. Harry smiled as he wrapped his fingers around my wrist. He lifted my arm and I just stared at him curiously. What was this man doing? "Even these arm pits are beautiful." He whispered before placing a kiss on them. I laughed loudly again, trying to get out of his grasp.
"Harry!" I squealed as he pinned my arm down above my head. He chuckled against my skin as he kissed from my underarms to my breasts. "We both know how I feel about these." Harry murmured kissing one of my breasts while gripping the other gently. I chewed on my lips again watching him devour my flesh. Harry released my breast then reached around and grabbed my calf. He got up on his knees as he unwrapped my legs from his hips again. He lifted my leg into the air then bent it carefully. He pressed his lips to my toes. "These are perfect as well." I dropped my leg from his hand and sat up.
I hit him in the chest lightly and playfully with a giggle, "And I'm the weird one?" Harry laughed as well resting his hands on my arms when I wrapped my arms around his waist. "You're the weird one." I teased. "At least I like the normal things about you." I kissed his chest softly, "Like this." I lowered my lips down his abs, "And this." I skimmed my fingers across the skin across the waistline of his underwear, "This here." Harry tried to contain a smirk as I slipped my fingers into his briefs. I slowly pulled them down to the middle of his thighs. I gently gripped his rigid member. "I really like this guy." I murmured with a cheesy grin. Harry buried his hands in my hair and pressed his lips to mine fervently.
"You're the one that watches me sleep." Harry teased between kisses.
I smirked into his lips and muttered, "You're the one who watches me shower." Harry broke our kiss and stared at me with his jaw on the floor. I chuckled softly, "What? You think I wash my tits like that everyday?" Harry growled lowly and pushed me back into the pillows. I wrapped my arms around his neck to hold him to me. "I love it though." I whispered to Harry. He pulled back slightly. "No one has ever wanted me the way you do."
"Never gonna stop baby." Harry smiled pressing his forehead to mine. I molded my mouth to his sweetly, the passion flowing from my lips to his was softer now.
"Make love to me." I urged Harry. He happily complied with my requested. He carefully slipped his engorged penis inside me. The moan that I let out bounced off the walls; I loved the way he felt.
Harry gazed into my eyes intensely as he rocked his hips in the most primal of ways. I felt as though my insides were hollowing out with every push forward. I gripped his shoulders tightly to keep a grasp on my surroundings. I was coming undone for him and I could see how much he loved it in his eyes even though he had the deep expression of concentration. He struck a spot deep inside of me that made a cry out loudly. I released his shoulder. I threw my hand back to grip the edge of the table behind me. But instead of grabbing the table, I bumped the iPod dock. The song changed and with that Harry's demeanor changed. He slowed his thrusts and was gentler with me. I gasped again as he kept hitting the spot inside me but with a slow stroke instead. Harry meshed his mouth to mine. His kiss was just as slow and gentle as his hips. My body started to tremble around him. His name fell from my lips with a broken breath. As my body settled, I realized that the same song was playing again.
I looked up at Harry, "Is it on repeat?" He chuckled and nodded. I reached up to turn it off.
Harry stopped me, "No. I like this," I nodded and relaxed on the floor. I smiled a bit when I realized what song it was. Never Stop by Safetysuit. I bit my lip. It was us. It was going to be us. I would happily make love to Harry to the song for the rest of my life.
Harry sat back on his legs once again, pulling me up from the floor. I sat in his lap, my knees resting on the cool blankets underneath him. I gazed into Harry's eyes as I carefully worked his swollen member back inside of my body. I sighed quietly, loving the way we fit together. I rested my hands on his neck, lightly kissed his lips. I whimpered again as Harry gently lifted me by my hips then let me crash back onto him. I pressed my forehead against his and gripped his shoulders as I brought my hips forward then dropped them back. Harry buried his hands in my hair and kissed me passionately, exploring every inch of my mouth with his own. I broke the kiss for a moment so I could catch my breath. Harry slid his lips down my neck softly. I rested my cheek against Harry's temple as I rocked my hips a little faster and a little harder. My breathing got a little heavier and I felt the muscles deep inside of me begin to tighten. Harry gripped my hips tightly and pulled me toward him harder. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders to gain more leverage as I began to climax. I moaned into his ear as my body reached it's limit. After a few moments of intense pleasure, my legs turned to wet noodles and I felt like I was collapsing on Harry. I felt him smile against my skin as he kissed my shoulders gently. He carefully laid me back on the floor, his hand behind my head until I was resting on the pillows again.
Harry thrust inside of me strongly. I bit my lip and moaned. I gazed up at him trying to keep my composure. I gripped the blankets beside me when Harry changed the angle he was thrusting at. I reached for Harry. I wanted him to be touching me more than he was, even if it was just the slightest touch. I took his hand in mine and laced our fingers. Harry smiled down at me before closing his eyes and letting his mouth drop open. I gripped his hand tighter when my body started to tense again. I was going to climax again. Harry took my other hand and laced our fingers. HE then pressed my hands into the pillows above my head. He moved forward, once again changing the angle of this thrust. I cried out, a lot louder than I had wanted to. I looked up at Harry and saw that he was struggling to hold on. I released his hands and reached up to wrap my arms around his shoulders. Harry dropped his body down onto mine once again. I felt my whole body light up as he chest rested on mine. I wound my arms around him, holding him tightly. He began to thrust harder and faster. I kissed his face softly, knowing he was on the edge of exploding just like me. I shifted my hips so Harry was going deeper. I bit my lip and tried not to scream. Harry molded his mouth against mine. I cried out into his mouth as all of my muscles tightened around him. He thrust harder. I gripped him tighter, losing my breath. I detached my lips from his and cried out. His thrusts became uneven and he grunted quietly. Harry dropped his head onto my chest and began repeating the words of the song to me. I was trying my hardest to keep from crying at the words he said with conviction even though he was so preoccupied with the pleasure both of us felt. He pumped harder into my already shaking body, making my insides spasm even more, until he moaned loudly against my chest. I felt his dick pull inside of me. His groaning became softer as his climax ended. He collapsed on top of me completely. I held onto him feeling out of breath and in a dream like state. All that I could focus on was the song playing in the background. It felt as though it was the first time I had heard it.


Sorry it's such a long chapter. I needed to get a lot in this time. And I apologize for how long it took to get this out.


Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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