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Fool's Gold

Chapter 55

Enola held my hand tightly as we walked out into the hall to join the rest of our very large group. The air was thick with tension and what felt like anger. I pulled Enola closer and hung my arm over her shoulder as we approached Paul. He gave me a surprised look but shook it off quickly.
"Alright, so, out to the cars. E, are you okay riding separately with Eleanor and her security man?" Paul asked nicely of her.
Enola nodded quickly, "Whatever makes your life easier, Paul."
"I really need you to go with Eleanor." Paul smiled weakly at her. Enola nodded in understanding. Eleanor walked over and took her hand gently. I smiled at the gesture. Enola looked up at me a little worried.
"Go with Eleanor. It'll be alright." I assured her with a smile and a kiss. Enola nodded and took a step back from me. "I'll see you in like twenty minutes." I beamed at her. She giggled and let me walk off with Dale and the rest of the boys.
"Harry, we need to talk." Louis stated just above a whisper as we stepped onto the elevator.
"I don't want to talk to you right now, Louis." I grunted, folding my arms over my chest. Liam then tried to open his mouth. "I don't want to hear from anyone about anything until we get to the venue." I stated quickly.
"But Harry..." Zayn began. I looked over at him with fiery eyes. "It's not a tiny thing, like lying about her height or hair color. It's a big thing." Zayn seemed genuinely worried.
"Enola and I have talked things out. Everything is fine Zayn." I assured him.
"Harry, everything is definitely not fine!" Liam shouted.
I glared at him, "I said everything is fine. We talked it out."
"It didn't sound like there was a whole lot of talking going on." Dale laughed quietly. "Didn't look like it either." He added after a moment.
"So what? We did talk. About everything." Louis looked skeptical of my statement. "You know what? I am done with this conversation. Enola and I are fine. I love her. She loves me. That's all that matters." I stated firmly.
Paul frowned, "Harry, that's not all that matters. She has a life with someone else."
I glared at Paul as well, "I thought I said I didn't want to hear any of this. I'm done talking about it. This is the way things are going to be for now." The elevator grew eerily quiet. I knew that they only wanted the best but they didn't know Enola like I did. I knew what we had was real. I didn't need anyone to try to change my mind.

Enola and I sat silently on the sofa watching Louis and Liam play their new FIFA game. Louis kept looking over at Enola and me, like he was keeping an eye on us. The room still held an eerie silence. The boys didn't want to say anything to make me upset. I kissed Enola's forehead gently when I noticed how tense she was. Her arms were wrapped around her middle and her shoulders were dropped but not in a relaxed way.
"I love you, Enola." I murmured into her ear. She smiled weakly and leaned into me more. She rested her head on my shoulder and inhaled deeply. She was trying to relax. I then noticed the way that all of the boys were looking at her. Niall and Zayn weren't as mean looking but it was obvious they weren't happy.
Enola huffed and threw her hands in the air, "Will someone please just say something?!" I couldn't believe she snapped at them. I rested my hand on her back to comfort her.
"I'm just curious as to why the fuck you're still here?" Louis answered bluntly.
"Louis!" Eleanor scolded his harshness. Her disgust with his approach to the conversation was written all over her face. Enola nodded and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. I saw her eyes well with tears. I wanted to jump across the room and knock him. He was making Enola feel worse than she already did.
"What? I think it is a legitimate question. This is fucked up." Louis snapped at Eleanor. Eleanor huffed, glaring at Louis with intense eyes. Louis turned his eyes back to Enola. "So, do you have an answer for me?" His voice was smug as was his face.
"Harry didn't tell me to leave." Enola responded quietly.
"So, now you care about his feelings and what he wants?" Louis sounded pissed off.
Enola sighed, "There was never a time that I didn't. I went to Italy for him didn't I?"
"Oh bullshit! You just wanted to have a lusty week that wasn't with the man you're married to!" Louis was nearly shouting. Enola looked extremely uncomfortable.
"Louis, stop it. I asked her to stay. I want her here with me." I intervened. Louis glared at me. "I told you, Louis. I love her. I'm not leaving this. We're going to work this out." I repeated to him.
Louis ignored me, keeping his eyes on Enola's, "How do you expect him to trust you? How can he believe a word you say?"
Enola shrugged, "I don't. He's a remarkable man in that even though I've fucked up, he still loves me." Enola inhaled deeply. "I don't want to hurt him, Louis. I love Harry and I will spend the rest of my life making this up to him."
"Problem is...you've already promised the rest of your life to someone else." Louis sneered. Enola grunted in frustration then got up from the sofa. It looked like she was going to walk out of the room. I got up from my spot on the sofa and raced to her. I stopped her before she could walk out.
"Noli, I don't want you to go anywhere. This trip is still about you. I want you here with me." I pleaded holding her hand. Enola gazed up at me with sad and ashamed eyes. "Tonight Louis and I will have a long talk about it after the show. I promise. I will explain everything to him." I tried to soothe her defeated expression. "Please stay with me. I want you here. I am making this choice." She searched my eyes for a moment longer then nodded.
"I can't stay in this room though." She whispered, knowing everyone else was trying to listen in on our conversation.
"Okay. Let's take a walk then." I smiled still attempting to make her feel better. I knew the rest of her trip was going to be one big battle with Louis. But I wasn’t letting her go. I wanted, no, I needed her.


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Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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