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Fool's Gold

Chapter 47

Two weeks. Two weeks and I was ready to fly across the world to see Enola. I hated not being with her. I felt like I was seeing her everywhere and in everything. I wanted her to be in my bed, combing her fingers through my hair and kissing my forehead while I fell asleep on her. I grunted softly as I stared out the window of the tour bus; why couldn't she just come with me? Her art. Thinking about it, I wasn't upset because we were apart. I was upset because I couldn't be there for her. Her first art contest was today and I wanted her to win. I wanted to see the shock on her face when she got first place. I wanted to hug her and tell her the judges were fools if she didn't win.
"Harry, is everything okay over there?" Paul inquired. I nodded without looking at him. Paul laughed, "Harry, just call her. I'm sure she's used to the random calls."
"Can't call her. She's got the first of her contests today. She's schmoozing with her art people." I replied slightly annoyed with him.
"Harry, text her. Do something that's not sitting and moping." Liam chuckled. I nodded and dug my phone out of my pocket. I texted her simple message:Good luck today. I love you.
"Don't you feel better now?" Paul teased. I shook my head. "Why not?" Paul appeared to be sad.
"I want to be there to support her." I stated quietly.
"Harry, she's going to win. You said yourself that she was a no brainer." Liam attempted to make me feel better.
I glared at him, "Well, what if she doesn't? Who is gonna hug her and tell her the judge wasn't qualified or that there's always the next one? Huh?" Paul and Liam both frowned deeply. I turned my eyes back out the window, only to have my phone start ringing. I answered quickly, "Hello?"
"Hi Harry." Enola's voice came through. I was disappointed. She didn't sound happy at all.
"Noli, what's wrong, baby?" I asked. "Did your contest not go well?" Worry gripped my entire body.
"It was fine." She answered calmly.
"What place did you get?" I wanted to know what was making her sound so tired and defeated.
"I got first place." She stated flatly.
"What?! Babe, that's amazing! Why do you sound so sad?" I was genuinely confused by her demeanor.
"I'm not. Just trying to relax. I'm an artist not a business person." She answered with a bit of attitude.
I winced a little, "Was it rough? Talking shop with people who have no idea?"
"Kind of. And I don't like weird old guys touching me while I am trying to look at the other artists work." She inhaled deeply. She kept talking, but in a nasally tone, "One creep kept asking if I was into the more erotic photography. I suspect he wanted me in front of the camera though." She exhaled fully.
"Enola, are you high?" I asked trying not to laugh.
"YEP! Like I said: creepy old guys." She stated.
"Want me to kiss his ass?" I offered quickly.
Enola burst into laughter, "No! You couldn't hurt a fly. You're too nice."
"You're right. But, for you, I would be a dickhead." I chuckled. I heard her inhale again. "Is there any other reason that you're smoking?"
"Nope." She sounded kind of nervous. "How is you're day going?" She asked, getting the attention off of herself. I didn't like that she felt so creeped out.
"Noli." I murmured.
She sighed a little, "Yes, Harry?"
"I'm sorry your day didn't go exactly the way you wanted." I spoke sweetly to make her loosen up a bit.
I could hear the smile in her voice, "I love you."
"I love you." I responded, blushing when Paul and Liam gave me teasing looks.
"Come on. Tell me about your day." Enola insisted. I heard her take another drag on her joint.
"It's been pretty boring. We're on the bus. There's not a whole lot to do." I stated with a shrug.
"Sure there is. You can watch a film, listen to music, read, play games, take a nap, or write. There's plenty to do." Enola giggled. I laughed myself. She was right. "What have you been doing on the bus?" She inquired.
"I played a video game with Liam and called my mum. Which she is really excited to meet you. She has all of these things she wants to do with you and my sister while I'm working."
"Sounds lovely." She giggled quietly.
"You don't even know what she wants to do with you." I sneered playfully.
I could hear the lift in her voice, "Don't have to. If they are anything like you I'm going to love it." We both stayed quiet for a moment. "Go on, keep talking. I can tell you're stressed out, babe." She urged.
"I'm not stressed out." I replied quickly. She grunted in response. "Okay, maybe a little bit but only because I want your visit to be perfect."
Enola laughed quietly, "Harry, we're going to have your friends and mom around nothing is going to be absolutely perfect."
"I know. I want you to have fun and I want you to get on with my mum and my sister." I stated matter of factly.
"I will. I always have fun with you. How big are your shows going to be while I'm there?" Enola inquired calmly.
"Um, well, its stadiums and all five are sold out so...big." I answered. Enola made a small sound like she was nervous. "Why? Are you worried about something?"
"Kind of. Am I going to be watching from the seats or somewhere else?" Enola was sounding more nervous than before.
"Seats. Why?" I didn't like the tone of her voice.
"Crowds like that aren't my thing. Never have been. I've been stoned most of the day to get through the crowd at the art gallery today." She confessed.
"Oh, well, my mum and sister will be with you a couple of nights. And I think that Liam's girlfriend will be with you one night. Louis' girlfriend is coming out as well. Niall's dad. Zayn's mum. You'll not be alone in the crowd." I assured her. "And if there's a night that you will be I can always ask for you to be back stage, like off behind the band where no one can see you. I promise that the seats you're getting are where I can keep an eye on you." I stated trying to ease her anxiety.
"Okay." She still sounded anxious.
"Noli, I promise you'll be okay. And as much as it might hurt your feelings, I'm sure that no one around is going to know who you are. It's been weeks and I've not seen anything on television or in magazines about us being together in Italy. No one will know you." I muttered not liking the possibility of hurting her feelings.
"I'm not hurt by that. It's true. We weren't photographed together or anything. It's all good." Enola's tone was even. She didn't sound upset but I wasn't sure if it was because she really wasn't or because she was high. I ran my hand through my hair to ease my own tension. "Harry?" Enola murmured.
"Yes love?" I sighed softly.
"I'm excited to see you on stage. I can't wait to see you with the fans." Her voice held a smile. I broke into a smile myself. "I wanna hear your stage stories." I quickly agreed. I got up from the sofa I was sitting on and moved to the upstairs lounge.

"Noli, are you sure there's not anything else that is bothering you?" I asked noticing she was not giving me the details of her last few weeks like I had done with her. I told her everything. I told her about every show and every crazy antic I pulled with the boys. But she wasn't saying much at all.
"No. I'm fine. I've just been in my studio. I've been developing the photos that we took in the city and on the vineyard. I've been working on my sculpture and my other photo essay. I'm not really doing much with other people." Enola sounded extremely laid back.
"Have you talked to your mum at all? I know you missed her while we were gone." I wanted her to be talking. I wanted to hear her voice.
"For a few minutes today and I spoke to her the day I got back. She's come to my studio a few times but I've been so busy and into what I'm making that I don't say much and she doesn't want to distract me so she just lies around and reads." Enola's voice held sadness.
"Maybe you should take her out or something. You and your mum have like a date night. Just talk about everything." I suggested.
Enola laughed quietly, "That's actually a really good idea."
"I'm full of them." I snickered making her laugh harder. "What? I am. Italy was a great idea. Taking your mum out is a good one. You coming on tour with me is a REALLY good one." I stated meaning every word. I sighed a bit when she stopped laughing, "I wish you could stay longer."
"I know. I do too but there's not enough room on that bus and I have things I need to get done here so when we can see each other again it won't be difficult for me to take off." Enola reasoned.
"I love you." I nearly whispered.
"I love you more." She giggled.


Sorry that the last few are more filler than anything. These are basically moving us along to the next big plot point. I hope you guys are ready for it.


Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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