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Fool's Gold

Chapter 46

Harry and I walked out onto the front porch of the villa, fully dressed and smiling. He held my hand tight but lovingly. I was afraid of looking any of the boys in the eye. I bit my lip when I noticed that the boys and the security guys wouldn't look at Harry and I directly.
"I think we embarrassed them." I whispered teasingly to Harry. He chuckled and pulled me into his side. Harry led me off the porch to the group of men near the car.
"Paul." Harry smiled at the large man with big muscles and tattoos.
"Harry." Paul glowered. I recognized his voice. He was the one yelling at Harry through closed doors. I buried my face into Harry's shoulder as my face lit a pale red.
"Is everything in the car already?" Harry asked politely.
Paul shook his head, "No. We weren't sure of how long you were going to be so we waited." Harry nodded like he was good with it. Paul's eyes flicked over to my face for a second then back to Harry.
"Oh shit. Manners." Harry rubbed my back gently as he introduced me to the man before us. "Babe, this is Paul. He's our tour manager. He takes care of us while we're on the road. He's kind of like our dad."
"Lord knows you need supervision." I giggled looking up at Harry.
"Oh ha ha." Harry sneered at me. I bit down on my lip to hold in another giggle.
I turned my attention back to Paul, "Lovely to meet you, Paul. I'm Enola." I held my hand out to him to be polite.
HE shook my hand gently, "So, you're the girl that's got our social butterfly acting like a hermit?"
I shrugged, "Guess so."
"It's nice to meet you, Enola. You're coming out for a week or so?" Paul inquired.
I nodded, "Yes sir. I'm not sure of an exact date though. Once I know for certain, I'll make sure that Harry tells you." Paul agreed quickly. Then I noticed another big man watching Harry closely.
"Alright, baby, this is Dale. He is my macho man." Harry teased with his big dimpled smile. I lifted my eyebrow at him. "He's my security man." Harry stated.
I looked at the big muscled man with pleased eyes, "So you really take care of him?"
Dale nodded then smirked, "Aren't you going to ask me to take good care of your baby?"
I shook my head, "Nope." Everyone looked a bit shocked. "He's made it this far with you and you know how to do your job. I'm not going to tell you how to do it." Harry kissed my temple gently.
"Okay, Harry, get your shit and get it into the car so we can go." Paul instructed. Harry looked at Paul with pleading eyes. Paul held his ground, "Now Harry, we have a flight to catch. You knew today was coming." Harry nodded sadly and released me. As I turned to follow him, I was stopped by Paul and Dale. "Anything you'd like to ask of us?" Paul inquired. I looked over at Harry for a moment then back at the men. I nodded slowly.
"What is it?" Dale smirked once more.
"Will you make sure he shaves? And please for the love of Pete, make him wash his hair." I pleaded. The men laughed loudly. "One more thing?" I inquired as they quieted. They looked at me with curious eyes. "Take care of my baby?" I asked meekly.
"Of course." Dale smiled before hugging me in a friendly manner. In the next moment, Harry was pulling me from Dale's arms. It was quite cute the way Harry looked at Dale. He looked almost jealous. Dale and Paul let Harry lead me away from the rest of the group. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and pushed his forehead to mine.
"I love you." He murmured tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.
"I love you." I smiled as he brushed his fingers against my jaw. He stared at me intensely, like he was trying to remember every inch of my face. "Harry, it'll be a month and a half at the most, everything will be fine." I assured him.
"I'm not going to be able to sleep without you." Harry informed me stroking my arm lightly. I looked up at him with hurt eyes. I didn't like that he was letting our goodbye turn sad. Harry smirked a bit, "I mean, who doesn't want to fall asleep on a pair of perfect boobs every night." I giggled and hit him in the chest gently. Harry laughed as well. "Come on, gimme a kiss so I can get the boys out of here." I stood on my toes and locked my lips with his. As I backed away, Harry smiled more, "Don't know how I am going to go without that everyday either."
I bit my lip and whispered, "I know what I am going to be thinking about when I'm in the shower." Harry turned red as his eyes flicked over to the rest of the men. No one was looking at us directly but they were watching us.
"Don't you start that." Harry chuckled poking my side gently.
"But it’s going to be a really long and hard separation." I smirked a bit. Harry shook his head, catching the words I had put more emphasis on. "I'll see you in a month. Go." I said pushing him toward the group.
Harry took my hand in his, "You should say goodbye to the boys." I agreed, knowing he just wanted me closer for a little bit longer.
"Are we ready?" Paul asked Harry. Harry nodded slowly. Paul shook my hand carefully, "It was nice to meet you. I'll see you on the road." I just smiled and nodded. Paul climbed into the car without another word. I said farewell to Dale next. It was just as formal as with Paul. I giggled when Liam popped in front of me holding his arms out for a hug.
"Harry, I need my hand, honey." I stated with an amused expression. Harry lifted his eyebrow at me. "I don't know about you but I am partial to full hugs and not one armed ones." Harry reluctantly released my hand. I hugged Liam tightly. He was a good boy: sensible and responsible but he knew how to have a good time. "Bye Liam. Have fun." I said as I released him.
"Good luck with your competitions." Liam stated with a genuine tone. I thanked him softly before he climbed into the car. I hugged Zayn for a moment longer than Liam. He wished me luck as well before jumping in after Liam. Niall held me tighter than Zayn did.
"Um, Niall, I can't breathe, sweetie." I laughed quietly.
Niall loosened his grip, "Sorry." He rubbed my back in a soothing manner, "We'll look after him for ya. Make sure he stays out of trouble."
"Thanks Niall." I laughed quietly before he climbed into the car. Louis stepped closer to me after Harry gave him a gentle shove. "Bye Louis." I said uncomfortably. I looked past Louis to Harry; his eyes were disappointed.
Louis hugged me loosely, "See ya, E." I let him get into the car without another word. Harry still looked a little upset as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders.
I pecked his lips gently, "Have fun."
"Of course." He gave me a cheeky smile. "Call me when you land. I wanna know you got back alright."
"Always." I replied quietly. HE requested the same thing of me when I left Ireland.
"And call as soon as you know anything about your pieces in the contests." Harry sounded worried.
"I promise I will call." I said trying to move him closer to the car. As much as I hated that we had to separate, I knew it needed to happen.
"And call when you've got your schedule figured out." Harry requested quietly.
I laughed softly, "Harry, baby, I promise I will. You have to go though. You're going to miss your flight." Harry nodded and climbed into the car. "I'll see you soon." I spoke assuring him as he sat down.
Harry gazed up at me, "I love you."
"I love you." I replied sweetly before closing the door. I took a step back from the car so they could pull away. I folded my arms over my chest, feeling sadness take over.
As the car started to move, I heard Harry yell, "Wait! I forgot something!" The driver slammed on the breaks. I dropped my arms as the door flung open.
"What? What did you forget?" I asked as Harry ran up to me.
"This." He pressed his mouth to mine passionately. I felt my knees go weak, making me lean against his chest. I felt my entire being coming undone as he buried his hands in my hair like I usually did to him. I whimpered quietly when his tongue brushed against mine lightly.
"Jesus Christ, Harry!" Paul shouted from the car. We ignored him. All I could really focus on was the way his mouth connected with mine. He was being so soft and gentle but his kiss was demanding as well. I struggled to catch my breath when Harry backed away slowly. I gazed into his eyes, feeling my stomach stir. I had the butterfly feeling all over again.
"I love you, Harry."
"I love you, Noli." With that he jumped back into the car with a big, cheesy grin on his face. Once he closed the door, the driver pulled away. I flopped onto the front steps of the villa, still reeling from his kiss. I began to laugh as I ran my hand through my hair. What in the hell had I gotten myself into?



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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morrison_hotel morrison_hotel