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Fool's Gold

Chapter 24

I sat down on the bed and held my face in my hands. The day had been overwhelming to me. I knew that there was something more between Harry and I than I wanted to admit when I pulled into the villa three days ago but I was faced with it at every turn today. The lovely people of the pottery shop kept talking about love to Harry and I, how we were in the city of love. Sabrina and her mother told me over and over that Harry looked at me with the adoring eyes of a man completely in love. I heard Sabrina's father speaking to Harry, telling him that it was good if Harry knew he loved me before I knew I loved him. I never heard a response from Harry but I don't think that I would've liked his answers no matter which side they were for.

I heard Harry moving about in the kitchen as I came down the stairs. He was singing along to the radio. It was a song I wasn't familiar with but I loved to hear him singing. I leaned against the door jam and gazed at Harry as he moved around the kitchen singing and dancing to the song. I giggled when he threw his hands up in the air and started to wave them around. I laughed loudly then quickly slapped my hand over my mouth. Harry looked at me startled. I bit my lip and rested my head against the door.
"Hey. Hungry?" He asked holding up a plate. I nodded and sat at the island. He placed a plate of pasta in front of me then one next to me. He turned off the stove then sat beside me at the island. "So, what do you want to do for the rest of the night?" Harry inquired.
I smiled, "I was thinking watch movies and make love on the living room floor."
Harry blushed a bit and gave a single nod, "Okay. I like that plan." I laughed softly and took a sip of my wine. "What do you want to do tomorrow?" Harry inquired.
I shrugged, "Let's do something that you want. WE spent the whole day doing what I like. We saw churches and art galleries and all of that kind of stuff, what do you wanna see here?"
Harry shrugged, "Dunno."
"We could do something musical. Venice is a mecca for art obviously; we could go to an opera or something?" I suggested. Harry looked at me like I was crazy. "Okay, that was something I thought would be fun." Harry and I both laughed. "You like football, right?" I inquired. Harry nodded. "We could go to a football game. I think it could be fun?" I tried again.
He shook his head, "Team's not any good."
I threw my hands up, "I don't know then!"
Harry laughed, "Baby, we met in an art gallery. I like art. I don't mind going to all of the places you like. We're in a place that is known for art. What kind of people would we be if we didn't over indulge on the artistic side of the city?" I lifted my eyebrow at him. "Before you even ask, I am sure, Noli. I picked Italy for a reason."
"You are something else, do you know that?" I asked sipping my wine again.
He smirked, "I've been told that before, yes." I took another sip of my wine. "Hey slow down on that. I want you easy, not drunk." Harry teased.
I rolled my eyes and set my wine glass down, “Ever the wordsmith, aren’t you, love?” Harry gave me his cheeky smirk. I shook my head. He could be such a goof.

Harry and I sat on the sofa curled under a blanket watching a movie. I was surprised by how much I liked the mundane, almost cliché activity. Harry gently pulled my hair through his fingers and kissed my forehead. I leaned into his bare chest and kissed his skin lightly. Harry hummed softly and pulled me into his lap. He laid down and let my legs slide between his. I pressed my cheek to his chest and held his sides, lightly stroking his hips with my thumbs.
"Are you even watching this movie?" Harry chuckled when he noticed my eyes were closed. I giggled and shook my head. "Do you want to watch something else?" He asked.
"I wanna snuggle and kiss in bed." I whispered. Harry chuckled and shifted me off of his body. I stared up at him as he held his hand out to me. I slid my hand into his and stood as well. I followed him to the staircase then released his hand and ran up the stairs. I heard Harry laughing as he ran after me. I burst into the bedroom and jumped on the bed.
"Enola, lie down." Harry laughed climbing onto the bed. I smirked and shook my head. "Noli, come on, baby." Harry whined. I bit my lip and gripped the first button on the button down shirt I had taken from his suitcase. Harry leaned back against the pillows with a smirk. I began unbuttoning the shirt slowly. Harry watched every movement I made with intense eyes. I straddled his thighs as I reached for the last button. Harry's eyes lit up a bit as I let the smooth fabric fall off my shoulders. I smirked and pulled the tails of the shirt around me tightly to hide my breasts from him. I let the shirt fall to the middle of my back as I peered into Harry's excited and hungry eyes. Harry placed his hands over mine and pulled the shirt away from my naked chest. He laid a single soft kiss on each of my breasts before meshing his mouth to mine. I rested my hands on his neck and lightly locked and unlocked our lips.
"Make love to me." I breathed against his lips. He removed the shirt from my body then flipped me onto my back. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer.

I woke to the sound of Harry's voice in the distance. I sat up a bit and looked around the room. He wasn't in bed with me. I collapsed onto the bed again. I pulled the blanket around my chest a bit tighter. I smiled when I thought of the night before, the reason I was waking so late. Harry had gotten extremely playful while making love. He was the only man I had ever met that could crack a joke during sex and still manage to be sexy. My mind wandered to the extremely late night/ early morning conversations we had and the sex that came after. I grunted quietly as I sat up again. I got out of bed to avoid thinking of the way Harry had a defined shift in mood while we were making love. I walked down to the living room to see Harry sitting on the sofa on the phone. He was laughing and his face was red.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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