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Fool's Gold


Harry was late. He'd been late almost every day for about two weeks. There were a few days that Liam or I had to go get him out of his hotel room or off the tour bus. I checked my watch: almost an hour late. He seemed to be doing better the night before when I put him in his hotel room.
Liam sighed and looked at me, "We're going to have to drag him out again." I nodded and stood from my chair. I hated seeing him so torn up. Harry was so in love with Enola. He still was. Probably why it hurt the way it did. As Liam reached for the door, it swung open toward him.
"Harry! Better late than never!" Julian cheered as he entered the room. I noticed something different about him, the way he was carrying himself. I watched him closely when I noticed a notebook in his hand. Everyone else seemed to notice his change in demeanor as well. "Harry? Buddy, you alright?" Julian asked with genuine concern.
"I'm sorry I'm late but I had an idea." Harry stated throwing the notebook down in front of Julian. Julian picked up the notebook and started to read what Harry had written. Julian's eyes went wide as he read over the paper.
"Do you have music?" Julian inquired quietly.
Harry shrugged, "I have the melody."
"Do you wanna try singing it? See where it goes with the other boys?" Julian asked. Harry nodded slowly. "Get in the booth." Julian instructed. Harry didn't say a word. He went right into the booth and put on the headphones. "Harry, where do you want to start?" Julian asked over the intercom.
"Beginning is fine." Harry replied flatly.
"Alright. When you're ready, man." Julian stated calmly. Harry nodded and inhaled deeply. Julian looked over at the rest of us with intense eyes. Harry motioned to tell Julian he was ready. Julian gave a thumbs up and hit the record button.
Harry began singing, "I'm the first to admit that I'm reckless. I get lost in your beauty and I can't see two feet in front of me." My heart felt heavy. Enola. He was writing about her. At least he was trying to move on. "And I know in my heart, you're just a moving part." Harry sang lowly. I frowned deeply. "And yeah, I let you use me from the day that we first met. But I'm not done yet, falling for your fool's gold. And I knew that you turned it on for everyone you met. But I don't regret falling for your fool's gold." I looked over at the other boys. We all felt for him. He'd never felt the way he did for Enola before. Zayn hit me gently then motioned to Harry in the booth. He was ready to burst into tears. My heart broke for him as he sang, "Yeah, I know you're love's not real. But that's not the way it feels." His voice broke, "That's not the way you feel." Liam put his hand on my shoulder and grabbed his heart. Harry began with the chorus again, "And yes I let you use me from the day that we first met. But I'm not done yet falling for your fool's gold. And I knew that you turned it on for everyone you met. But I don't regret falling for your fool's gold." Harry ripped the headphones from his head and turned his back. Julian hit the stop record button.
"Maybe someone should go in there." Julian seemed unsure of his statement. I nodded and motioned for the boys to follow me in. Once we walked in, Harry refused to look at any of us.
"Come on, man." Niall said touching Harry's arm lightly. Harry ripped his arm away. I sighed heavily. Another temper tantrum, Enola found them endearing and I never understood why. But I really couldn't hold it against him. He was bruised...no, broken. He had shattered the moment she walked out.
"Harry." I nearly whispered stepping closer to him. Harry quickly moved his hair so I couldn't see his face. "Come on." I spoke like I would to my upset sisters. I pulled him to me, wrapping my arms around his shoulders. As I hugged him, he broke down. I could only hug him tighter.
"It's okay, Harry. We're all here for you." Liam stated, trying hold back his own tears. Liam placed his hand on Harry's back as did Niall. Zayn gripped Harry's shoulder tightly.
"It's all good man. We love you." Zayn assured Harry. Harry pulled away from me and wiped his face quickly.
I gripped Harry's opposite shoulder in encouragement, "You'll get through this. I promise."
Harry shook his head, "She was my once in a lifetime." Just then my phone rang. I looked at the screen with fearful eyes. Niall leaned over and looked as well. He urged me to answer it. I sighed heavily and answered even though Harry was standing right in front of me,
"Hello love." I said brightly.
"Louis, I need to see you and Niall." Enola wept quietly.
"I think that's a good idea. When and where?" I asked her without giving anything away to Harry. I didn't want him to know that Niall and I had still been contacting her. Enola gave me an address and told me to be there with Niall when we were out of the studio. I agreed.

Niall and I walked up to the front door of the house Enola requested we meet her at. I knocked on the door nervously. I was unsure of what she wanted and I was not familiar with the house. After a few moments, the door opened. I walked in with Niall to see Enola standing behind the door with vacant, blood shot eyes. Enola wrapped her arms around herself as Niall closed the front door. I frowned a bit seeing that she was wrapped up in a flannel that Harry had probably left in her studio. She had it buttoned all the way up and the sleeves were falling past her hands. She looked as broken as he did.
"E, what's going on?" I asked with all of the concern I had. She motioned for Niall and I to follow her. Niall and I glanced at each other curiously but did as Enola asked.
"You said you had something you wanted to talk about as well?" Enola's voice was hoarse as she slowly settled herself into a chair. Niall just nodded. "Maybe you should go first." She murmured, her voice breaking again.
"We actually want you to listen to something." Niall informed her pulling his phone from his pocket. She just stared at us blankly. "Harry wrote it and we started working on it today. We really think you need to hear it." Niall elaborated. Enola pulled Harry's shirt around herself tighter. Niall hit the play button on his phone. The quiet room filled with the music that we had started creating earlier. Enola sat silently, letting the music flow through her. Enola closed her eyes and winced as the chorus began. It was tearing her apart. Hearing that Harry didn't believe that she loved him. I could tell from the expression on her face that she was about to lose it.
Zayn's voice came through, "And I know your love's not real. But that's not the way it feels."
"Please, stop it." Enola muttered holding her hand up. Niall did as asked. Her eyes stayed closed for a few minutes longer. She was trying to hold back the tears that were filling her eyes. She wanted to break down like Harry had, but she wasn't going to.
"You needed to see us. It sounded dire." I said trying to take her mind off the song. She stood and went to the table at the other end of the room. She came back to Niall and I with a sheet of paper in her hand. She laid it on the coffee table in front of us then returned to the chair. My heart almost stopped as I turned my eyes up to Niall. He looked absolutely shocked and upset. "Enola, you've got to be joking." I grumbled. She shook her head and tucked her hair behind her ear, a tear slipping down her cheek.


....or is it?



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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