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Fool's Gold

Chapter 111

She's going to leave him. She's going to tell me that last night she left Charles. She was going to admit that she left his sorry, abusive ass sitting in the home they shared bawling like a baby. There was no way that she would leave me. Enola loved me with every fiber of her being. But as I stared into her eyes, something within them changed. I saw the light that I had fallen in love with turn out. What was she going to say to me? Was she going to tell me that he wouldn't give her the divorce that she wanted?
Enola took a few steps closer to me and held my face in her hands. Her face appeared so sad even though she was with me and Charles knew about us. She should be happy. We could be together . She pressed her forehead to mine and took a deep breath. What the fuck was about to happen? Please just say you love me. Say you love me and that you were wrong to wait so long. Please.
"You are a beautiful man, inside and out. You have so much love to give the world. And I hope you meet someone who can see the love that you've shown me, even if it's just a fraction of it. I hope you find so much happiness in this life Harry Styles." Enola spoke softly to me. I grabbed her wrists quickly. Don't you dare. Don't you do this. My heart started to pound in my chest. She wouldn't. She never would. "I'm sorry. I can't love you the way that you want me to." She whispered.
I couldn't breathe. She said it. I couldn't believe she fucking said it. She loved me. I knew she did. I'd never felt anything like what I felt with her. But she spoke the words with such ease that I started to question it. Was she just a talented actress? Did she ever really love me? She had to. She wouldn't have stayed as long as she did had she not. What was happening? Was she really going to let me dump her? Was she going to walk away from me for real? I didn't even try to fight the tears. I started to cry. She needed to know I was hurting. I was just hoping me saying what I did would force her to leave her husband. Not me. I never thought she'd leave me.
"Goodbye, Harry." As she looked at me I saw the love in her eyes but she was determined to walk out. She didn't love me, not enough to leave Charles. She turned her back on me, pausing before opening the door. I felt like I was drowning. Do something, Harry. Make her stay. Take it back. Tell her you can wait longer. DO ANYTHING. I was screaming at myself but I was in such shock that I couldn't move. Within another moment, she walked out the room. She closed the door carefully. I fell to my knees. A sob escaped my mouth. I heard her name just outside the door. Niall. He would make her stay.
Louis burst into my room. That's when I knew she was gone. I sagged forward even more. My forehead resting on the floor. I felt the carpet against my head and between my fingers as I gripped it tightly, trying no to lose control completely. Louis pulled me close as he knelt beside me. Louis rubbed my back to soothe me but it didn't work. He was doing it that way Enola always did. That slow, lazy motion that she created with the lightest of touches. Everyone knew how much I loved when she would try to soothe me that way. I hated Louis for trying to help me with the things that she did. She was the reason I was a mess on the hotel room floor. As I sobbed uncontrollably, Louis didn't say a word. He just sat there. Holding me.

What the fuck had I done? I scolded myself. I had to fix this. I pushed Louis off of me as I jumped up from the floor. I wasn't going to let her go. I was going to stop her from leaving. I didn't care about the paparazzi. I would get down on my hands and knees in front of everyone and beg. I didn't care about how much longer I had to wait before she divorced. I didn't care. I needed her.
"HARRY! Harry, what are you doing?" Louis called after me. He sounded worried and nervous. He probably thought I was going to do something massively stupid.
"I can't let her go!" My voice broke as I ran out of the room. I heard everyone yelling my name as I ran toward the lift. I wasn't letting her get away. This was just an argument. Something I could apologize for and then make love to her like it never happened. Even though she hated when I did that. When I jumped right to the apology and making up because I couldn't stand to fight anymore.
"Harry, come on. Stop!" Dale shouted at me. This was one time when he wasn't going to catch me. I had to get to her. I couldn't let it be too late.

As I got to the main level, I rushed out of the lift. I apologized to the people waiting to get on as I ran past them. Once again, I heard people yelling my name. I turned my head for a moment; Paul, Dale and Preston were chasing me down. When I reached the lobby, I looked around for Enola frantically. Where was she? Surely I hadn't been crying on Louis for that long. I moved to take another step when I felt Dale's arms around my body. He was holding my arms at my sides.
"DALE! LET GO!" I shrieked. He was keeping me from her. I had to get to her in time. "Dale!" I cried. "Let me go!" I struggled to get out of his grip, kicking my legs and trying to flail my arms, but he held me like a vice.
"She's gone, Haz. Paul put her in a taxi already. She's gone." Dale whispered soothingly. I could feel his breath on my skin, the texture of his shirt on my back, the muscles within his arms. She left.
"NO!" I sobbed. I almost fell to my knees. I would've had Dale not been restraining me. Dale quickly turned me so he was hugging me. The moment I felt the realness of his embrace another sob erupted from within me; it sounded like a scream to my own ears. That's what I felt like doing. The pain tearing through me was too much to handle.
"It's okay, Harry. It'll be alright, lad." Dale said trying to comfort me. I just held onto him as tightly as I could. My hands gripped and twisted his shirt as though it would ease the pain that devoured me. I choked on my own breath as another massive sob wracked my body. Dale just held me tighter. I felt like I was falling apart. She was gone. The love of my life was gone and it was all my fault.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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