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Fool's Gold

Chapter 100

Breathe, Enola. Just keep breathing. I instructed myself as Charles and I walked to our seats for the show. I had been having a massive panic attack for most of the day. I had to leave Harry early so I could get ready for the show before Charles got home from work. I hated lying to Harry about who was bringing me out. I told him I was going with a friend that I couldn't tell about our relationship because they got the tickets as a gift. He was very understanding but he thought the friend was female and not my husband.
"You look so hott in that dress." Charles whispered in my ear huskily. I blushed. I knew what the tone he used meant. When we got back to the house, he was going to do with me what he wanted. I was repulsed and embarrassed. I looked around to see who I knew on the crew. I frowned when I spotted a guy that I regularly spent time with while waiting for Harry. He frowned when he saw me as well. I shook my head and bowed my eyes. I hated the gnawing feeling in my stomach. The guy walked off stage after another moment. I sat down beside Charles in the small seat. He put his arm over my shoulders and pulled me close. I was thankful when his phone started to ring. He sighed heavily and answered. It was work of course. I sat silently while he argued with whomever he was speaking to. I then heard my own phone ring. I picked it up and saw that it was Harry: Dave said he just saw you. Meet me in the back corridor. I smiled and sent a text back telling him I would be there as soon as I could.
"Charlie, honey." I said patting his leg gently. He looked at me questioningly. "I have to use the ladies room. I'll be back soon." Charles nodded and let me leave his side.
I raced back to where Harry wanted me to meet him. I smiled at the security man when I reached the gate.
"Hey E." He chuckled. "Dale said that Harry is waiting for you in the second to last hall on the left." He informed me as he let me in the gate. I thanked him sweetly then continued my sprint to Harry. It only took me a few minutes to find Harry. He was waiting against the wall with his arms folded, looking almost sad.
"Harry!" I shouted running toward him. Harry's head lifted up and he smiled brightly at me. I jumped into his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his hips. He held me up with a strong grip around my waist. "Hi." I beamed at him. Harry kissed me with passion. I giggled into his mouth, "Bear, it's been a couple of hours."
"But I missed you all the same." Harry replied sweetly. I shook my head and pressed my lips to his lightly. Harry set me down on my own feet after a moment. "You look absolutely gorgeous." Harry was still grinning as he spun me around to see the floral dress that he had chosen for me earlier in the week. Once I was facing him again, I leaned against his chest and wound my arms around his neck again. I couldn't help but be all smiles in his arms. We were so close to never having to hide ever again. "Who are you here with? You never told me her name." My heart dropped as did my face. "Noli. What's with the look? I just want to know her name." Harry laughed. I frowned and shook my head. "Noli?" Harry was worried now.
"If I tell you who is here with me, you have to promise you won't get mad." I spoke softly. Harry quickly pulled me into the long hall where we couldn't be seen by anyone and knew we were completely alone.
"Enola. Tell me who you're with." Harry was upset now. I could see it in his eyes and it was evident in the way he was speaking.
I inhaled deeply, "Charles." Harry's eyes showed the fire that lit within him. "Please don't be angry. Please." I begged. "When he handed me the tickets, I was going to bring Katy. But he said the only way I could be here was if he brought me. Katy tried to talk him out of it in a million different ways almost every night but he wouldn't budge." Harry just stared at me with angry eyes. "I'm sorry, baby." I murmured, trying not to cry. Harry meshed his mouth to mine with fervor. "I'm sorry, Harry." I repeated as his kiss became more heated. I wrapped myself around him completely as he pinned me against the wall. "Baby, say something. Talk to me." I pleaded when he moved his lips over my jaw. Harry backed away a little and smirked. I was nervous to hear what he was thinking.
"Did he tell you that you're beautiful tonight?" Harry inquired softly. I shook my head. "What did he say to you?"
"He told me that I looked really hott in this dress." I replied. Harry kissed me again, this time, there was something else in his kiss.
"Does he know that this dress is for me?" Harry was still smirking. I shook my head and bit my lip as Harry's hand slid up my thigh, under my dress. "Does he know you're back here with me?" Harry asked hotly against the skin of my neck. I shook my head again when his hand traveled to the now heating place between my thighs. I gasped when he pushed my panties aside. "Do you think he'll ever guess that I am going to make love to you while you're wearing this dress?" I bit my lip harder, almost drawing blood because of the deepness of his voice and the laziness with which he caressed me. Harry then kissed me hard, pushing me against the wall even more.

I clung to Harry with limp arms and legs as his body sagged against mine. We both laughed quietly feeling the rush of our lovemaking still. Harry lifted his head from my shoulder and kissed me sweetly and slowly. My feet finally hit the floor after a few more moments with Harry still kissing me tenderly. I smiled at him when he backed away.
"Are you going to stay with me tonight?" Harry inquired softly. I had stayed with him for two nights. Charles ended up working really late so I said I was at my studio. I shrugged. Harry frowned, "I'd like it if you would stay with me tonight. I missed you last night and the night before."
"I'll try. He's in a weird mood and I'm not sure what I will be able to do." I stated honestly. Harry nodded sadly. "But I'll call you as soon as I know. And if I can't come to you, I'll call to say goodnight." I smiled, trying to make the best of the situation. Harry nodded and pressed his lips against mine. We were brought out of our intimate moment by the sound of my phone ringing. I sighed and bent over to pick it up. I jumped as I reached for my purse. I looked back at a smirking Harry. He's slapped my rear playfully. I checked my phone after standing again. "It's Charles. He wants to know what's taking me so long."
Harry handed me my panties, "I'll see you when I come out." I quickly redressed myself then leaned against Harry.
"You promise you'll behave? You won't say or do anything to anger him?" I asked quietly.
Harry shook his head, "No way. If I act up, so will he. I want you to be safe." I smiled brightly at him once again. "Just remember though. I'm singing to you." Harry then pushed me off toward the exit of the hall.
"I love you, Bear."
"I love you, Noli." Harry grinned and shooed me off.

I returned to Charles just as the opening act came out. He kissed my cheek gently as I took my place beside him.
"What took you so long, Kitten?" He sounded worried.
"There was a terribly long line for the restroom and two stalls were out of order." I lied gracefully. "You'd think that they'd have that fixed what with all of the people that showed up tonight." Charles nodded, looking angry as always. "What? What's with the face?" I laughed.
"Want me to yell? I can find who is in charge and yell." He offered.
I shook my head, still laughing, "No. It's fine. I was just making on observation." Charles nodded once again. I smiled at him, "Thank you though, honey." Charles kissed the side of my head hard. "I'm excited for this. Thank you for bringing me."
Charles pecked my lips lightly, "You're welcome kitten."
I tried to contain my excitement when I saw Louis and Liam walk out on stage. Zayn and Niall weren't far behind. Behind them, it was Harry. I had told him where Charles and I were going to be, so his eyes scanned for me almost immeadiately. I smiled brightly when his eyes landed on my face. He blew a kiss at me. I smirked a bit and tried to hide it from Charles.
"Hey, come here." Charles whispered to me. He took my hand and pulled me in front of him. "There. Now you can see everything." Charles smiled against my cheek as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I looked up to see the fury within Harry's eyes. I smiled weakly up at Harry and mouthed that I loved him. Harry smiled back at me the best that he could. "That boy looks nervous. Like he's never been on a stage before." Charles whispered to me about Harry.
I looked back at Charles, "He's the one that's a bit shy." Charles nodded, believing my explination.


hmmm, interesting. Do you think Charles knows? Is he trying to use the concert as a bargaining chip with his obviously distant wife? Is he just trying to be nice?

I would like to know what you guys are thinking.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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