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I need you

Chapter 2

I watched as Niall slammed the door, his once electrifying blue orbs were now dark and fuming. Before i could say anything he started.

"Abbie...." he trailed off and grabbed my hands. I gave him a questioning look but he cut me off.

"Abbie, since we are best friends, i care for you very much and after seeing the way that guy looked at you and treated you today, i want to make you a promise. Every time i see you crying, my heart breaks. I love seeing you smile, i love seeing you happy but pricks like him are the ones stopping you being like that. I promise you that i am going to try my hardest to keep them jerks away from you and stop them hurting you and playing around with your heart like it's a game.Playing with a girls heart is defiantly not a game, if they want to play a game they can go play fucking monoply or something but they are defiantly not going to play with my beautiful best friends's heart. I promise that" niall says with a smile.

I just stared into his beautiful big blue eyes.I am so grateful that I have Niall as a best friend. Every girl deserves to here that. I smiled widely and squeezed Niall's hand. He smiled back at me and pulled me in for a hug. My head was in the crook of his neck and his fingertips were making shapes over my back. "Thank you Niall" i whispered.


After our heart to heart it was movie time. Dammit, i really hate, i mean HATE scary movies, they scare the absolute shit out of me. I can't sleep for nights, its quite horrible. Niall is my best friend and best friends are supposed to be nice to each other but noooo, Niall makes me sit down and watch a scary movie. While i am sitting on the couch thinking how the hell am i going to sleep tonight, Niall is in the kitchen making popcorn, mother of jebus hopefully my kitchen wont be burned down by the time he is finished. You see, Niall loves his food but he can't cook for shit. Sucks to be him! Niall sets down the popcorn on the table in front of us. 1 bowl for me and 2 for him. Pfft, typical. Niall looks at me and shoves a handful of popcorn in his mouth.

"sooo you ready for this movie." I was about to answer "No" but he already clicked play.


OMG SOMEONE HELP ME. It was only half way through the movie and i have already screamed several times. Right now i am latched onto Niall's arm and pretty much in his lap. I looked at Niall who seemed to be enjoying the movie, ugh, lucky him. My heart is going to explode soon. Just as i thought things couldn't get any worse the chick was being possessed and having a spaz. I screamed louder than before and jumped sending popcorn flying through the air. Niall quickly reacted and yelled " Noooooooo" and diving to the floor opening his mouth trying to catch popcorn. He pretended to cry as he only saved 2 pieces. Gosh why i am friends with this loser. I got on my knees and sat next to him on the floor.

"Oh niall, it's okay, YOU can get though this, you are Strong independent Irish man. YOU WILL LIVE THOUGH THISSS!" I said while rubbing his back.

Niall cracked up and rolling around on the floor clutching his stomach trying to breathe.relasing his famous horan laugh. He abruptly stopped and faced me.

" Abbie, will you pleeeaseee make me some more popcorn cause you loveee meee" he said. Pinching my cheeks.

" Ugh fineee."


It was around 6:30pm and i asked Niall to stay over since its been a while since we have had a sleepover and i didn't want to be lonely after the scary movie. I started making dinner and then Niall came up behind me and hugged me around the waist. He sat his head on my shoulder. " do you think i could invite the lads over?" I thought about it, i have met the lads yes one direction *fan girls* we are all good friends. I must say they all have voices like angels including Niall and also they are all good looking. I loved all their company they are all great fun to hang out with oh and their girlfriends are my bestfriends. We are pretty much a big family. " sure" i say turning around and facing Niall. "Cool, i'll give them a ring now" he said smiling and raced off to ring them.


Yupp i did
Love it :) You should put up a cover though :) It'll attract more people :D
glad you like it x
phenominiall phenominiall
I really like it.it was funny he slammed the door in his face.lol:p update soon
Niallergirl586 Niallergirl586