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I need you

Chapter 1

I stared at the celing motionless. Another relationship down the drain. Why don't i have an luck with love? Alex, was perfect o thought he was the one. I thought he would be the one i would grow up with and live happily ever after but no that's not how it ended. I decided to stop drowning myself in my own through and head downstairs. I made my way down to the kitchen to get myself some chips as i was feeling hungry. I sat on the couch and turned on the tv, aimlessly flipping through channels. I stopped on gossip girl and decided to watch it for a while but it was an episode i've already seen so i ditched if after 5 minutes . I decided to give niall a ring and ask if he was able to come over. It rang twice until i heard a thick irish accent.

" hello abbie" i smiled instantly just by hearing his voice.

"hey nialler, you busy?"

"nope but if i was i would of made time for you" i giggled.

"oh niall arn't you a sweet heart" i said dramatically.

"i try, i try. Anyway i'll be over in 5, see you love" he said

"bye" i relplied.


I heard a knock on the door and ran to answer it.

" hey niall!" i greeted him with a huge bear hug with my head against his chest.

"hey abs, how have you been?"

" oh i have been alright getting better slowly" i say trying to sound positive.
He smiled weakly in return. " oh that's good"

" so what you wanna do niaaalllerrr" i emphsise.

" how about we watch a movie" he suggests.

" sure what movie?"

" um how about something scary" he replied by winking.

Oh dammit i knew he would pick something scary cause he knows i hate scary movies.

" niaaallll" i whined. He smirked

" oh come on emma you have me to cuddle with" he says with a smile.

I thought about it for a second " oh fine " i said, finally giving in.

He smiled widely and started doing a silly dance. "wow niall you out gayed yourself" i said purposely quoting Mean Girls cause it is my favourite movie ever! He rolled his eyes and went to go pick a scary movie. While he was picking a movie i went to order some pizza. I walked back in the lounge room.

" so niall what did you pick?"

" i picked the exorcist" he responded.

" oh.." i replied fear obviously noticeable in my voice.

" aw is my little abbie wabbie scared" he cooed.

" n-no" i stammered and crossed my arms.

He laughed and tackled me onto the couch and started tickling me.

" n-n-iall s-s-t-o-o-p i said through breathes as i laughed untrollably.

He finally stopped but had his hands on my waist and pinned me down on the couch. I tried getting out of his grasp but he was too strong. I smirked to myself and thought maybe i shall do a little teasing. I ran my fingers down his bi ceps and squeezed them lightly " niall have you been working out" i said seductivly. I grabbed his chin and brought my lips near his ear and whispered lightly " i think thats hot" " he breathed out shakling and loosened his grip unknowingly. Success! i took the chance and pushed him off and started running around " HAHA LOSER" i shouted. " hey!" niall said while quickly running after me. Niall almost caught me but the sound of knock on the door distrupted us. Yay the pizza is here. I walked to the door and being the klutz i am i stumbled and tripped. Niall's laughed ringed through my ears as i dusted myself off and let out a huff. I answered the door and revealed a quite cute pizza guy. He had spiky brown hair with light green eyes. But there was something about him i couldn't put my finger on, it wasn't a good thing. Something that made me feel uncomfortable.

"Hi" he greeted with a smirk while his eyes roamed down my body. I was wearing a tank top and ripped short shorts. I coughed lightly which brought his gaze back up to my eyes.

" erm hi, how much is the pizza?" Niall joined me and stood next to me while i gave this guy his money. Once the pizza guy saw Niall's presence he gave him a dirty look.

Nialls POV

Seriously! This guy, what the hell. I was sitting on the couch watching Abbie paying the pizza guy. Oh and yes i saw him shamelessly checking her out and trying to flirt with her and yes i said trying cause abbie totally rejected him HA! Idiot. I thought i'd join her to make this guy leave her alone. She already has enough troubles, she doesn't need another one. I went to stand next to her and he gave me a dirty look. " oh shit i am $2 short i'll quickly grab it" said abbie. Even though Abbie and I are best friends i must say she is pretty fit and is absolutely beautiful, uhh in a friendly way of course. As i watched her walk away i saw this pizza guy checking her out.

" uh man i'd appreciate if you would stop" i said sternly. He smirked at me

" oh sorry not my fault your friend is fucking hot" he said with a sick grin.

My blood boiled, guys like him is the one that is constantly breaking her heart but no i am not going to let this happen. Just as i was about to say something nasty, Abbie arrived and gave him his $2 dollars and he handed her the pizza and i quickly slammed the door in his face.


Hey everyone, this is my first fanfiction so hopefully it's going alright so far :) x


Yupp i did
Love it :) You should put up a cover though :) It'll attract more people :D
glad you like it x
phenominiall phenominiall
I really like it.it was funny he slammed the door in his face.lol:p update soon
Niallergirl586 Niallergirl586