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One direction imagines

Personal Liam Imagine

Imagine you and Liam taking a stroll in the park.

You were walking with Liam your best mate, always been there to lend you a shoulder to cry on as you talk about the subject.

‘’You shouldn’t trust those lads so quickly, Amanda.’’ Liam states as a matter of fact as he pulls you into him as you walk, the weather was a bit chilly in England but the closeness from Liam kept you warm.

‘’I know Liam.’’ You roll your eyes at him hating when he started to scold you like he was your dad, ‘’ I trusted him and I should have.’’ You just say looking up at him, Liam was the sweetest guy and any girl would be lucky to have him. Somehow you just didn’t think anyone deserved him.

‘’I just don’t want you to get hurt.’’ Liam replies.

You both walk in an awkwardly silence, when you break it’’ Have you seen the rumor about you and me dating!’’
You laugh putting some pressure on the dating part. It was true you had seen some rumor swirling around the internet with pictures of you and Liam. People assumed you two were an item.

You never really thought about Liam as boyfriend material or well you did before him and the band was that famous, but you didn’t want to be a bother or ruin the friendship you and Liam shared.

Then he started to date Danielle and you were happy for him, right? Or at least that’s how you tried to convince yourself.

Then Danielle and he broke up and you weirdly enough felt a bit happy? Was you a bad friend?
And now you and Liam was here.

‘’We are just friends.’’ You laugh once again shaking your thoughts off your shoulder, ‘’ Just friends’’ Liam mutters back pressing some pressure on the just.

You stop seeing the frown on Liams face cocking your head to the side.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ You ask confused when he says something that changes everything.

‘’I love you.’’ He takes a deep breath before continuing, ‘’always have and always will.’’

You froze did he just confess his love for you?

‘’I wish we could make those rumors reality.’’ He finishes as he pull down to kiss you.

That’s when you realize you were in love with your best friend you smile standing on your toes to meet his kiss.


Here's a personal one requested by @Amanda horan, If you want me to write about one of the boys or make you a personal one then request it in the comments or write to me on message!:D

If you want a personal on just tell me your name, and if you want it to be dirty or not.

Here you go @Amanda horan


Name- Katie
Boy- Harry and Zayn threesome if you can
What- Dirty
Thanks if you cant do a threesome then just a dirty harry

Do you mind doing a dirty one, for me and Harry, and my name is Andrea. :) please.
Zayn Malik Dirty One?
My Name is Victoria c:
VikkiMalikk VikkiMalikk
i just got done reading chapter 19 on tainted rose and i love it!!! it sends me so many emotions!!! x) ill be happy and then mad and sad and then happy and ugh words cont explain i love the story i plan on finishing it tommrow but anyways can you please make me a imagine with niall all i ask is that its dirty x) and that we are in high school together and im shy so yea please message me if u need anything :)
Hello. I'm new. Can you please make me one? A Louis Tomlinson, Dirty? The name's Nicole. I just made a profile earlier. Thanks!
SisonLoves1D SisonLoves1D