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One direction imagines

Personal Niall Imagine

Imagine you and niall haven’t seen each other for long and you’re desperate for him

‘’Do we have to go?’’ You plead letting your eyes carelessly wander up and down of his body, damn he had worked out while you guys was a part and you were pretty much yearning for him.

‘’Yeh, the boys and their girlfriends will be there too.’’ He grins, removing his shirt to take another one on revealing his toned abs making you go absolutely crazy.

‘’I just wish we could stay home.’’ You whisper caressing his neck causing him to stiffen up a bit,

you smirk feeling you won when he gently kisses your forehead, ‘’I’ll drive’’ he gently states leaving you behind.

The dinner was boring you sat just thinking how you wish you were home alone with Niall, you poked your food nodding to something Eleanor was telling you laughing a little.

Making small talk, you would occasional make glances over to Niall watching him laugh at something the boys said.

Damn you just wanted to rip his clothes off right this moment, you would do so much with him. You get lost in your thoughts of Niall gazing out in space when a voice wakes you

‘’Chelsea?’’ Eleanor ask giggling waving a hand in front of you face, you quickly look down realizing that everyone was looking at you.

You cough awkwardly blushing, ‘’sorry can you say that again?’’ Eleanor starts explaining something about her finals when you see out of your eye Niall chuckling under his breath.


Here's a personal one requested by @Niall's_girl !!Xx, If you want me to write about one of the boys or make you a personal one then request it in the comments or write to me on message!:D

If you want a personal on just tell me your name, and if you want it to be dirty or not.

Here you go @Niall's_girl !!Xx


Name- Katie
Boy- Harry and Zayn threesome if you can
What- Dirty
Thanks if you cant do a threesome then just a dirty harry

Do you mind doing a dirty one, for me and Harry, and my name is Andrea. :) please.
Zayn Malik Dirty One?
My Name is Victoria c:
VikkiMalikk VikkiMalikk
i just got done reading chapter 19 on tainted rose and i love it!!! it sends me so many emotions!!! x) ill be happy and then mad and sad and then happy and ugh words cont explain i love the story i plan on finishing it tommrow but anyways can you please make me a imagine with niall all i ask is that its dirty x) and that we are in high school together and im shy so yea please message me if u need anything :)
Hello. I'm new. Can you please make me one? A Louis Tomlinson, Dirty? The name's Nicole. I just made a profile earlier. Thanks!
SisonLoves1D SisonLoves1D