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Another Direction

The Morning After

I woke up to morning light peering through the hotel room’s blinds and a deep, obnoxious snoring that I could recognize anywhere.

“Effin’ Louis,” I muttered, grabbing a pillow off the bed and chucking it in the general direction of the noise.

I heard it hit a body. Then heard an abrupt stop in the snoring. Then groggy mumbling.

“No, no, not my chihuahua!”

Then the sound of a freight train. No, wait, that was just Louis resuming his snoring after he’d talked in his sleep. I wondered if his sleep-talking habit was a result of his needing a cup of tea to go to bed. Plot twist: maybe our friend Ed Sheeran had written Little Things about Louis!

As I groaned to myself, I began to ponder as to why exactly I was hearing Louis’ snoring anyway. Since there were six of us, whenever we stayed in a hotel, two of us would share a room. I always shared with Liam, Zayn with Niall and then Louis with Harry, of course.

But if Louis was crashing in my room instead of his actual room, that could only mean one thing:

Harry had had a girl over in his room the night before.

I let out another groan as I pulled myself out of bed, knowing my alarm was going to go off soon anyway since we had a flight to catch that morning. And predictably, Louis was sprawled on the other double bed in the room, next to Liam, who stirred a bit when my bed squeaked as I got up.

“Where you going?” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes and looking absolutely adorable, even I had to admit.

“To get on Harry’s ass - not literally. I’m sure he had plenty of that last night.”

I motioned to Louis, and Liam immediately understood as he let out a huge yawn.

“Be careful going in there,” he said as he let his eyes close, probably determined to get ten more minutes of sleep before he had to get up. “Who knows what scary things you may see.”

And though I chuckled, I knew that deep down, he was dead serious.


Right as I approached Harry’s hotel room, a girl probably about my age was quietly sneaking out the door, covering herself with a large hoodie and not much else. She glanced down the other direction of the hallway as if making sure no one was coming, then jumped back in surprise when she saw me standing there. Immediately she turned bright red with shame, her eyes a little sad, as she scurried off before I could get in a word.

I frowned to myself as I walked up to the door. Though Harry did sometimes end up hooking up with girls who were...you know, kind of trampy, he also had a way of seducing the innocents. And I thought it was just the saddest things. Here were these girls who thought the world of Harry and then would probably never ever see him again after sharing such an intimate moment with him. And he was left completely unaffected by it, because it was just another girl. Meanwhile, the girl’s special experience ended up meaning not much, and I knew it would affect them for a long time - not in a good way, either.

Like, just saying, if you’re gonna be sticking anything in any part of me, then you better be calling me the next day...and for the rest of your life. But like I said, these girls were never going to hear from Harry again, and judging by the look on that girl’s face, I think she realized and regretted it.

Harry was a great guy. He really really was. But I don’t think he realized the effect his mass sleeping around had on girls.

With a sigh, I pulled out the card key that I had bummed off of him earlier in the week and slid it into the door. Immediately I covered my eyes with my hands, just in case, as I ventured deeply into the room. Then I opened my fingers up just a little bit to peak in.

There Harry was on his bed with all his bits fortunately covered up, so I felt safe in removing my hands. He was only wearing a pair of tight, boxer briefs though as he slept, but it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before.

I opened up a drawer of the dresser that the hotel provided, quickly located the Gideon’s Cross Bible that could be found in every hotel room. Then I threw it at Harry’s sleeping ass.

“SMH, HARRY!” I called out, smirking as he immediately jerked up - from my voice and the Bible hitting his back. “SMH!”

He thrashed around a bit before his head craned towards me. He looked sleepier than he usually did and a bit disoriented as he glanced to the Bible on the bed and then back to me.

“Shit, did you just throw a Bible at me?”

“Yeah, you should read through that thing,” I said as I walked towards the bed. “Then maybe you’ll stop breaking little girls’ hearts and hymens.”

Harry let out a snort of laughter, then stopped when he saw my glower.

“You can’t say ‘hymens’ and expect me to take you seriously, you know.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I dismissed, though I couldn’t help but grin just a little as I sat down at the edge of his bed. “Seriously, though. Can’t you keep it in your pants for one night? You go through girls like Niall goes through hair dye.”

“It’s like six in the morning,” he said with a groan. “Can we not talk about this?’

“I’m just worried about you,” I admitted. “I mean, I know you’re a horndog in general, but I can’t help but think this has something to do with Maude...”

He grimaced when I said the name of his ex, and I knew I had hit the right mark.

“Harry, I know it sucks,” I said sympathetically, running my fingers through his hair in a completely non-romantic way, but because I knew he found the gesture comforting and plus he had amazing hair. “But messing around with girls isn’t going to make you feel better. Maybe in the moment but when it’s all over...don’t you feel just as heartbroken as before? Besides, these girls come in here, wanting sex to mean something and you’re just treating them as a way to not think about your ex.”

Harry said nothing, but I knew he was thinking through my words. We sat there in silence for awhile, and it was nice. The morning was peaceful, and Harry and I could always exist so comfortably together, even if neither of us were talking.

Finally, he spoke up.

“I thought Maude and I really had something,” he admitted quietly. “But I can’t find a girl who I can really be with and commit to, you know?”

“Okay, first off, Maude wasn’t really a girl...” I started with a smirk. Even Harry had to laugh at that, though he did playfully punch me in the leg.

“And secondly, maybe you could find a good, decent girl who’d want to commit to you in the long run if you weren’t sticking your wee little pecker into everything you can,” I said cheekily, earning a glare out of him. “Seriously, though - no girl wants to actually seriously date a manwhore. So that’s half of your problem. Also maybe try dating a girl under the age of 30?”

“I guess you might have a point,” he said with a sigh. “About girls not wanting to seriously date a guy who gets around. Not about the age thing. Older women are beautiful.”

“Older women have given birth to boys your age.”

“Like you wouldn’t date Kate Winslet if given the chance!”

“Yeah, but I’m five years older than you!” Yeah, I was practically the boys’ babysitter, I know, I know. “It would not be nearly as strange.”

Harry scoffed, “Whatever. And say I do stop sleeping around so much - where’s this good, decent young girl that I’m supposed to date?”

“Sitting on the bed right next to you,” I joked with an exaggerated sultry tone as I waggled my eyebrows at him. Then I let out an offended squeal when he pretended to throw up as I slapped him across his bare back.

“OW!” he shouted with a pout. “That hurt!”

“So you know, the thought of getting with you is equally disgusting to me,” I shot at him. “But for real, though. I know plenty of great girls that I would introduce you to if you could keep it in your pants for more than five minutes at a time.”

He frowned, “Okay, I don’t have sex that much.”

I gave him a look.

“I don’t.”

I didn’t relent. He sighed exasperatedly.

“Okay, maybe I do. But okay, look, once we’re in America, I promise I won’t hook up with anyone...but only if you help me actually find a good girl that I can be in a relationship with. You know me. You know I rather have one girl who I can care for and treat right and really be with then all these girls every night. But it’s just hard when I don’t have that one girl.”

I couldn’t help but soften at his earnestness. Like I said, Harry was a great guy - just a little misguided at times, but we all were. I knew that when he was in a committed relationship, he had the capacity to be the sweetest guy. There was no doubt in my mind that he would treat a lady right.

“We’ll get you that girl,” I assured him. We shared a brief, genuine moment as we smiled warmly at each other. Then I ruined it as I hopped up from his bed and gave him a slap across his ass.

“Hey!” he said with a laugh as he sat up in the bed.

“As much as I love seeing you in those skimpy briefs, I’m gonna need you to get dressed so we can get the hell out of this gloomy country!”

“Hey, that’s my homeland you’re talking about!”

“Well, it’s time to go back to mine!” I said with a grin, heading towards the door so I could get back to my room to get ready myself. “Sunny California, here we come!”


A few hours later, we were at Heathrow Airport, sprawled out on various uncomfortable chairs as we waited for our flight to board. Liam and I were sitting next to each other, enjoying some crumpets as we finished up our routine morning Bible study. Liam didn’t really talk about it much, but I guess if there was one thing I did that was “controversial” as a celebrity, it wasn’t drug use or fights with other famous people, but talking and tweeting a lot about my faith. The other guys teased me a lot about it (all in good humor), but ultimately, we all respected each other, and I loved talking about it in a non-intrusive, non-judgmental way. Ultimately, it was all about love, right?

So Liam and I liked to start our day off with a good dose of positivity. And then we’d typically continue to make ourselves well-rounded by checking out the local and international news.

Unfortunately, just like any other girl, I did sometimes fall prey to the gossip sites. You’d think that being famous myself made me immune to it, but no, it was still just as addicting. Plus I had to keep tabs to see what kind of weird things Perez Hilton was saying about me and my boys this week.

“So OMG, tell me the latest juicy details!”

We all laughed as Louis commandeered the seat next to me, putting his hands on his cheek as he gave me his rapt attention and almost perfectly imitated the voice of a valley girl.

“Let’s see...” I scrolled through the website, trying to see if there was anything remotely interesting. Finally, I found a story that caused me to stop and raised an interested eyebrow. “Taylor Swift is apparently newly single.”

“DIBS!” Zayn and Niall called out at the same time before laughing. But really, all of our eyes traveled towards Harry, who just rolled his eyes in response, though I noticed a small smile was starting to poke through.

“Okay, we really don’t need Taylor writing a song about One Direction,” I said, shaking my head. “Though if she wants to write a song for us, I wouldn’t be opposed.”

“But what about the Kennedy she was dating?!” Louis questioned and the thing was, he seemed truly interested and invested. “She just bought a house next to him!”

Zayn and I exchanged looks before raising our eyebrows at Louis.

“How do you know that?!” Zayn asked incredulously.

As usual, Louis had no shame but instead shot a smirk at Harry, who had gone a little sheepish. They didn’t have to say anything for us to know that Harry had been paying some attention to Taylor Swift. The two of them had been talking very briefly several months ago, but then all contact had ceased completely (sans the occasional text, I believe) once she started dating her now ex-boyfriend.

Now that she was single again, perhaps Taylor could be that good girl that Harry needed. Not that I particularly trusted her, though, with her serial dating habits, plus her penchant for turning her relationships into hit songs. Besides, I actually had someone else in mind for Harry...


Please update

#93443 #93443
Please Update i looooove the story very original
Miss_nando Miss_nando
oh and i loooooove ur user name <3 <3 <3 <3
this is good stuff... but shes gotta know that bein gay is a sin... just like Kiyah said. im not givin hate, im just sayin. but this story is amazyayn! PLZ UPDATE!!!
this is good stuff... but shes gotta know that bein gay is a sin... just like Kiyah said. im not givin hate, im just sayin. but this story is amazyayn! PLZ UPDATE!!!