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Going Up?

Chapter 13

Naomi's P.O.V

I seriously have classes, I wasn't just saying that to Niall to get out of that situation...
So, I changed into this. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=90974003
It was comfy and I was ready to go. I knocked a but on City's open door but, it creaked and I saw that her bag was gone and so was she.
I felt my phone buzz in my hoodie's pocket. I opened to see that City has texted me.

City :"> : Went ahead, you took forever... texted Li to bring you to school. ;)

Just then , my phone buzzed again. It was Liam this time..

Liaaam : Houston, We have a problem. City just texted me that you needed a ride with me but, I already left with Lou and we're in school now. Texted the boys but, only Ni is available. Hope whatever bothered you this morning can be fixed later. Good luck! ;)

What is up with the winks? This is not the matter which I wanted to handle after heartbreak. Let alone with the person who broke it. For God's sake.. But, if it benefits with my grades and not getting late for school... the hell with it. I gotta man up and deal with this shit.
I grabbed my blueberry pop tart and my bag.
Went up to their apartment using the lift and when I got there, I didn't know what to do anymore.
I was so confident on the way here but, felt like a chicken when it came to the thing of facing him. God, What do I do?

Niall's P.O.V

I had no idea what to do, I just kissed her for the second time.
When she banged that door in my face, I started to remember with the tears stinging in my eyes as I nearly pulled my hair out when I was on my bed elbowing my knees to a pulp.
I didn't know why but, every time a flashback of last night came to my mind it just kept on getting worse. When I nearly closed the lift's door on her; when I sang with her in the elevator as we laughed and fooled around with good taste in music; when I screamed at my friends for accusing me of happiness (Which is pretty dumb now that I think about it...); when I nearly shouted at her when she was at the door; everything. Especially when I told her my story of broken-ness. The way she looked at me with sympathy but, something else with it... Love.
And when I grabbed her arm telling her to stay was when I screamed at my self when I realized that's when I kissed her.
How dumb was I to forget such a lovely thing? A lovely memory? I just hope it's not my last chance with a memory like that with her.

Suddenly, after all that madness. I managed to wash my face as my phone beeped beside me right beside the sink. I cleaned my hands with my towel and opened it to see a text from Li.

Daddy LiLi : Dude, I'm sorry to text you unexpectedly like this after what happened last night but, it's about Naomi.
My throat closed and I felt my tears about to stream as I read her name, that sentence wasn't the best sentence to start with as I read the next sentence.
Daddy LiLi : She needs a ride.
Phew. I thought it was Sam all over again. I wiped the tears that almost escaped and sat down on my bed.
Daddy LiLi : I saw her outside of your door crying just a few minutes ago, hope you can fix whatever it is wrong between you two. Please. Thanks, bro.

I then realized I would have to confront her about that and that's when I started to panic. I panicked for a bit then, started to panic while I dressed up.
I grabbed my phone and ran downstairs. I grabbed a chocolate pop tart and darted to the door.
But, when I opened the door. Naomi was there with her hand propped up like she was about to knock and her mouth kinda full of a.. pop tart too?
"Oh uhmm..." She mumbled with her mouth full, she quickly chewed then swallowed.
"Let's go?" I asked and grabbed the keys from the hook on my left.
"Yep." she nodded.


Sorry again.! Forgot that it was the weekend and I hope this kinda helps..? Kinda cliffhanger...?
Tell me what you think.


Please and thank you! Love you lots and stay perf! ;) <3



Holly_G_1D Holly_G_1D
I Love Your Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting Waiting
Sure, sure. No problemmm!

Yea same
Holly_G_1D Holly_G_1D
This is really good! Personally I prefer the first person writing though.