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Ice cream

Chapter 1

Rose's POV It was a normal day for me but what made it speacial was that it was Friday and my dad's death annaversiry.
I remember it like yesterday how i lost my family. My dad divorced my mom when i was 12. My mom got my custody. One year later she let her dipression get the best of her and she comited suside. My dad instantly took my costody. The woman he had married was very nice she treated me like her own daughter. Two years later when i was 15 my dad got lung cancer and died. My step mom was nice enough to keep me. She put me in a very posh bording school for good studies. But i still kept my distance from every one i never talked unless the teacher asked me something. But i was a topper. Two years later i came back to find that my beloved step-mom had passed away in a car accident. By then i was old enough. And my dad was a quite rich man he left all his treasure half to step-mom and half to me. But my step-mom left her half to me in her will.
I bought a decent and small,cozy house in London and instantly got scholarships in colleges.
Since then life has been the same and i have no friends. I just talk like mad to my teddy and dog, Lucifer.
I reverced my car from the college parking lot and drove to the nearest flower shop to get a bouquet of roses. Rose was my dad's favourite flower thats why he gave me this name.
After that i drove away to the cemetry and placed the flowers on the grave. I talked to the grave for a while i always bileave that he could listen from the inside.
It was about 5o'clock i decided to go home and do the shit load of home work that i got. My dad always wanted me to go in the medical field. Ond so i did i an studing to be a vet cause i LOVE animals. Cant see one in pain. It is like the only thing i love any more in the world but i try not to because my motto of life is: 'Love' is a very strong word use it for someone worth it.(A/N:this is my advice to all of you ues it.)
I went home, fed Lucifer, and sat on my coutch i started off with my math, then science, then bio and on and on untill i passed out of exaustion.

Naill's POV
Thank God it was Friday.PARTY TIME!(A/N:the way he says in the last tour dairy ;-))
I called all of my mates over Liam,Zayn,Louis and Harry over to have a little fun.
When everyone aririved it was about 7o'clock. Awsome.
We all sat in a circle and tried to figure out what to do.
"Lets play mario go cart!" Zayn suggested.
"Meh, we do that all the time" Harry shrugged.
"Yeah. LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!"Louis screeched.
"Ah! Ok man chill out we will play it." Liam said.
"Sounds good to me!" i said
"Ok i'll start. Naill truth or dare?"Louis said. Oh dear Lord.
"Dare." BIG mistake.
"Ok my little minion,go ask that nerd girl that lives next door for some ice cream." Dang, she was not the one to mess with. I remember she punched that boy square in the face when he tried to bully her. That was hilarious and very odd because she was the 'nobody' of the campus.
"Hello! Earth to Naill?!" Harry said waving his hand in my face.
"Yeah, yeah i'm alive but i will not do that!" i clearified.
"Fine then if you wont do that then you have to snoggg....um.... Zayn!" Louis said pointing touards Zayn. He had a horrified face. So did i.
"Fine. I will go but if she beats me up like that boy you will be responsible." i finally said.
Zayn let out a sigh of relife.
"Okie dokie" Louis said.
"But not now it is like 11 in the night she must be a sleep we will do it tomorrow." Liam suggested.
We all nodded in response.
The game went on for a while until we crashed on our spots.


Hi so this is my second story tell me how it is. Feel free to share your thoughts and remember I DONT MIND ANYTHING so dont be concious, okay?


Oh i just found it on google but most people photo-shop it. And when you are giving the title, etc in that place you have a small option on the top for posting a cover. :-)

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Nice story