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No Sound. |Punk Louis, Deaf Harry| {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter twenty one

Sorry if this chapter pisses you guys off hahaha xx
Rest In Peace to Cory Monteith, and sorry for your lost Gleeks. Stay strong to Cory's family, fanbase, and Lea.
Chapter 21

Harry looked up from his menu and sighed, "Do you really want to bring that up? Seriously?"
Harry was right - he did get pissed off over whatever I signed, and I think that it'd be best if I just drop the subject for now, and bring it up later when I feel the need to.
I just nodded, "Alright, alright. You're right, I shouldn't bring it up."
Harry just nodded, "But what's wrong with the waiter?" he asked, putting his menu down.
"I don't think there's anything wrong with Zack. I think he's doing his job perfectly." I said, giving Harry a wink, since I knew he was actually talking about Zayn.
"You know who I'm talking about."
"Well, Zayn gets nervous meeting new people." I said, hoping he'd believe me.
I don't really want to lie to Harry, but I don't really want to tell Harry that Zayn doesn't like him at all.
"Ah, I see." Harry said, nodding. "Then I don't think he should be waiter."
I just nodded, agreeing with Harry. Though Zayn isn't actually shy.
I took a heavy breath as I looked over to see Zayn staring at me from the other side of the resturant, I gave him a half smile and looked away quickly.
I grabbed a menu and began to look through it and realized everything was disgusting, yet fancy looking, and expensive. Even the drinks looked fancy.
I looked up from my menu to see Harry staring at me, I gave him a smile. "Have you decided what you'd like yet?" I asked.
He nodded, "Yeah."
I just nodded, and looked back down at my menu and scanned through everything until my eyes landed on something that was probably the cheepest thing.
This place costed every dime I have, well had now, and I'm choosing the least expensive food and letting Harry pick whatever he wants - even if it's the most expensive food they have.
"Have you guys decided what you would like?" Zack said as he approached us. I looked at Harry, and then back at Zack, and nodded.
"Alright, what would you two like to drink?" He asked, grabbing his notepad and pen.
"Harry, what would you like to drink?" I asked, looking at him.
"Oh, uhm. Pepsi, please." He said, smiling at Zack.
"And you?" Zack asked, pointing his pen at me.
"Coke." I said.
He nodded, "Alright. And what would you like to eat? Unless you two are still thinking?" He asked.
"I'd like spaghetti." I said.
"And I'd like pizza." Harry said, which in return I gave him a confused look, because that was the second cheepest thing on the menu. Harry looked at me, then snapped his head back to Zack, "Oh yeah, cheese pizza, please."
I gave Harry a holding-back-laugh-smile, which in return he gave me a wink.
Zack just shook his head and headed towards the back of the resturant, and I looked over at Harry, still with the same expression as before, smiling, yet holding back a laugh.
"What?!" Harry asked, with a bit of childness in his voice.
"Nothing, nothing." I began to say, "I just expected you to pick the most expensive thing."
"Didn't want you to waste over 30 dollars on me, babe." He said, taking my menu that was laying in front of me and then laying it on top of his.
I just gave him a smile, and stayed quiet for the rest of the time until our food came.
"Here you two go." Zack said as he layed my plate of spaghetti in front of me and Harry's pizza in front of him and then picked up our menus. "Now, if there is anything you two would like, just holla at me." He said as he walked backwards, giving us a thumbs up, and then turned away.
"Yuck." I said as Zack made his way from serving Louis and Harry their food.
"What?" Zack asked.
"Those two boys. Louis and that boy." I said.
"What about them?" Zack asked as he pressed his back against the wall.
"They disgust me." I said as I rushed my fingers through my hair.
"Wait, you said Louis didn't you? Just a few seconds ago?" Zack asked.
"Yeah?" I asked with a bit of confusion in my voice.
"Louis? Louis the Tomlinson?" He asked, crossing his hands.
"Yes, Louis 'the' Tomlinson." I said, still with a bit of confusion in my voice. I wasn't sure what Zack was going to say, but I had a feeling I knew where he was going.
Zack smiled as he lifted his back off the wall. "Isn't he that guy you talk about a lot? The one you say you have a 'major' crush on, Zayn?"


...... Harry why?!

Harry's Only Harry's Only

Yeah. I didn't mean to write that. I saw it like a month ago (or two) but I just haven't felt like changing it. I might change it later this week or something. But thank you, you didn't sound bitchy, about two other people have pointed it out before xx

macybrooks macybrooks

Hi, I promise I don't mean to sound bitchy here but in chapter 8 when Harry is running from Louis it says "the only thing I could hear was me and Louis footsteps" isn't he deaf? Sorry, just an OCD grammar thing

XemmaX XemmaX

I'm actually signing what the charectors sign for practice....we have a test and a preformance at the end of the year,and I want to be the BEST signer there!
and it actually counts as another language,so I'm bilingual.(Know two languages)

J.J. J.J.

Actually,I looked into some collages to see if I could keep learning it and talking to her,and quiet a few do,you just have to ask. So,the rest of hight school and collage,and maybe even after,I'm going to further my education in it. I LOVE sign language.

J.J. J.J.