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The Sass Account

Chapter 7

Louis' POV

They did it to me. Modest actually fucking blocked me from logging into my verified twitter. I went to go spring a few new ones I thought of and those mother fuckers took over my famous identity. Now I know why the fans really want these wankers to contract herpes. As a consequence I was expected to do damage control the next few days. Well, not so much me as I'll be locked out of my account but I'm pretty sure to get told off for my "outlandish behavior." Whatever, fuck those tossers. I had my phone turned off that night to avoid altercations I knew would consume me.

I had two options over the rest of the week since management decided to be a dick because I had a sudden attack of conscious. Sulk or continue tweeting as the alias. But really, as the verified account did my tweets hurt anyone? Yes I said "tweets." I made a few lone ones after my infamous, out of the blue snog tweet. The fans weren't bothered really. Besides Charlotte. I don't regret it. You know what the best part of this is? I got to keep Troy. Twitter Troy. Good news for Charlotte.

I'm strange for saying this but I thought our conversation was…honestly pretty interesting.
OK, our first conversation didn't go so great. I think she's still a fan though. Maybe a closet one. She knows enough about me and the guys since she tweets about Liam and me occasionally. Wonder what makes me such a baddie. It's weird, hearing all of that about me was hard but I took it. Maybe parts of it were true. Yes I'm actually saying she had a point on a few things.

She thought I was a douche bag. Check. But it was something else she said that really got me thinking. Famous people aren't real. You wouldn't know you're normal…

OK, when I saw that comment I shook. How did she know how fake this world can be sometimes? This is the type of stuff nobody in the business ever talks about unless you're in it or know someone who is. You are told what to do a lot of the time if you wanna be successful. It comes with being on top. You have to hide certain things about your real self if you wanna be the best, if you want a platinum album.

I can understand why people talk about the gay thing, forget about Larry and all that crap. I'm talking about the writers and producers of our albums. I've been through all that weird gay shit like you wouldn't believe. I've been hit on by gay men many times. By that I do mean 99% of our label and producers, males are strictly gay beyond the meaning. It's all hidden though. But I'm not even close to that. The fans have it all wrong there. What is wrong with a guy acting affectionate with his best mate? Honestly now…

Larry used to bother me a lot but now that I'm single, I have to just suck it up with the rest of the shit that comes with being part of that band. It's a great life like I keep saying. It's a shit life too.
Another thing that irked me was how Charlotte acted like she knew me. Like she knows me personally. It's probably all in my head but what she said about not meeting me to know I'm a dick, what was that all about? What was this grudge she had against me that made her talk about me every day?

Our first exchange wasn't so amiable, it's expected. She really wants my head on a plate, and I think it's my job to find out why.

I decided the next few days to take things easy, I've gone several days without tweeting on the verified, not my choice, so a few more won't matter. I think Modest mentioned something about a week, they were gonna tweet on my account, changed the password and all for the time being. Fuck it. I didn't need this shit. I'm not in One Direction right now. I'm living my life. Why is that so hard for management to get through their thick heads? If it means tweeting from a sass account, stalking a "hater" and potential directioner, then tough beans.

I wasn't going to argue with myself about all this in my flat so I dragged my lazy unoccupied ass outside. On the spot I felt like the beach matched my current mood.

So I went to a café in Santa Monica not too far from the Pier and sat along the sandy top hill overlooking the Pacific. I enjoyed these moments. Sometimes when I'm actually doing peaceful things it can motivate me to be creative out of nowhere. I love that. I feel like painting, writing or drawing something. The overcast skies cast a grey shadow over the sandy shores. It reminded me of a scene in a movie. It actually reminded me of back home, but it still had that Hollywood feel to it.

Is this the moment where I meet my one true love? Wishful thinking.

I noticed the beach was pretty empty aside from some patrons laying down a blanket and listening to music. Good time to take a stroll along the shore.

When I made it back to my car I rolled up my pants, weird; it's been a while since I've done this, like meeting an old friend. Hmm, have I forgotten what it feels like to be myself again?

Not sure I want to confront that now. I brought my sandals at my side and took a blanket from the back, my mobile in my jacket pocket. It was my other phone I had. The only other one Modest doesn't know about. I pay for it in my mum's name so management doesn't confiscate it or some shit like that. I guess I keep it on me for emergencies. This was one of those moods.

When I walked over to the back of the beach I noticed someone, a woman, a young girl walking along the shores ahead of me. I could see from over here she looked sad. Her long sandy-colored hair fell passed her shoulders and blew in her eyes. She struggled to see when a huge gust of wind blew all of her hair, clouding her vision. I squinted as I tried to lay the blanket down. Sitting on it, slowly relaxing.

I looked back up and saw the sandy-haired girl carrying her beach sandals in one hand and her phone in the other. She picked it up, glancing at the small screen intently. The light from the phone bringing out her features even more. I couldn't stop staring at her sullen expression. I'd never met her, never seen her before, but I wanted to know, in that moment what was making her so sad. She pursed her lips and wiped the corner of her eyes.

I realized I was staring and stopped for a moment. Didn't I come here for me? Not to gawk at strangers with emotional issues?

"Oh, oh my god, I'm so sorry." I crashed into someone, rounding the corner of the hallways.
She looked at the call number on my shirt and I stared into her eyes.

Her smile curved slightly but her lips trembled. "No problem. Good luck." She offered quietly.
I blushed, feeling less nervous than I did ten seconds ago. "Sure, you too." I stared at her call number taped on her shirt above her guitar.

She was going last. That had to have been sad. I stopped her before she started to leave. "I mean that."

"Louis, come on, you're up next." I heard the PA announce. I looked at the girl in front of me. More staring at her, again.

She squinted, looking more nervous than I was. "You better go. Sorry I, I'm sorry." She began backing away.

"Wait, what's your na—" I called out to her but she was gone before I could ask the question.

I shook my head. Huh? What was the fuck was that? Since when do I get flashbacks?

My phone beeped before I could break any of this down. I grabbed it from my jacket, curious who'd reach me and on this phone. It's only family and a few of my closets mates that know about this phone.

It wasn't a phone call, it was a notification. A Twitter notification, on the Troy account, from Charlotte!

I immediately looked at it, waiting for the reply mention to load.

@CharNCharge I just wanna let you know you're an asshole. Have a nice night :)

Ah, I see how it is. Guess she's not scared to talk to me after all. Well two can play at that game babe.

@TroyAustin1D ooo, come on now, that almost sounded like you said something nice to me ;)

I leaned back, smirking, a bit proud of myself, maybe I had to play her game to really get to the bottom of this. Then I shall! Oh boy, this is sure getting interesting.

And my lovely mystery girl came back. Hallelujah!

@CharNCharge No a compliment is you don't have an illness being a Guy Directioner :D

Whoohoo! Now we're getting somewhere. Alright then.

@TroyAustin1D you're not the first to say I'm gay, get off it

@CharNCharge defensiveness is a tell of gayness. It's in the handbook on your nightstand next to your moisturizing gloves XD

Haha, Jesus, alrightly then. She's pulling out the big bullets now.

@TroyAustin1D there's nothing wrong with being gay. 85% of people who have problem with it are gay themselves. Winky wink ;;)

OK that come back did sound a little Tommy Hilfiger. I have gay friends, I know how they tick. They're almost as bad as women, almost.

@CharNCharge you did NOT just call me a les, if anything your lover Loueh attends Liza tributes on a daily basis

Huh? Ok now she's just pulling this out of her ass.

@TroyAustin1D I can almost guarantee that is far from the truth love, Louis hates American music, most of it is just shit

@CharNCharge uuuh, how would you know? Stalker much?

@TroyAustin1D more like best mate much, I don't like to talk about it, he likes to be private

@CharNCharge uuuuh, Loueh and Eleanwhore were the most publicized couple I've ever seen in 1D and Lou isn't even the favorite

Haha, another sting. Well, this isn't the first time I've heard I'm the least well-known/favorite of our band. I didn't care. I got paid the same. The amount of screams were evenly divided with the lads, I probably got less but I think it was because I didn't get enough solos. My argument purely. They were nice to me on Midnight Memories though. Again, I hope those fairy song writers get disemboweled with a wooden spoon.

@TroyAustin1D believe what you will, I'm his friend. I know things about him he'd never tell anyone, even his mum

@ChaNCharge do you got pictures of his cock?

Whoa, forward march. This just went from a harmless New York greeting to this girl asking to whip out my cock. And on the spot!

@TroyAustin1D of course i do lol…why do you ask? :)

@CharNCharge no reason, it's probably skinnier than Eleanwhore anyway, Harry's bigger I'm sure, placing bets on this

Now I wanna show her. Shit. What do I do? I didn't realize how cold it was getting now but I was too wrapped into this to back out now. She just basically compared my manhood to my best mate. This is war!

@TroyAustin1D want me to prove you wrong? ;)

@CharNCharge you wouldn't…..would ya?

@TroyAustin1D show me yours and you'll get his :D

I highly doubt she'll abide so I threw my cell on the blanket and ran my fingers through my hair. It's getting a bit long. I liked it this way, the way it blows around in the breeze, concealing my eyes. Girls like that I guess.

Speaking of, why was I getting flashes from that weird memory? Did I know her? I sat up to look back at the spot the girl from before was standing. She was gone. I saw no traces of her anywhere. It was like she was ghost. I wish I got a good look at her to tell if I did. I met a lot of people over the years.

Weird, why did it bother me? I probably wasn't going to get anymore flashes. That girl was just a figment of my imagination.

My phone beeped, I smirked looking at the screen.

CharNCharge now follows you on Twitter!

My DM message had a blue dot over it, indicating a notification. I clicked on it, waiting for the message to fully load.

Charlotte: I only wish this was really Louis but you'll do. So…how do you know him? :)

I chuckled; thinking of an answer…in this moment I could reveal who I really am and kill all the suspense, maybe make her dreams come true in the process. Why the fuck would I do that?
She and I could have a little adventure. I'd start clean, getting to know someone without all the crazy shit printed about me. Not a bad idea.

I'm Louis' "friend" this is the role of Troy now.



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