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Be Mine (Niall Horan Love Story)(also on WattPad)

Chapter 2 - The Cafe Performance

Niall's P.O.V. Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. I kept saying her name over and over again in my head. Her name felt so right on my tongue when I said or thought it. I open the front door only to be greeted by yelling and arguing. "Don't you dare come near me with that spoon!!" Liam yells. He was in the kitchen with the other boys. Zayn was busy answering tweets on Twitter while Harry was reading the latest news about us on his phone. Both oblivious to the situation going on around them. Liam is standing behind Harry on one side of the black marble kitchen island while Louis was on the other side pointing a silver tablespoon towards Liam. "Then apologize and I won't chase you with it!" Louis yells back. "Never!" Liam yells, dashing out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Louis races after him with lightning speed, but it is too late. Liam slams his bedroom door shut and locks it. "Oh-ho-ho! Don't think you’re safe yet, mate....." Louis yells, but I drown him out and walk over to the fridge. Surprisingly, I wasn't hungry, but I was thirsty. I grabbed an Iced Tea and headed for the stairs and up to my room. What I really wanted to do was play my guitar and maybe write some lyrics. I shut my door and am glad that the walls are thick so I can barely hear Liam and Louis's argument. I grab my guitar, notebook and a pen and sit on my bed with them. With my notebook opened to a fresh page and my pen at the ready I begin to play, letting my fingers do what they want. They move without thought, just playing whatever feels right. I soon realize that I'm playing the same song Lucy was singing to in the park. I don't know the song or the notes, but somehow my memory remembers how she played it and what notes she used. The guys tell me my sense of hearing is phenomenal. I hum softly to myself, playing the same part of the song over and over since it's all I know of the song. The lyrics that she sang dance in my mind and I start to sing them softly: Time stands still. Beauty in all she is. I will be brave. I will not let anything take away what's standing in front of me. My voice begins to pick up like Lucy's, gradually getting to a normal singing level. I didn't care that the guys could probably hear me. Every breath. Every hour has come to this. One step closer. Something about this song made me feel happy, sad, and.......a new feeling, but I couldn't figure out what it was. I have died everyday waiting for you. Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more. I stopped playing, not knowing anymore. For a little bit, I just stared off into space, thinking about her. Happy that I would get to see her again soon. Maybe I'll ask her out to dinner, I thought. No, she might think that's weird.....but I want to talk to her more. Maybe she'll be in the park tomorrow and I can ask to come see her. Yeah, I'll wait and see if I can chat with her later. A knock on my door snapped me out of my thoughts. "It's unlocked," I say and scribble the sond lyrics down so I'll remember them. Harry and Zayn walk in, closing the door, and join me on my bed. "What's up, mate? You seem to be acting different," Zayn asks. Harry turns the notebook around and reads. "Yeah," Harry agree's and pushes the notebook for Zayn to see. "It's nothing. Just thinking a lot," I say. "Then who's Lucy Williams?" Zayn questions raising an eyevrow. He hold up my notebook and my eyes widen. I wrote down Lucy's name instead of lyrics. "Oh, you caught me. I met a girl by the Thames today," I admit. "And?" Harry pushes. "And what?" "And what happened?!" He says like it's obvious and it was. I wanted to bug him by acting stupid. He'd keep pestering my if I didn't tell him, so I did. He listened intently and Zayn nodded while doing something on his phone. I fiddle with guitar strings and then look up to see Harry's wide eyes. "Did she recognize you?" he saked. "She did, but that didn't make a difference to her. She acted normal as if I was just another guy. She told me she was a fan, but not an obsessed fangirl." "Really? That's a first, I've never heard that happen before." "So, how was her voice? Does she sing good, play good?" "Omigod, yes. You should have heard her Harry. It's like nothing I've ever heard before. She has a soft, gentle, soothing voice. I listened and felt calm and happy, but a different kind of happy." "What does she look like?" Harry glances at Zayn's phone and continue's, "Beautful? Ugly? Tall? Short? Brunnette? Blonde? Green eyes? Blue eyes? Brown?' "Beautful, hell yes. She's maybe half a foot shorter than me. Chestnut hair, but I don't know what color eyes." "Oh, I think I found her," Zayn says, showing me his phone. A Twitter Profile picture shows Lucy sitting with a guitar in her lap. "Yup, that's her," I nod and he shows Harry. Harry whistles," Dude, she's gorgeous." "Mind if I tag along with you when you go to see her? I'd like to hear her sing," Zayn asks. "Yeah! Me too!" Harry grins. I glare at him, but then we hear a loud crash in the hallway. We look at each other and then quickly run to see what's going on. Louis is now banging on Liam's bathroom door inside his room. "Get out of there you coward!" he yells. "No!" Liam replies. "Hey, hey, hey! What's going on?!" Zayn says seriously. "Liam won't apologize for insulting Ella this morning," Louis says angrily. "I didn't insult her!" Liam protests. "Yes, you did! You said, and I quote, 'I think that dress makes you look bigger. I like the other one better.' " "I was being honest and she agreed with me. How is that an insult." "I don't care, It's an insult to me." "LOUIS JAMES TOMLINSON," screams an angry female voice. I look at Zayn beside me. He's holding up his phone, the screen pointing at Louis. Eleanor, Louis's girlfriend, is one the screen. Zayn skyped Eleanor, she must have seen the whole argument. The color drained from Louis's face as he looked at Eleanor. "You stop this right now! Stop threatening the poor boy, you know he is petrified of spoons! He didn't insult me! Now, you better put that away before I decide to change my Facebook status to single," she threatened. I was almost scared of her myself now. "Yes, Ella," Louis nodded and rushed out of the room embarrassed. Liam opens the bathroom, "Thank you so much, Ella. I thought I was seriously going to die, by spoon, in the hands of an unbelievably, over-protective boyfriend." "Your welcome. Thanks Zayn for skyping me, but I gotta go to work. Tell Louis I'm not mad and that I'll be over at seven tonight. Bye," she waved and disconnected. "Thank you also, mate. I owe you big time," Liam said to Zayn. "No problem. Hey, Niall, when do you have to be at the Cafe?" Zayn asked. "Uum," I look at the time on my phone. "In about ten minutes.' "What?" Liam asks. Louis walk in and stands next to me, "Yeah, what?" Zayn filled them in. Louis and Liam hooted at me and nudged my arm, waggling their eyebrows and making innapropriate gestures. " 'bout time, mate," Louis says. "Don't get ahead of yourselves, okay," I say. "If you're coming let's go." The guys all decide to come. We walk down the street with our sunglasses on and hoodies pulled up. Heads down. "So, what's the send she was singing?" Liam pulls the cafe door open and I shrug. We walk in and sit at a small table by the door. I look around the room and my eyes immediately lock with Lucy's. She sits on a black stool with a red curtain drawn across one of the windows behind her. A small spotlight is focused on Lucy and the other lights are turned off. A stand up mike is placed in front of Lucy and the packed cafe goes quiet. The cafe wasn't big, it was like a mini coffee shop. There were at least thirty people in the cafe. "Um, thanks for coming this evening. You've all been a great a great audience ever since I started performing here. I'm going to play a few songs that I haven't played before and then I'll take some requests. Hope you enjoy," she smiled and looked straight at me for her last sentence and then scanned the guys next to me. I could tell she figured out who they were. "The first song," she continues, "is a special song to me, it's one of my favorites. It's called 'A Thousand Years,' by Christina Perri." She began to play and then her voice filled the cafe.



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