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Be Mine (Niall Horan Love Story)(also on WattPad)

Chapter 1 - An Unexpected Meeting

Lucy's P.O.V. It's just another day in London. I sit on a metal park bench by the Thames River singing and playing my guitar. The sky is filled with gray clouds as usual, but something weird happened. A single beam of sunlight glowed through a break in the clouds down onto the Thames in front of me. It was a sight to see. Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera with me, so I'll have to rely upon my memory to remember this amazing scene. No ones around to hear me, which is why I love coming here to play and sing. Even when some people are around, I don't mind, but I just love how calm and serene it feels to sit here and sing and let my voice fill the air. My voice rang out through the area singing a slow song. The notes going high and low slowly. The guitar played perfect notes as my fingers plucked the strings, one by one. I had to end the song early, because I hadn't finished teaching myself the rest of the notes. I checked the time on my phone and sighed. I'd need to leave in about five minutes if I wanted to get to work on time. My fingers mindlessly began to play a tune on my guitar. I hummed along and sang when the timing was right: Heart beats fast, Colors and promises. How to be brave? How can I love when I''m afraid to fall? But watching you stand alone. All of my doubts suddenly go away somehow.

One step closer
I have died everyday waiting for you. Darling, don't be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years. I love you for a thousand more. Niall's P.O.V. I enjoy what I can of this normal day in London. The dreary, gray sky is filled with clouds. The moist and stuffy air makes it feel like it's gonna rain. Just like every other day. My feet crunch over crisp brown leaves and a thin layer of gravel. The path through the park is seriously well kept. There aren't many tree's in the park. It's just a bunch of hills and greenish-brown grass. A few benches here and there. As I near the Thames River off to my left I hear a voice. Someone is singing and playing the guitar. The voice is a girls. I walk faster, wanting to see and hear the girl better. Then, the singing stops and so does the guitar. My heart drops, but I continue in the direction it was coming from. I finally find the girl. She sits on a bench facing away from me and the trail, towards the Thames. Her guitar in her lap. Above in the sky, the clouds had parted just enough to let a single beam of sunlight come down and light up the Thames in front of the girl. Her fingers begin to pluck at the strings again and a soft, low melody plays. I watch how she expertly manipulates the frets on the guitar, like she had played this song over and over again a million times. The most beautiful voice I had ever heard sang to the song. Her voice was so smotth, hitting each note easily. It soothed me, making me feel calm and peaceful. Everythings, all my worries and doubts and problems, just seemed to fade away. I completely forgot about them, all I could think about was her voice. Her voice made evrything fell right in the world and in my life. I've never felt this.....relaxed and happy before. Not just happy, like excited, but happy like I was so glad and blessed to be here right now and hear her amazing voice. Her chestnut hair fell in loose curls down her back. It's not long, maybe four or five inches past her shoulders. She wears a blue and purple plaid shirt. The sleeves rolled up just above her elbow's. Held up by the straps that button over the folded sleeve. I closed my eyes and listened to the lyrics as she sang: Time stands still. Beauty in all she is. I will be brave. I will not let anything take away what's standing in front of me. Every breath. Every hour has come to this. Then, without thinking, my feet moved beneath me, taking a step closer to her as she sang the next line of lyrics. My feet rustled the leaves as she sang the line: One step closer. She stopped and turned to look at me. Her eyes going wide. Lucy's P.O.V. There was a sound behind me and I stopped immediately. A guy stood by the trial and was staring at me. My eyes widened as I looked more closely at his face. I knew I had seen his face somewhere before. Realization hit me square in the face and I gasped internally. It was Niall Horan from the boy band One Direction. I loved their music a lot, but wasn't a crazy fangirl that obsess's over them. My best friend was the same way, but she was a bigger fan. "I'm really sorry," he said lifting his hands up. His Irish accent really showed when he talked. "I didn't mean to interupt or scare you Your voice was just so beautiful. "Oh," I said, feeling the heat rise to my cheeks. "Thank you. It's alright. You didn't scare me, just surprised me. You weren't interupting much anyway." I waved a hand at him making the gesture that it was no big deal. It felt amazing to get the chance to talk to him, after all he is pretty famous. It didn't seem different to me either. He felt just like any other guy I ever talked to (I'm super shy, so I haven't talked to many guys). "But I did," he said with a really sad face. He had puppy dog eyes. He looked really childish and unbeleivable cute. "You stopped singing. Would it be alright if I listened to you finish? I want to hear your voice again, please, please, please." He really wanted me too. I felt a little embarrassed that such a famous person with an awesome voice wanted to hear me sing. "Sure. Would you like to sit down?" I offered, scotting over and patting the seat next to me. His face brightened and he gave me a big smile. "Yeah, that would be great." I looked at my guitar and placed my fingers in the right spots as I got ready to pick up where I left off. He sat down beside me on my right and looked out at the river. I snuck a sideways glance at him. His hair was a very dark brown at the roots and then was blonde a few inches on the ends. His hair was a little long. It was brushed up and over towards the right side of his head. Niall turend to me and I blushed and quickly looked away. "I suppose you've already figured out who I am," he said looking down at his hands. "Yeah, I figured it out the minute I saw you," I laughed. "Trust me, I'm not some crazy, obsessivem fangirling girl. I won't tell the news people." "Really? You're the first girl I've met who hasn't gone crazy with excitement and then fainted," he laughed. "Ok, they don't faint. It's only happened a few times," he admitted. "That can't be true," I say. "It is! I mean, aside from famous girls, you're the only one who hasn't gone crazy." "Well, I bet there are others out there. You just haven't met them yet. My best friend is te same as me." "I haven't had much time to, until now I guess." I almost jump out of my seat at the mention of time. I was gonna be late for work! "Crap! I'm late for work. I'm so sorry I didn't get to finish the song for you," I apologize. I pull my guitar strap over my head and shift my guitar to my back. "It's alright. Do you think maybe we could meet again sometime? Maybe I could call you?" he asks and takes out his phone, pulling a new contact up. "Yeah. My numbers XXX-XXXX (your number). Oh, and my name's Lucy. Lucy Williams," I pull my own phone out and look at the time. "I really have to go. Stop by the Cafe on Westminster Street at four if you'd like to hear me sing the full song. I perform there, each night. Bye." "Ok, that's sound fantastic! See you later then!" He smiled really big and waved as I ran over the Thames River bridge. I wave back and run as fast as I can, pumping my legs. The wind whips past me as I bolt down the street towards the cafe. I almost run into the next buildings wall when I turn into the alley beside the cafe. I open the Cafe's back door and pant in the back room. My lungs burn from lack of oxygen. I bend over, hands on knee's, gulping down air. "Jeez, Lucy. What were you doing? Running a marathon," Sophie snorted. "No.....I was talking to a guy.....and...forgot about.....the time," I manage to say in between gasps. "Ooohhh, so it was a guy that almost made you late," Sophie cooed. I followed her into changing room and set my guitar down on the cushioned bench. What was his name?!" Sophie asks excitedly while pulling her dress off. She grabs her black skirt from her mini locker and slips it on. Then, she puts the white polo on and cinches her pink tie under the collar. I change into the same thing and contemplate how much I should tell her. Finally, I say, "You promise to keep it a secret." "I promise!" "No, I mean you really can't tell anyone. No one. It's super, super important that no one, especially social networks and news people, finds out." "I promise! We've been together since birth, we're the bestest of best friends! I won't tell anyone!" "Ok, well you know One Direction." "Yes, who doesn't?" "Anyway, I was in the park singing and playing guitar and Niall Horan happened to be walking by and..." I trailed off. "And!" she almost yelled. "There's too much tension, just say it!" Then it just tumbled out of me like a waterfall. I told her everything. Not leaving a single detail out. "Are you serious?! That's awesome!" "Thank you. I'd feel bad if word got out that One Direction is in London and then paparazzi start swarming London for them." "Ok, well we gotta get to work. I can't wait for him to come and see you later!" She put her blonde hair into a neat but also messy bun and we left the changing room. I put mine into a ponytail and felt it swing back and forth as I walked. It was 3:03p.m. Rush hour in London. "Sophie! Lucy! We need you ASAP!" yelled the manager from the front. She was a sshort old lady. She's 82-years-old and has been working here for 57 years. She was bossy when things needed to be done, but also very kind and sweet. "Yes, ma'am," we said in unison and hurried to the front. That's when the hysteria began.


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