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Becoming The Badass

Chapter 1 - The Auction

I made sure to pretty myself up today. I was far from the most beautiful slave Master Breight had but I wasn't completely neglected. Auctions were a good chance to get a new, perhaps even better, master if you were lucky. That's all a slave's life is. One small ball rolling around in the lottery of life, waiting to be called in favor of the universe.

This is the role I play. I wish I could say I led it but dishonesty has never brought me anything but misfortune. I am a slave. Held captive by all who have more power than I. I have been told that I am worthless. A mere piece of property. Nothing irreplaceable.

This may be true for some but it has never been enough for me. If I am worthless why must you pay for me? Why not just come and use me as you please? If I am replaceable why keep me? Surely there are a million others more willing than I.

These are the thoughts that I bury in the deepest recesses of my soul. They are buried under so much off the rest of me that during the faint, quick moments they rise up even I don't recognize them.

The Auction Directress comes over to me, the familiar white powder on a piece of paper.

"Hurry up and take the hit. You're up next." She said gruffly, rolling her stiff neck around to try to ease her tension. She unconsciously showed off her three brandings by doing that. They were simple and hard-shaped signifying that her master's had all been relatively poor.

I nodded and held my fist out so that she could place the drug on it. She did so and I placed my free index finger on one of my nostrils, blocking all air. I lifted my wrist to my nose and snorted, letting the powder into my system. I wiped under my nose and didn't complain as the Directress violently grabbed my arm and dragged me toward the runway.

The drug was taking its toll on me and my body. My thoughts were becoming muddled and I stumbled every few steps. But nonetheless I walked on that runway, goosebumps erupting on my skin. The only parts of my body completely covered were my unmentionables in scanty undergarments. I was glad I was high. Looking into the faces of demons was scary enough without pretending it was nothing but a dream.

I walked drowsily, my whole being in a haze. Men and women clicked their bidding machine, creating bright flashing numbers on my body. I was a kaleidoscope of prices. The lowest somewhere around thirty grand. I wasn't doing so bad.

I stood at the end of the runway and twirled slowly, trying not to trip over my own blurred legs. A few owners dropped out and left the auction room to await the next slave. I didn't panic because it meant that they prices were getting higher.

"Evaluation time!" An automatic voice sounded. The few leftover slave owners got up from their chairs and I stepped down from the stage. The first was a woman. She looked like a vulture and her talons were coming right at me.

She examined me at an arms length, first scrutinizing my skinny waist then my breasts. She roughly grabbed my head and placed one of her sharp nails right under my eye, examining my eye color and checking for infections. I tried not to wince, my lowered inhibitions easing the internal struggle only slightly. When she was satisfied with her evaluation she placed another bid on me.

The other owners shamelessly scrutinized every part of my body, getting as grabby as the auction hall permitted. They also placed high bids but I still felt violated beyond compare. I kept my mouth shut, remembering that to them I was nothing but property. Something that they could touch. Own. Play with. Break and cast away. A toy at best.

This was where the game began. The owners left over either placed their bids high and quickly or were kicked out. It was a trick used by the poorer or selfish slave owners to get more money out of others.

Immediately I was blinded by the bright blue light that flashed all aroudn the rooms. I almost giggled. With my mind disoriented I could almost pretend that the lights were camera flashes. That they were flashing to put me on the cover of a thousand spreads. I actually did laugh a bit. I put my hands on my hips and angled myself into a pose. What was the harm in making this less painful for myself? The bidders continued their flashing as I moved my body into different positions. For a moment I actually believed my fantasies. I was nothing to them personally but I was everything they cared about.

Maybe that's the reason all the twisted justice I gave them afterword was so pleasurable.


Dedication q of the chapter : what is my fave song on four??


Love.. update plz
Nialler's Baby Nialler's Baby
Love.. update plz
Nialler's Baby Nialler's Baby

Phoebe Tonkin

Thanks love

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Absolutely beautifully written x I can't wait to read more.

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Who plays Lenore?

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