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Tainted rose. ((Niall Horan))

Hot and heavy

Niall POV

I couldn’t take it, she rejected me didn’t she? She won’t even open up about her past with me, im just so fed up with it.
I drive all the way over to Harrys place to find him alone. ‘’Love problems?’’ Harry ask holding the door open for me.

‘’Tell me about it.’’ I sigh crashing down on his couch. I look at my phone I had three missed calls from Rose, I just didn’t feel like I could talk with her right now. I might be unfair but I had feelings too.

Harry hands me a beer smiling, ‘’Want to go out clubbing today, like we used to? ’He ask with a wink. Usually I would say no, since I was spending almost all my time with rose but tonight I nodded. I needed to get out and forget.

I took the beer and drank from it, ‘’what club should we go to?’’ Harry ask, making his way out to his car so we could get going.
‘’The usual I guess.’’ I shrug leaning at the door for a while before following him, ‘’Club 21 it is, mate.’’ He grins holding the car door open for me before going in himself.

Club 21 was a club me and the lads used to go out to when we had time, I was so busy with Rose I haven’t been there for what seemed ages. Harry had bugged me to come with him for ages, and I finally gave in.
The dark soon took over the streets of London when we made our way into the club, my phone buzzed in my pocket, I took it up and saw I had gotten a text from Rose.

‘From; Rose
I’m REALLY REALLY sorry, please call me. We need to speak or come home. I beg you niall! Xoxoxox’
I shrug, putting my phone back in my pocket not bothering to reply to her but heading straight for the bar.

I quickly orders, and drink my drinks in peace, letting my mind forget everything that was bothering me when a tall blond girl walks up to me.
‘’Is this seat taken?’’ she asks seducing, I shake my head for a no when she sits beside me. Gently placing her hand on my leg, ‘’you’re Niall horan right?’’ She asks biting down on her lip, which looked fucking hot.

I grin, ‘’Yep, that’s me. If it’s the police asking then no.’’ I joke, making her laugh before she looks around, ‘’Fancy going somewhere a bit more private for now?’’ She ask pointing at the bathroom, I nod following her.

As soon as the bathroom door closes, it’s only me and her. The music blasting faintly in the background. I shove her up on the sink, spreading her legs placing me in between them.
I kiss her roughly, not like I used to kiss to Rose. I nibble on her lip, causing her to moan. She quickly shoves her dress under her breasts exposing them completely to me, when my phone rings. I look at the screen ‘Rose calling’, I mute the phone putting it away.

Turning my attention back to the blond in front of me as she unbutton my pants, shoving one delicate hand down in my boxers.

Rose POV

I sit nervously at home, waiting for Niall. He been ignoring me for the past hours and I knew why.
I needed him right now beside me, I could feel one of my panic attacks kick in when I try to call him again just to get to his voice mail again. ‘’Hi Niall, it’s me again. I’m really worried. I’m sorry.’’ I don’t know what else to say before I hang up again, staring at the wall.
I should trust him, but something felt off the moment he left earlier and it was starting to get really late.

I dial Liam’s number, I needed someone. For the past few weeks I had gotten close to Liam, he was like a big brother to me always there to give me a big bear hug. He was the family I never really had.

‘’Rose?’’ I hear Liam’s sleepy voice concerned, ‘’what’s wrong?’’ I try to breathe so I can speak.
‘’Please come.’’ I finally get out, when the cry I tried to silence for so long breaks free, ‘’I’ll be there in five.’’ Liam replies, hanging out.

I look at my phone background, of the picture of me and Niall and I can’t hold the tears back I just sit there waiting for Liam.
For what seemed like ages, the door finally opens and Liam comes in looking extremely concerned as he make his way towards me.

‘’Love?’’ He ask stretching his arms out so he can hold me, I fall into his arms. ‘’Niall hates me.’’ I cry staining his shirt with mascara and eyeliner.

‘’Why would you say that?’’ He ask not letting me go, ‘’we fought because I wasn’t ready to make it official yet, he left and I haven’t heard from him since.’’ I cry looking up at him for some sort of help.

‘’I know, it isn’t your fault. You’ve been abandon your whole life.’’ He coed in my ear making me relax. ‘’He’ll come around I’m sure.’’ He keeps saying things to me, and I slowly drift to sleep in his arms.

I wake up early in the morning, alone I look around for Liam. I couldn’t find him. ‘’I love you, it’s going to be OK. Call me if you need anything. Xxx’’ I smile weakly, I was happy I had him. I try to call Niall again only to get the answering machine once again.

I had gotten post, a few spams, some magazines but one Magazine catches my eyes.
Niall Horan seen leaving club with blond.’ I read on ‘One direction member, was seen leaving club 21 with a blond girl. Looks like things was getting hot and heavy. Is the other brown haired girl past now? I stop reading, instead I turn my attention back to the big picture, of Niall touching the girl’s ass leaving with her. He cheated on me, well he cheated on my heart.

I throw the magazine away, trying to control my breathing again. I slide up against the wall, my chest tightening not knowing what was going to happen next.


Poor rose. :( What will she do? Please vote and comment, it really makes me happy knowing people like my writing. :9 xxxx


Omg. I loved the story c: this was the first fanfiction to make me cry!
xSinna xSinna
ok thank :)
HoranHug! HoranHug!
Sorry I can't log into this account anymore so I didn't see it before now! Vampire diaries xxx
Hess Hess
I cried wow I love this story :). And what are the show or movie was the clips from?
HoranHug! HoranHug!

Thank you so much dear. x
Niallerswifey Niallerswifey