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Tainted rose. ((Niall Horan))

One last time

Emily POV

I’m sitting on Harry’s lab letting him whisper sweet nothings in my ear, even though Rose warned me, Perrie also told me to be careful. I knew I had to but I was drawn to him like a magnet.

I’m pretty much like Harry, but ever since I slept with him I’ve been the opposite, just wanting him and no one else. I felt pathetic for falling for his tricks, and I knew I should just let it go but it was much easier to stay.

I could feel Rose eyeing me and Harry while she was talking with Niall. Niall was sweet but I was worried for them both, Rose always fall hard and then she backs out.
I could feel Harry’s hot breath on my neck, causing my whole body to shiver.
‘’Earth to Em?’’ Rose calls out, staring at my flushed face. I can feel Harry chuckle behind me ‘’Uh Yeah?’’ I reply, snapping back to reality.

‘’Are you sleeping at my place’’ She asks me, kindhearted. I can feel Harry poke me gently and I shakes my head ‘’No I got some business to attend to.’’
She nods understanding and makes her way over to Niall again, planting a gentle kiss on his lips.

I can feel a bulge forming in Harry’s pants, I turn around looking at him in surprise. He just smirks ‘’Want to get out of here?’’ he ask, I nod standing up. One last time won’t hurt, right?
We quickly says our goodbyes heading for the door, and slamming it shut behind us.

Rose POV

I sighed as I saw Em leave with Harry, I couldn’t tell her what to do when Zayn spoke up. ‘’Well Perrie and me, better get going too.’’ Perrie gave me a tight hug.
‘’Keep in touch with me doll.’’ She waved as they both left, leaving us behind.

Niall looked at Liam, Liam nodded and took Louis arm. ‘’We should leave too.’’ Louis was arguing when Liam dragged him out, I looked up at Niall who muttered a ‘thank you’ to his dear pal.

I bite down on my lip looking up at Niall ‘’so?’’ I ask smiling ‘’nothing, just wanted you alone.’’ He whispered to me with that Irish accent you just couldn’t resist.
I giggle, letting me enjoy the feeling of happiness for the first time, when I get a text from Matthew ‘Hey luv, check this out.’ It’s a link, I press it and the site pops up

*Niall Horan from One direction seen outside the studio with mystery girl.*
that was the headline, I look at the blurry picture of me and Niall kissing. This was exactly what I didn’t want to be a part of. Niall looks over my shoulder and read it with me.
‘’I’m sorry, Rose.’’ He says, clearly sad about how affected I got from it.

I shake my head when Matthew sends me another text.’ Be careful with him.’ I get slightly annoyed, Matthew had NO right to judge Niall. I had to deal with the lecture about all musicians being the same. That they all only want sex, hookups and nothing more from Matthew, he wasn’t the right one to lecture me. I put my phone away and wraps my arms around Niall’s neck.
‘’its fine. ’I say, thinking if I said it enough time it would be true.
I let Niall led me to the bedroom not worrying about anything in this world.


This wasnt too long, sorry. What do you think?:) Votes and comments makes me the happiest<3


Omg. I loved the story c: this was the first fanfiction to make me cry!
xSinna xSinna
ok thank :)
HoranHug! HoranHug!
Sorry I can't log into this account anymore so I didn't see it before now! Vampire diaries xxx
Hess Hess
I cried wow I love this story :). And what are the show or movie was the clips from?
HoranHug! HoranHug!

Thank you so much dear. x
Niallerswifey Niallerswifey