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Tainted rose. ((Niall Horan))


Epilogue Rosalie Ann POV

I closed my eyes as the black haired boy pressed a firm kiss on my lips, before he jumped in his car driving away leaving a breathless me behind.

‘’Oh gosh,’’ I take myself to the mouth still feeling his warmth, I can’t believe he actually kissed me. He was in this indie rock band and wasn’t that famous only around here and in this age range.

I had seen him a lot since I first had been to his gig, I would give my right arm for a date with him.
I sigh loudly locking myself into the flat, I had lived in the same flat for my whole life. I didn’t really mind only wished it was bigger.

The light in the living room was on, I sighed again. My dad was really over protective of me, he shouldn’t I was capable to take care of myself.

‘’Rosalie?’’ My dad’s voice rings to the apartment, I don’t reply just head for my bedroom, ‘’Good night.’’ I yell hoping it was enough to make him leave me alone.

‘’Rosalie Ann Everlong Horan!’’ He yelled opening my door, I hated when he used my whole name.
‘’What?’’ I reply rolling my eyes at him, taking my phone out of my pocket.

‘’Where were you?’’ He asked sternly blue eyes meeting blue eyes fighting for dominance.
‘’Out at a gig.’’ I reply jumping on my bed.

‘’Again? With that underground band?’’ I hear the disgust in his voice and I just grunt nodding.
‘’Who drove you home?’’ He asked raising his eye brow, ‘’Ashton.’’ I shrug looking at him.

‘’He is too old for you.’’ I get slightly annoyed at him, no one of the guys I was interested in was good enough in his eyes.

‘’Dad, I’m 15! Ashton is 19, its normal.’’ I try to get him to leave but he won’t.

‘’You are still a kid! Besides you shouldn’t date guys in bands.. They are only going to bring you trouble.’’ He snaps at me.

‘’Like mum did!’’ I yell back glaring at him, I watch as Niall’s face turns into a frown.

‘’You were in a band and you ruined mum’s life! She would have been alive if it wasn’t for you.’’ I glare at him, when I first got worked up I wouldn’t stop.

‘’At least Ashton doesn’t sleep around, or anything like that.’’ I finally finish.

The rooms grown ice cold by the silence, and I look at his face for some sort of hint.
‘’Dad?’’ I ask slowly.

‘’That is enough.’’ Niall snaps looking at me sadly.

‘’Yep, that’s why mum killed herself!’’ I yell running out of the door heading for the streets hearing Niall’s voice call after me.

I didn’t care nor did I want to look back, I ran over to the only place I knew that would comfort me.

~ ~ ~ ~

I look at the grave in front of me and knell, ‘’Mum.’’ I look around seeing I was the only one at the graveyard at the moment.

‘’I wish you were here.’’ I sigh looking at the roses on her grave, dad would always come place them leaving mum’s grave colorful and nice.

‘’Dad doesn’t understand.’’ I look down, because he didn’t. He was a boy after all and in some way I always blamed him for mum’s death, I loved him and he was my world but still something about mums death was nagging me.

I googled it and many articles blamed dad, and in some time I started to do so.

He robbed me from a mum, but he did give me the most amazing childhood. I never knew what happened to my mum and everything he had done until I finally took the courage and googled her name last year.

‘’I miss you.’’ I stand up knowing I had to go home at some point. ‘’And I love you.’’ I smile weakly at the grave before slowly making my way home.

Niall POV

I stare at the door knowing I shouldn’t run after her, she was after all just like her mum. Her words had stung, but I don’t blame her. I know how she feels.

The worst day was the day she confronted me with the things she had read last year, yelling at me. She stayed at Liam’s place for a week not wanting anything to do with me. I sometimes I felt like I failed Rose’s wish about me being a good dad.

I walked into my bedroom, me and Rose’s old bedroom. Fiddling with the drawer finding Rose’s letter.
Maybe it was time finally.

I clip out the part Rose had advised me to and look at it sighing. Everything would have been easier if she just had stayed with us.

Rosalie really needed her mum, and it wasn’t easier now that she had finally hit her teenage years.
I hear the front door opening and I listen.

Rosalie was sobbing locking herself into her room.
‘’Rosalie?’’ I ask softly knocking on her door, ‘’go away!’’ I hear her pained voice as I open the door.

‘’Here’’ I hand her the letter, looking at her puzzled face ‘’what is this?’’ She ask raising her eye brow, taking the letter.

‘’It’s from your mum, it’s time for you to have it.’’ She stares up at me in disbelief not saying anything, ‘’I’ll give you some time.’’ I walk out closing her door softly.

Now I just had to wait.

Rosalie Ann POV

I look at the note my dad had handed me as I read through the lines of the words my mum had scribbled down years before.

I feel the tears streaming down my cheeks feeling so many things, I felt loved.
Maybe if my dad had showed me this before I would have reacted like I did, but somehow it all makes better sense. I need to talk him properly about it though.

My mum really loved me and my dad, and my dad loved her.

I put the note on my table side, as I walk over to the mirror scanning myself.

I looked like my mum or a younger version of her and it hits me of how I must have reminded my dad of mum every single day but he still kept a smile on his face for me.

Mum told me not to fall too hard and be careful so that’s what I should do, I pull my phone out texting Ashton.

To: Ashton boo
Hi, we need to have a break. I’m sorry. Bye. X

That’s was what my dad wanted me to do and what my mum would have wanted, I need to make them both strong.

I walk out of my room finding my dad sitting on the couch staring numbly at the wall, ‘’I’m sorry.’’ I mumble under my breath looking at him.

He stands up smiling like he does and I jump into his arms, ‘’I’m so so sorry!’’ I yell burying my face in his shoulders.

‘’its okay, love.’’ He smiles handing me a tissue.

‘’We are going to be alright.’’ He whispers.


THERE WE HAVE IT! The fic is finally done! Thanks so much for reading!! Comments is still greatly appreciated also votes.
Send me a message and give me a idea to a new fic i could write. ;D


Omg. I loved the story c: this was the first fanfiction to make me cry!
xSinna xSinna
ok thank :)
HoranHug! HoranHug!
Sorry I can't log into this account anymore so I didn't see it before now! Vampire diaries xxx
Hess Hess
I cried wow I love this story :). And what are the show or movie was the clips from?
HoranHug! HoranHug!

Thank you so much dear. x
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