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Tainted rose. ((Niall Horan))

Just call me Maura

Niall POV

‘’So the tour is coming up?’’ Rose says, and sends me a weak smile. ‘’Yeah, if you could call it a tour’’ I nodded faintly, I usually was happy about going on a tour but this time it was different.


‘’I can’t leave my pregnant girlfriend for THAT long!’’ I yelled frustrated at Simon, ‘’It’s your own fault Niall, besides its just promoting your band a little.’’ Niall looked down biting his tongue, ‘’and it’s only in Europe.’’ Simon reminded him.

‘’But she’s going to pop soon.’’ He tries to explain hopelessly, ‘’She’s 7 months already.’’
‘’Exactly why’s there’s no harm done, she’ll be 8 months when you get back.’’ Simon stared at the boys ‘’I’m counting on you, don’t disappoint me again.’’ He said leaving them all behind


‘’What time are you leaving?’’ I snap out of my thoughts and looks at Rose, ‘’Monday morning.’’ She nods faintly.

‘’I wish you didn’t have to.’’ She suddenly says, ‘’I can drop it? They’ll get mad but eventually they’ll understand.’’

She just shakes her head laughing lightly, ‘’that’s sweet of you, but don’t. Go have fun.’’ I sigh nodding, ‘’I’ll call you every night. ‘’ I mumble under my breath.
‘’Promise?’’ She ask pouting, ‘’promise.’’ I reply sealing the deal with a kiss.

‘’Well we go the whole weekend to yourself, it’s Saturday and we have two more days!’’ She happily sings, rubbing her stomach.
‘’About that, my mum is coming around here in just two hours.’’ I hold my breath ‘’she’s just staying until tomorrow morning.’’

I see frown creeping on Rose’s face but she quickly smile,’’ Alright. I’ve been excited to meet her.’’
I nod, watching her trying to up.

‘’Ugh this is bloody impossible, I’ll shower.’’ She groans making her way to the bathroom.

Rose POV

I hated the fact Niall had to go now when I needed him the most, my whole body was a mess. It had bothered me a little I didn’t get to spend the last days alone with him, but on the same time I was excited to finally meet his mum.

I had gotten ready and when I went out to our living room I saw a older woman chatting with Niall over a cup of tea, I looked at them before the woman looked up meeting my gaze.

‘’Rose!’’ She exclaimed happily, jumping up on her feet as she made her way over to greet me.
‘’It’s so nice to meet my pumpkins love!’’ She laughed and wrapped me into a tight hug, well as tight as it could get since my bump was getting pretty much in the way.

‘’muuuum’’ Niall almost whined, clearly embarrassed by his mother’s startling gesture.
‘’Hello, I’m rose.’’ I smile friendly at her getting a smile in return ‘’I’m Niall’s mother, just call me Maura.’’

I nod, looking at her. ‘’Do you mind?’’ I ask eyeing the couch, my back was hurting and I hated to stand up more than I had to.

‘’Of course!’’ She moves asides, and settle down beside me.
‘’Do you have any pictures of the princess?’’ She ask, putting her hand on my stomach feeling a kick.

‘’Niall.’’ And soon enough he runs out to get the pictures from the scan showing them to his mum.
‘’This is so exciting, I’m happy about you both.’’ She says looking at us with teary eyes.


Maura had left in the morning before I had woken, it was nice to see her. She told me to come around sometime and I promised her I would.

‘’How do you want to spend our last day?’’ Niall mumbles in my ear, ‘’in bed.’’ I reply snuggling closer to him.

‘’I love your mum.’’ I finally say, I can feel that his chuckling, ‘’she loves you too Rose.’’

‘’Finally someone who truly is happy for us.’’ I whisper, ‘’I know.’’ He pulls me closer.
‘’It’s still early you should sleep some more.’’ I nod, the pregnancy had made so sleepy. I could sleep the whole day away, my body was just so exhausted.


I wake up by Niall going around in the room ‘’Niall?’’ I call out rubbing my eyes, ‘’I’m here luv.’’ He replies walking over to me.

‘’What are you doing?’’ I ask puzzled.
‘’I have to go in some minutes.’’ He replies looking down, touching my stomach. ‘’Did I sleep all day?’’ I gasp, ‘’I’m so sorry.’’

‘’You needed sleep, just take care.’’
‘’I will, and come home soon.’’ And with that he had left, could still feel his touch lingering on my skin and I dug down under the covers.

14 hours later.

I’m quick to pick up the phone as I press it to my ear ‘’Hello?’’ I ask hopefully.

‘’How is my princesses?’’ Niall coos in the other line making me giggle, ‘’how was your flight?’’
‘’Good, we are in Spain now. The concert is starting in an hour.’’ I sigh, ‘’I wish you was here.’’ I mutter.

‘’Me too babe, hey what are you planning on doing while I’m away?’’ He asks softly.

‘’I’ll just hide in the bed and eat sweets until you come.’’ I replied telling the truth, I had no plan on going out any time soon.

‘’Please, tomorrow go out with Perrie and the other girls. They asked me to ask you.’’ He says his voice concerned.

‘’I don’t really want to.’’ I reply, not that I didn’t want to see them I just haven’t really talked with any of them. Not even Emily.
‘’Please?’’ He begs, ‘’Alright.’’ I finally replies.

I hear someone shout something in the background, ‘’I have to go babe, I love you both a ton.’’ And with that he had hung up.

I didn’t lie when I agreed I was going to spend some time with the girls, because after I was going to catch up with Matthew. I knew he have tried to reach me for months now.

I sigh, humming to my baby bump.


What is matthew going to say, can niall be a good boy on the tour? Let's read on. ;)

Your comments, and votes make me extemely happy.


Omg. I loved the story c: this was the first fanfiction to make me cry!
xSinna xSinna
ok thank :)
HoranHug! HoranHug!
Sorry I can't log into this account anymore so I didn't see it before now! Vampire diaries xxx
Hess Hess
I cried wow I love this story :). And what are the show or movie was the clips from?
HoranHug! HoranHug!

Thank you so much dear. x
Niallerswifey Niallerswifey