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They're still here...


"Never!"Niall yelled."Oh God!Ok,that's it!I'm leaving!" Louis said."Louis No!"Harry quickly hugged him."What Harry?You want a normal life or a life full of paparazzi,screaming fans,haters and fake friends???"Lous said pissed...Nobody answered"Well?"Louis said pissed again"...ok then!"He said and shut the door behind him.Harry cried then Zayn packed his thinks and leaved after Louis."Sorry guys...I want a normal life..."He said crying."NO!NO!NO!You're wrong!Everything is wrong we're not fake frinds and our life is not normal 'cause...normal's boring..."Liam said.Niall looked at him and smiled a little."Liam...I know normal is boring...but if we argue every single day?We even fought onstage...".Liam didn't answered.He starded at Zayns eyes.Zayn and Liam looked each other for a while and then Zayn did a big step and got out of the door.Niall cried.He cried so hard that he couldn't breathe."Shhh...Niall..."Liam said hugging him tighly."...everything is gonna be fine...they're still here...they never leaved..."Liam said as a cold tear rolled slowly down his face.The tear fell just on Nialls shoulder.Niall felt Liams tear and hugged him.They both cried that night...everyone cried that night 'cause everyone thought that was the last night of One Direction...well...Was it?



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