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Merry Christmas, Everyone

Harry 5

Finally – it was Christmas Day. I woke up the following morning, intertwined with Harry's long limbs. The sun rays poked through the blinds on his window. Harry was still asleep and I had no intention on waking him up - he deserved every minute of rest. I slowly sat up and shimmied out of his bed. I slipped on one of Harry's t-shirts and tousled my hair. Just as i was about to walk out and go to the bathroom, I heard a voice come from the bed,

"Where are you going, love?" Harry sounded so cute in the morning; his voice was deeper and raspy. "Please come back to bed." Tapping my now empty side of the bed, Harry looked at me with tired eyes. I walked back over and sat down cross legged next to him. He reached for my hand and rubbed it. I began straddling him, one hand on his chest, the other running through his hair. Leaning in for a kiss, our noses touched at first. Right before our lips could touch, Gemma knocked on the door.

"Why the fuck does this keep happening." Harry grunted. I rolled over and was now lying next to him on my back. "Come in Gemma"

Gemma barged in the door wearing a red velvet dress with a Santa hat to match. "Good morning sleepy heads! Care to join us downstairs? Mum made breakfast and we're gonna open presents before company comes over."

Harry and I slowly got dressed and made our way downstairs to the kitchen. Gemma, Anne and Des were nearly done with their breakfast when Harry and I sat down to eat. The kitchen still vaguely smelled like burnt food, but I was in no position to comment on that.

This was all unfamiliar to me. I haven’t had a traditional Christmas since my parents divorced when I was 8. Harry understood me, his parents divorced when he was young too. Although he still kept in contact with his dad, I did not. I grew up in an extremely broken home. My mom worked a lot so she could provide for me and my older brother.She often took shifts on major holidays to make some extra money.Christmas presents were nonexistent and our Christmas dinner consisted of whatever my mother was able to bring home. We didn’t make wish lists, have Christmas trees or write letters to Santa. If anything, Christmas was just an ordinary day.After I graduated college and moved into my own place, I still didn’t really do anything. Last year I treated my mother and brother to dinner, but that was about it.

After the morning’s antics, we all had to get ready for company. Harry’s mom started prepping the food, Harry and I made sure to steer clear of the kitchen so we went upstairs to get changed into something more presentable.I slipped on a short, tight, white dress and a pair of simple gold heels. While staring at myself in the mirror, Harry came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

“You look great.”He slid his hands down to my waist. I quickly turned around and put my arms around his neck. I quickly stepped back and noticed his tie was crooked. I began fixing it.

“You’re too much.”I kissed Harry lightly on the cheek. He brought me in for a tight hug, his hands now wondering my back. I wanted to pull away before we got too in the moment, but Harry was just so tempting.Harry brought me in for a long, passionate kiss. My fingers ran through his curly hair as my leg wrapped around his. Our bodies pressed to each other, I decided to pull away.I really didn’t want to, but I needed to finish getting ready before all of the company arrived. Harry let out a sigh and rolled his eyes. I stroked his cheek one last time before I went and curled my hair.

Now, downstairs I was amongst many of Harry’s friends and relatives who I had never even heard of before.Aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends, it was all just too much. I had greeted so many people that I had forgotten who was who. Many of them were interested in where I lived, what I majored in, what kind of job I had. There were also very interested in how Harry was doing. They asked him how his previous tour went, how the other boys were and many other questions involving his career. I could tell that the both of us were getting a little overwhelmed so we headed over to the kitchen.

“Wine?” Harry said as he began pouring himself a glass. I nodded my head yes – I needed to relax. “White or Red?” I pointed to the bottle of red wine. Only two sips in, Anne started corralling everyone into the dining room area for dinner. There was an entire fest in front of us. Main dishes, side dishes, salads and bread galore. It was exactly like how it was in the movies. Amongst the hustle and bustle, I grabbed a plate with one hand, and in the other – my wine glass.

The table was set up buffet style. You would get your plate, serve yourself then go sit down wherever a seat was available. I followed Harry down the line, he was serving me whatever he was getting. I was being extra careful with my wine glass, I wouldn’t want to spill it on the floor.
“Alex! I’m so sorry!” Gemma began freaking out once again. She was going against the crowd and had accidentally knocked my wine glass onto me. My used-to-be white dress now adorned a giant red wine stain. I tried not to scream, or cry or show any negative emotion. Everyone in the room stopped and looked at me, the room grew silent. Embarrassed and not wanting to cause a scene, I quickly put my plate down and ran upstairs.

“Gemma!” Harry yelled. I could hear the anger and volume in his voice before I even reached the top of the stairs.

“Harry, I didn’t mean it!”

When I reached Harry’s room I heard footsteps behind me. Assuming they were Harry’s, I slipped off my dress and took a seat on his bed.I wasn’t even upset or mad at Gemma – it was just a dress. I didn’t even know how I felt. All that I knew is that I needed to remove myself from that situation.

“Al, I’m sorry. She was just excited, she didn’t mean to sp-“

“Harry.” I laughed. “It’s fine. This isn’t the first time she’s spilled something on me.”

“It’s not that.” Harry walked closer to me. He sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “I just wanted you to have the perfect Christmas with my family, and this is proving to be far from it.” He looked down at the ground. I couldn’t believe he thought that.

Placing my hand on his thigh I looked at him straight in the eye. “Harry Edward Styles.” I shook my head. “This has been the best Christmas ever, how dare you.”


“Oh stop it you. Your family has shown more love and compassion this Christmas than my family ever has. You know I haven’t celebrated much with my family- and for you to do this for me, means the world. So what if I was spilled on twice and we nearly set your house on fire? Those are memories I’ll never forget. I don’t care what you say, but this seems to be a pretty perfect Christmas to me.” I kissed his cheek. Harry began blushing as I went back in for another kiss.

“Well, I’m very happy to hear that.” Harry said as he began sliding his hands down to my waist once again, this time with no intention of stopping. He kissed my lips.

“You’re such a little goofball.” I broke away. “I love you so much, Merry Christmas.”


sorry I'm updating so late, school is crazy right before I go on break so I rarely have time for this - but slowly and surely they will be up!
final harry chapter, I'll prob start a new one tomorrow


Omg i love these. so great

Sophalicious Sophalicious

When are you going to update?!?! I love your short stories all rolled into one big story. Please update soon! Even it's past Christmas. Lol



thank you!!!!

harrystylish harrystylish

This is AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!