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Merry Christmas, Everyone

Harry 3

"Mum!" Harry helped me up before he ran over to give her a hug.

"Oh Harry, you don't know how much I've missed you." Harry's mom, Anne, brought her face up to Harry's chest and held him tightly. "So? Where is she?" Anne released him from her arms and shoved him to the side. Harry cleared his throat and looked over at me.

"This is Alex." He put his arm around my back and began rubbing it.

"Hi, Mrs. Cox. I've bee-"

"I am thrilled to finally meet you Alex. Oh and honey, please, call me Anne." She brought me in for a hug. She smelled of vanilla and perfume- quite pleasing to be completely honest. "Now come on, grab your bags out of the snow and get inside. It's too cold for the two of you to be out here playing." His mother had a distinguishable accent much like her sons, sounding very genuine and welcoming.

Once inside, Harry let out a sigh of relief - he was so excited to have the next few days off. Walking through his house gave off such a homey feeling. Almost every room had some sort of Christmas decoration. We stepped into the kitchen only to see dishes and plates with eaten food on them on the table. "Where's Gemma? Des?" Harry looked around.

"Gemma actually stepped out after we ate dinner, and Des is out with a few friends for the night. It was getting pretty late and you two hadn't shown up yet. Don't worry though, there are leftovers on the stove" His mother began clearing the dinner table.

"Mum, no let me." Harry grabbed a stack of dishes out of her hands and proceeded to bring them to the sink. "Go relax, we can handle this. Alex is a great dish washer." Harry looked over at me, signaling me to grab something off of the table.

"Yes! Of course. My pleasure Mrs. C- I mean, Anne." Blushing, I stacked the plates on the dining table.

"Oh you two are so sweet. I'm going to run and take a shower. When I'm done, I'd love to hear more about you." Anne ran up the stairs leaving Harry and I alone. I brought the dishes I was holding over to Harry who was currently washing some. After placing them into the sink I wrapped my arms around him and laid my head on his back.

"She's too cute." I whispered into his ear. Swiftly, he whipped around so he was facing me. He leaned down so close to my neck that I could feel his breath.

"But not as cute as you." Harry then proceeded to peck my neck, sending tingles down my spine.He placed his hand on my shoulder and started to slowly move it down my chest. Not wanting to get too in the moment, I backed up.

"You sir, still have dishes to do." I laughed as I headed back towards the table with a wet rag to clean it. Harry started at me while I began wiping it. "Well, what are you waiting for? Finish the dishes babe." He rolled his eyes as he turned back around.

He clanged and clashed the dishes in the sink until he was done. I was sitting patiently for him at the now clean dinner table. Harry began getting loser to the table, walking up behind me and leaning his head in close.

"Now, where were we?" He whispered. But before he could do anything, we heard the front door slam close.

"Mum?? Harry?? Anyone home?" Harry quickly snapped up and walked to the kitchen doorway.


"Oh Harry!" She ran up to him and hugged tightly, much similar as to what his mother did before. "How are you! I've missed you so much." Gemma shook him around and gripped him even tighter. Now releasing her grip, she tried to look over Harry's shoulder. "Where's Alex! I want to meet her!"

Still sitting in the kitchen chair, my eyes lit up as soon as she said my name. "Hi!" I stood up and began walking closer to her. Gemma quickly brought me into a tight hug. "Oh it's so nice to meet you, Harry always talks about you." I looked over at Harry as he began blushing. Letting go of my body, she looked at Harry. "Where's mum?"

"Shower." Harry said, still blushing.

"Let's make up for some lost time, shall we? I'll start boiling the water and get out the tea." Gemma began shuffling us towards the dinner table. "I want to know absolutely everything. We're going to be like sisters!" She sounded rather excited and I started to feel quite overwhelmed, but a good overwhelmed. Harry and I sat down as I watched her maneuver around the kitchen.

Gemma excitably came up to the table with three mugs of boiling water, each with a tea bag placed inside. She placed each mug in front of us. Gemma cracked smiled as she shoved the hot mug towards me. Disregarding her force, Gemma ended up knocking the mug over causing the hot water to spill on my lap. I jumped, my knees banged on the table.

“Ow!” I got up out of my seat and started hopping around.

“Oh Alex! I’m so sorry!” Gemma grabbed a cold wet rag and began dabbing my pants.

“No, it’s okay, it really is.” I was in a lot of pain but in no way did I want to be rude to Gemma, I had just met her after all. She looked embarrassed, but I knew she didn’t do it on purpose. She kept apologizing despite the fact I told her it was no big deal. “Where’s the bathroom?” Harry stood up and lead me to it. Before entering, I went to my suitcase to grab another pair of leggings to change into.

“You okay love?” Harry sat down on the bathtub ledge while I shimmied off my pants. Once they were off, I looked down at my legs to see noticeably large red marks. Harry looked at me with concern, but I assured him I was fine.

“It doesn’t even hurt, see?” I touched my upper thighs; they were more numb and red than anything. “I think my jeans shielded most of it.” Standing there in my underwear, Harry eyed me up and down, tuning out what I was saying. I’m pretty sure I could have been speaking French and his expression wouldn’t have changed.I play-tapped his face but it only provoked him more. Harry licked his lips, stood up and brought me in closer to him. Now feeling more in the moment, I reached down for the button on his jeans and looked into his gorgeous green eyes. Just as things were about to get good, Gemma knocked on the door.

“Not again” Harry groaned under his breath.

“Alex, are you good? I’m so sorry again.” .

“Yes Gemma! Perfect.” I slipped on a new pair of leggings and opened the door. “Now where were we?” I directed the Styles' siblings back into the kitchen and sat back down in the same chair.


okay sorry I'm reposting this chapter but i completely did not realize i left out a whole chunk of it at the end, my apologies!! I'll have the next one up by tonight or tomorrow afternoon
thanks for reading!


Omg i love these. so great

Sophalicious Sophalicious

When are you going to update?!?! I love your short stories all rolled into one big story. Please update soon! Even it's past Christmas. Lol



thank you!!!!

harrystylish harrystylish

This is AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!