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Merry Christmas, Everyone

Harry 2

We arrived in Cheshire thirteen hours later both Harry and I extremely groggy. jet-lagged and feeling a little gross. Harry held my hand as we walked through the fans and paparazzi, guided by the security guards around us. Neither of us were in any condition to stop for pictures but not wanting to let the fans down, Harry did so until we were shuffled off into the car.

"You ready?" he laughed. "Don't be nervous, they're going to love you." he leaned over across the car to give me a kiss and a quick smile. I stared out the window as fans were banging on the car doors before we took off. Harry let out a sigh of relief as the SUV began moving towards his parents house. The screams soon faded out to complete silence.

Cheshire was a cute little suburban town not too far from London. It was especially cute around the holidays. I've seen it in many pictures before but seeing it in person was something else. My eyes didn't leave the window.

Before I knew it we had arrived at Harry's mom's house. It was like I stepped into a different world. The Christmas lights on his gutter shined through the soft coating of snow. Snow. I had only seen snow once before in my life - when Harry and I watched the ball drop in Times Square last year, and that wasn't really even snow, more slush-like and brown. I stepped out of the car and picked up a handful in my bare hands. Harry looked at me in pure confusion.

"Do you know what my favorite thing to do with snow is?" I shook my head as he dropped his bags, crouched down and began balling up more snow. Harry stood back up and looked me straight in the eye. "Snowball fights!" He laughed before he launched one at my pea coat.

"You jerk! You didn't even give me a chance!" I dropped my bags onto the ground and threw what was left of the snow in my hand at him.

We ran around his front yard just like little kids. "Can't catch me!" Harry squealed as he ran behind a tree to make a snowball. Emerging from the tree, he hit me again in around the same spot. Flustered I bent down to make another snowball and launched one right at his chest and successfully hit him.

Even though we were both freezing, neither of us could stop hysterically laughing. Harry came up close to me as if he was going to hug me but faked me out and threw another snowball. I pushed him to the ground and in an attempt to save himself, he brought me down with him. The both of us started uncontrollably giggling. Harry was on the ground and I had landed straddling him. He leaned up to kiss me. Just as our lips were about to meet I heard an unfamiliar voice coming from the house.

"Harry is that you?"



Omg i love these. so great

Sophalicious Sophalicious

When are you going to update?!?! I love your short stories all rolled into one big story. Please update soon! Even it's past Christmas. Lol



thank you!!!!

harrystylish harrystylish

This is AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!