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A Month In Sin

33. Now or Never

Elys looked around the room as his sisters’ potential happily ever afters sat around, drank beer, and watched the soccer game that was on TV. He died to know their decision. Andrew and he were so desperate to find out what they were going to do in Los Angeles shortly after everything happened.
Would they have a body to hide or have two new brothers?
“This has to be the lamest bachelor party I’ve ever seen, and I live in Vegas, so I’ve seen a lot,” he said, making Niall look at him in confusion.
“Is that what this is?” Niall asked, looking back at Luke.
Luke just shrugged as he took a swig of his beer.
“That’s up to Calum.”
“Speaking of decisions. What are yours?” Andrew asked, looking between Niall and Luke.
Anyone with eyes could see the fire behind Andrew’s eyes, and how much he cared for Ori and Eris.
Everyone was shocked when Luke shrugged, making Michael scoff.
“Luke doesn’t have any answers for you,” Michael said, looking to Niall. “You and Ori have been smarter about it, yeah? You two have talked about it.”
“You haven’t even talked about it? Mate, we tell the world tomorrow. My whole family knows my decision already,” Niall asked.
“What am I supposed to even say?”
“‘Oh, hey, Eris. I’ve never been happier than I am when you’re in my life, and I fucking love you.’ See how easy that was?” Mikey interrupted, making Elys smirk.
Michael seemed to know the decision Luke was going to make, but did Luke?
“To be fair, saying it to us is a hell of a lot easier then saying it to her,” Ashton said. “Try it.”
“Please just tell me that you’ve at least told her how you feel about her,” Mikey pleaded.
Luke doesn’t say anything, only looks at his bottle, and Niall pauses the soccer game to stare at him.
“How do you feel about her?”
“To be honest, I haven’t stopped to think about it.”
“The fact that you have to think about it troubles me,” Elys said, confirming his thoughts about being worried if Luke had realized it or not.
Luke looked at him and shook his head. “Seriously, the last thing in the world I want to do is hurt your sister. I just . . . haven’t thought about any of it. I guess I’m just scared of what happens when I do.”
“You don’t have a choice. You’re going on Ellen tomorrow, and you have to have your decision made,” Calum said, making Luke’s shoulders slump.
“Why? Who decided this thirty-day thing? Why can’t it be longer?”
“That would be my mom, and I couldn’t tell you why she said thirty days. You were all for it from day one,” Elys said, his hand raised.
“Yes, day one. This is day twenty-nine, and I’m calling takebacks. I demand more time.”
“It’s too late for that, Luke. We have to face this tomorrow.”
Luke groaned and fell back into the couch. “Fine. Carry on celebrating your last night as a bachelor. I’ll be sitting here trying to remind myself that running away will only make the situation worse.”
“Yeah it would.” Elys smirked as he took a sip of his beer. “In so many ways.”
Andrew’s smirk towards Elys told the other that they were both thinking of the same thing- ways to kill him and get away with it.
“You know what? Your family is absolutely horrifying. Your sister told me all about your past, and she had this sweet smile that made it hard to understand what exactly she was saying.”
“How does this even happen with the security that you all have following you around?” Calum asked.
Elys shrugged. “Eris is probably the best at getting away from them, and Claire demanded that she have a night of freedom for her bachelorette party, so that meant Ori didn’t have any either.”
“I haven’t noticed them here in LA,” Ashton said.
“They haven’t gotten here yet, but you’ll see them soon enough.” Elys rubbed a hand over his face. “The worst part about them is that we know who they are, but others don’t. They are in normal clothing, so nobody knows that we have them. People don’t know who our parents are or what they do. The wedding security was big, but you didn’t know it because they were wearing tuxes.”
The celebrities in the group grew quiet, because they weren’t really sure what to do with that information. One of the things they hated about being famous was being followed, but not being famous and still being followed because you were scared for your safety? That was a whole different level.
Niall and Luke thought that over as they made their decision. Security would no longer be for crowd control… it would be in case a threat popped up.
After everyone’s thoughts settled, the party went back to how it was before. Niall and Andrew start the game and are watching intently, screaming, or cheering at the TV occasionally. Elys, Michael, Calum, and Ashton were trying to figure out how to liven this party, while Luke sat there and sipped his beer slowly.
Eris raced through his mind… one memory at a time over the past month.
He knew he needed to talk to her, to hold her close, and have her next to him. He just needed her, but he also needed to face this decision. He needed to do it… now.
At that thought, he got up, grabbed his keys, and stormed out.
They couldn’t put it off any longer. It was now… or never.


So, I'm not really sure if anybody's commented, but I went ahead and updated. Lemme know what y'all think!
The description is from Written in the Sand by Old Dominion.
We are so close to this story being finished. Are y'all still wanting a sequel? I feel like two people are reading this.
Remember! We don't update until somebody comments!


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