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A Month In Sin

23. A Gallagher Christmas (Part 1)

Christmas Eve was appointed to Niall’s mom and stepdad, and Christmas Day was appointed to Niall’s dad, so since it was Christmas Eve, we were getting ready to go to her house.

Maura was adamant about being dressed up for Christmas- where Bobby was adamant about staying in your pajamas all day on Christmas day.

Due to the freezing weather, I slipped on some black tights, a red skirt that came a little above my knee with a bow around my waist, a black, cold-shoulder top that was tucked into my skirt, and black heeled booties. I had put my hair in a fancy up-do that took a long time to do. Since my hair took so long to do, I kept my make-up fairly simple- but elegant. I hadn’t put on eyeshadow, but did a wing and red lipstick. I did a quick check of my nails, seeing that the red was still prominent, but the mistletoe just accented the whole look.

I was standing in the bathroom- my ring resting on my finger.

When I felt arms wrap around my waist, I smiled.

“Hey, darlin’.”

“Hey,” I said with a happy sigh.

“You look beautiful.”

I blushed, looking down at my feet to avoid his gaze in the mirror.

With my emotional breakdown and revelation yesterday, I had grown incredibly shy around him. Maybe it was my heart’s last attempt to prepare for the inevitable heartbreak.

He has said it multiple times. He is enjoying his twenties as a single man and wants to wait to settle down. Staying married to me doesn’t exactly fall into staying single.

“So, how much longer do we have until we leave?”

“Relax. We have time. You’re supposed to be enjoying this time of no plans, as am I. We both have times where no plans are made, instead of me knowing what I’m doing tomorrow a year ago.”

We stood there, with his arms wrapped around me enjoying the light Christmas music playing from my phone, for a bit until we heard his phone ring. It was a tune I knew well- management. They called him every week asking for our decision, and he tells them that they will find out as soon as we do.

“Why the hell are they calling me on Christmas Eve?” he asked.

He answered it as he walked out into the hall. I called Eris, knowing that her flight to Australia had already landed.


“Hey, how are things going down in Australia?”

“Things are… okay. How are you though? You never called me back after that breakdown yesterday.”

“I’m… better. Greg hates me, but Niall doesn’t seem to care. I kind of told Niall I was in love with him last night. We’re about to go and meet his mom and step-dad. Denise, Theo, and Bobby like me, so I can’t really complain.”

“Wait. Did you really tell Niall that you were in love with him?”

“Yeah. I realized it when we got here and I saw him playing with Theo.”

“Well, we are getting ready for bed. Luke, stop it! I love you, Ori. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.”

“Love you. See you soon.”

I then hung up knowing they weren’t going to bed soon.

“Who called you?” Niall asked, leaning against the doorframe.

“I called Eris. Getting update on Australia.”

“Well, Modest have decided that we are all four going on Ellen to announce our decision. Since we’re on this topic, what is our decision?”

“I’ve already told you my decision. This is laying in the fact of what you want to do, Niall. Going on Ellen is awesome though. I’ve always loved her,” I said, making him purse his lips and nod.

Most people would be super nervous about laying it in the boy’s hands, but I knew that he would make the decision on what was best. I slipped on my heeled ankle boots and then tied them. I put on my wedding ring before secretly grabbing the gift I got for Niall. Well, one of them. I snuck out this morning to get the record player for his mom’s house. I had somehow convinced Niall that I played guitar for the present for his dad’s house.

I remember when I first got in London, I noticed the record player in the living room that he said had broken the day before he left for tour with 5 Seconds of Summer, so he didn’t have time to get a new one.

I went and bought/ordered his Christmas presents while he was at the studio. I grabbed my purse and the record player- the 500 dollar one- as Niall was finishing getting ready and snuck downstairs.

“What is in the box?” Bobby asked as he caught me in the kitchen.

“Niall’s Christmas present,” I said innocently.

“You’re giving it to him at Maura’s?” he asked and you could see the hurt in his eyes.

“I’m saving the best for last, don’t worry,” I said with a wink.

“You got him two?”

“’Course. This one I ordered and picked up this morning in Dublin,” I said, making Bobby’s mouth drop.

“Hey, Ori! We need to be going or we’re going to be late,” I heard Niall yell in the hallway.

I quickly excused myself from the conversation and ran outside- hoping Niall didn’t see me and Bobby would cover for me.

I had just walked away from the trunk- that had presents for his family from him- when he walked outside.

“Hey, Dad said that you were outside. He said that you were putting your stuff in the car,” he said, making me smile.

“Yep! Are you ready?” I asked, noticing how he actually styled his hair today.

It made the fading blonde tips stick out and it looked awesome.

“Now, my mum’s family is fun, but definitely odd for lack of a better word,” he said, intertwining his fingers with mine as he did every car ride since our date.

I laughed and shook my head.

“I told you that my grandfather used to work for a mob and you’re worried about having a crazy family?” I asked, making a smirk form.

“They’re crazy, but they are proper as well, so it’s weird.”

Apparently, Maura’s house also wasn’t very far from Bobby’s.

Staring at the house in front of me, I was shocked.

“Your mom lives here?”

“Yeah. I bought it for her. Least I could’ve done,” he said, shrugging.

I looked at him and smiled.

The house was gorgeous. I did notice that Greg, Denise, and Theo were here as I recognized the familiar car.

“You nervous?” he asked as he opened my door for me.

“Very,” I breathed, making him smile.

He offered his hand to help me step down out of the car.

“Thank you,” I said, walking towards the back of the Rover.

“What are you doing?”

“Helping get the presents,” I said, as I lifted the trunk and grabbed the gift that was placed in a cardboard box and then wrapped so it wouldn’t get damaged.

I also grabbed the few I got Theo, while Niall grabbed the ones he got him.

Walking in carrying a few boxes was not really elegant, but it was needed. Niall opened the door, not even bothering knocking.

I understood why as soon as we walked in and saw many people standing up or sitting down and talking. Niall directed us to the tree- where we sat the presents under it.

“We open once the family leaves,” he said into my ear.

I shrugged, not really caring.

“Niall! My boy!” I heard a yell.

A smile formed on Niall’s face that I hadn’t seen yet. It was a smile that only family brought out in him, and it was breathtakingly beautiful.


Hello all!
So, I updated again because we got a comment. I did edit it, but if you find anything that doesn't make sense, please let me know! My sister and I don't mind constructive criticism. With that though, my sister has gotten "your writing sucks. You should quit writing forever." (it was one of her first stories she ever did) and that will NOT be tolerated, whatsoever. That kind of stuff makes people give up on their hobbies. It honestly makes my sister not sure of herself still.
I love you all!
The description is something I found online, but it's from some Christmas song. Sorry. I don't actually know what song it's from or I would credit it.


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