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A Month In Sin

21. Meeting the Horans

Our flight was leaving at noon and we were getting in Ireland around two in the afternoon. We were arriving at the airport around ten due to security and policies we must go through.
Leaving the country takes longer than flying to the country.

I woke up at the usual 8 in the morning and started getting ready. I wanted to look my best since I was meeting my father-in-law for the first time. I had seen Eris wear her sweater that we had gotten together to wear on Christmas while we spent time with family, but unfortunately, our plans were broken. To show that I hadn’t forgotten my sweater either, I slipped the green sweater on that had Santa’s Favorite Blonde written in big letters. It was a cold shoulder, and I had fallen in love with. I paired it with light skinny jeans and black combat boots. I curled my hair in loose waves and kept my makeup natural colors, with brown eyeshadow and pink lipstick.

I finished the little bit of packing I had to do, like toothbrush, chargers, hairbrush, make-up, etc.

As soon as I zipped up my suitcase, I heard a knock on the door.

“Ori, love, you ready to go?” Niall asked, making stand up.

“Yep! Are they here?” I asked, making him nod, “great! Let me load this up and all will be good!”

I was shocked when Niall grabbed my suitcase from me.

“I’ve got it. Just make sure we are locked up,” he said, making me smile.

I grabbed his keys as we walked down the stairs. I was turning lights off as we did, Niall wasn’t sure when he would be back to London- which is why I had to bring everything. I had kept my closet to a minimum so I wouldn’t have to pack too much, but I had been here for twenty days.

We arrived at the airport fairly quickly, but the airport did take forever. They called our flight after about 30 minutes of waiting. We loaded up, and since Niall was planning on flying commercial in the first place, that’s what we did. It also helped that- due to Dad’s paranoia- my body guard was flying with us.

“Now, how did we lose them a month ago?” Niall asked, making me laugh.

“Claire helped, plus we had the girl who is an expert at sneaking off,” I said, giggling.

When I saw his smile, my heart fluttered. I could get used to that feeling every time I see those beautiful pearly whites. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I should. I was broken from my thoughts when our fingers intertwined. I slipped my headphones over my ears after plugging my phone into them.

If this month doesn’t do anything, it definitely broadened my music taste. When I heard, Company You Keep by Maren Morris play through my speakers, I smiled and leaned my head against the headrest. This plane was crowded- which was expected for it being two days before Christmas.

The plane ride didn’t last that long, as it was only an hour flight. We stepped off the plane and went straight to baggage claim. Unfortunately, a girl sitting behind Niall and I had taken a picture of us on the plane and put it on Twitter.

I went to the original tweet while we were waiting on our luggage. What I saw made me smile and show Niall.

Okay, but for everyone saying that this is just for publicity. There isn’t paps on this plane. They probably figured fans were on the plane, but with the way they looked at each other… they probably didn’t care.

She had a picture of our hands intertwined, which is the only thing you could see between the seats.

How do we know that’s Niall and Ori?

That’s not Niall. Ori is tanner than that.

After reading some more tweets, we grabbed our bags and went through everything. As we neared close to the lobby of the airport, I followed Niall to pick up the rental car that he ordered. We then drove the hour and a half that it took to get to his dad’s house.

I tried to focus on the beautiful scenery I was surrounded with, but all I could think about was what was happening. I was about to meet the most important people in Niall’s life, and if I decided to stay, they had to like me.

Before I knew it, the grass fields ended and buildings appeared. The buildings were old, which made me so excited. I loved a history-filled small town. There was no telling how old these buildings were.

It seemed too quickly that Niall was turning into a driveway. He put the car in park and looked at me.

“You ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I said, stepping out.

As soon as Niall stepped out, the front door opened and Theo ran out as fast as his little legs would take him. He ran straight to Niall, who immediately bent down and scooped him up.

“Theo! I missed you, little lad,” he said, making Theo giggle.

God, I can’t wait to see him as a father.

I gasped as I realized that I shouldn’t worry about getting attached anymore, because I already was. If he didn’t want this, I would move on, but it would definitely hurt. I… was in love with him, and while that scared the absolutely shit out of me, it happened.

How did I fall in love with a man in a month?

How did Mom know?

I was broken from my thoughts when Niall touched my waist.

“Guys, this is Ori,” Niall introduced with a smile.

“Hello. It’s a pleasure meeting you all,” I said, extending my hand.

They all just stared at me, and looked me up and down, before Denise spoke up.

“You don’t look like a partier,” she commented.

I smiled, laughing slightly. I could tell she didn’t mean it in a cruel way, that it was just an observation.

“Actually, the night Niall and I got married I was attending my eldest sister’s bachelorette party, and my twin sister, Eris, had met Luke a few hours before- which she had failed to mention to me. So, when they bumped into each other at the club, Eris introduced me to the both of them.”

“So, how did that later become you two getting hitched?” Greg spoke up, making me look at my feet nervously.

“Greg,” Niall and Bobby both said, with warning in their tone.

I heard Greg sigh as I looked up.

“Well, come tell me about yourself. Niall doesn’t call home anymore,” Bobby said, wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

I eased slightly with a smile on my face as I let out a small laugh.

“What do you want to know?” I asked as we walked towards the door.

I paused for a second, realizing I had forgotten about my suitcase.

“Everything! I want to know what intrigued my son to drag you to a chapel,” he said.

“Let me just grab my suitcase really fast,” I said turning around and seeing Niall pull it out of the trunk.

“I’ve got it, love. Don’t worry about it,” Niall said with a wink.

I looked at my feet with a small smile, turning to go inside where Bobby was.

“So, Niall mentioned you were going to school?”

“Yes, I plan on getting my degree in business and run my own wedding planning company.”

“Ha! Isn’t that just ironic?” Greg butted in.

“Greg! Just shut up! She isn’t the only damn one that said, ‘I do’. I put a ring on her finger as well. We are both at fault here. You said that you would wait until she got here to make your judgement on her,” Niall said as he came through the front door.

“She’s here! I made my judgement on her!”

“She can barely talk without you interrupting her!”

At this point, they were both yelling at each other. I knew that Irishmen were known for their tempers, but damn. Although, Niall defending me is hot.

After a few minutes of them arguing, I snuck off to the closest door, which was thankfully the bathroom. I pulled my phone out of my back packet and called Eris, praying that she was still awake and I wasn’t about to interrupt anything.

“Hello?” she answered on the second ring.

“Greg won’t even give me a chance, and Niall is arguing with him about it. Bobby wants to get to know me, but he can’t because his sons are yelling at each other. I don’t want to screw this up, but it’s hard when I’m not even given a chance,” I said, as I wiped the tears from my eyes.

“Ori, breathe.”

“Please, don’t tell me to breathe when I’m in love with a man who will never love me back and his family won’t even give me a damn chance because of how we met,” I said, finally releasing all of those emotions that were built inside my bones and heart.

She was dead silent, so I just hung up the phone. We were going through a comparable situation, but they weren’t the same, because no person is the same.

When there was a knock on the bathroom door, I just put my head into my knees. I prayed that whoever was there would just leave me alone.

“Ori?” I heard that voice that once soothed me, but now it just made my heart break even more.

“Ori, I know you’re in there. I can hear you. Please, open the door, love. I want to talk about this.”

“What? Are you going to tell me that I’m being ridiculous? That I should’ve expected this? Oh, or what about I shouldn’t even care? If so, please, just leave me alone.”

“I was going to say none of that, actually. I was going to tell you not to listen to him because he’s wrong about you. Whatever judgement he has of you is wrong. You showed me that there is so much more than that uptight, control-freak persona you pull. If he would’ve taken the time to get to know you, he would see that you didn’t want this. He would see the same girl I do, and that girl is pretty amazing,” he said as he sat beside me, placing his hand gently on my right cheek.

“I’m in love with you, Niall, and I don’t expect you to say it back. I just had to get it out there. I love you, and I would gladly wear this ring for the rest of my life. I’m still trying to figure out how I fell in love with a man in twenty days, but I did. I do have to say that the man I fell in love with is pretty amazing,” I said with a smile.

Niall wiped the tears from my eyes before leaning in until his lips met mine.


Hello, all! If you pay attention to the comments, you will have seen that I said that this chapter would have a surprise.
Well... here it is! :D
My sister and I have been planning this for a while, pretty much ever since we picked this story back up. We WILL be doing a sequel to this story! We aren't ready to let this story go just yet and have so many plans for it.
So, there you go! That's our surprise! :)
Let us know what you think of the surprise AND let me know what you think of this chapter! :)
A lot happened. I know. ;)
Here is Ori's outfit: https://www.polyvore.com/ireland_bound/set?id=229287757


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