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i cant have another child

where are you going?

ally's pov

the next morning was horrible. my makeup was all over the place and i want to lay in bed, eat ice cream, and watch chick flicks. i looked at my phone and i had 48 calls and 21 messages for harry. oh well.i should get ready to go to the doctor.

*about 25 minutes later*

i had my hair curled and a coca-cola shirt it leggings and black converse. i was about to walk out the door when i heard a knock.

harry' s pov

i know, i know i completely messed up, big time. but i couldn't help it! i need to talk to her. i couldn't even sleep last night. all i could think about how i hurt her. so i decided to talk to her today.

i made it to her door. what if i looked horrible? i have been crying since yesterday. what if she doesn't forgive me? oh well you never know until you try.

ally's pov

i opened the the door to see a red eyed harry. it made me upset to see him crying. but he shouldn't be the one crying.
"harry what do you want?" i asked
"i want you to forgive me ally. i made a huge mistake.im sorry. i want a family and i want you. i know that you would like to punch me right now but i still love you and i will never ever give up."
"you can have a family."
"really ally?"
"yeah. but we aren't going to be together if that's what your hoping."
"come on ally " harry said waking into the house.
"no" i said
"fine, yes"
"no"i laughed a little
"fine but im going to get you back you just wait"
"yea ok i would LOVE see that happen"
" it will. i know you more than you think." he smirked
he doesn't know me that well? does he?


i will!!!

kiki1d kiki1d
Anytime love! update soon! please
DirectionerLove DirectionerLove

aw thx!!!

kiki1d kiki1d
I like it even though it is small and doesn't give alot of info it sounds like its going to be a great story!
DirectionerLove DirectionerLove