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i cant have another child

just leave me alone

ally pov

i was looking for harry on our anniversry because i couldnt find him and he wasnt answering his phone.the last time i saw him was at my work place so i was going there.once i got there i heard moaning from the back so oi quiety walked back there.when i got back there i saw a beautiful blonde( much better than me) and harry kissing her. i was ful of rage and sadness i just wanted to go to bed forever.

ally-really?on our anniversry harry?

his eyes were wide with shock and guilt.

harry-im sorry i didnt know what i was thinking. forgive me please?

ally-no thanks im gonna go. have fun she looks really pretty.

harry-but i want u

ally-oh and by the way im prego and it a girl

harry-why didnt u tell me sooner!

ally-i was going to tell today! ON OUR ANNIVERSRY. but you dont care so im getting an abortion.

harry-dont do that i want a family with u

ally-well u cant get everything you want

and with that i walked to to a store to change my lock.once that was done i packed everything of harry's and put them by the door for him pick up. to tell you the truth i would never get an abortion and its to late any way so i cant even if i wanted to.i went back inside and cried myself to sleep.


first ever story plz vote and comment below!


i will!!!

kiki1d kiki1d
Anytime love! update soon! please
DirectionerLove DirectionerLove

aw thx!!!

kiki1d kiki1d
I like it even though it is small and doesn't give alot of info it sounds like its going to be a great story!
DirectionerLove DirectionerLove