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Always Will Remember

Don't tell me it's over.

Zayn is nervously pacing back and forth waiting for his drunken friend to arrive. He’s stressed and frustrated, all he really wants is to yell at everything but as per usual he holds it all in.

The situation isn’t that difficult to explain; Zayn and Perrie got into another fight. This time it wasn’t Zayn’s fault though. He tried to make her dinner, have a nice talk with her but somehow it all blew up in his face again. It always blows up in his face and he’s so tired of it. At this point, Zayn doesn’t even know whether he’s still in a relationship or not.

Perrie told him she was sick of crying for him, she was tired of the hurt she feels every time they fight. Zayn tried to apologise to her but she wouldn’t really have it. “P, we have to talk this through? I don’t know what’s going on right now and it’s driving me insane.” Zayn sighs, filling Perrie’s voicemail with another message.

It’s safe to say their relationship is quite the rollercoaster. One of them decides on something and then half an hour later it seems to be turned around again. In the beginning they had a great relationship, they liked spending time together but eventually that all just faded away.

Tired of waiting for either Perrie or Niall to show up, Zayn just grabs pen and paper and starts scribbling down his thoughts. He’s found that in the past, that is the only way he can actually get his emotions out. It’ll leave him a lot less frustrated as well.

[i]“Perrie, I wanna apologise to you for everything I did. I know I did you wrong plenty of times. I miss how we used to be and I wish you’d just come back to me now so we can talk it all out. Perrie, I don’t like this drama. We either have to talk and make sure everything’s said and done or just end this…”[/i]

His bell rings several times, Zayn immediately jumps up running towards the door. When he swings it open he’s met by three pairs of eyes. Niall and two people he doesn’t know. He simply raises his eyebrow at them then walks back into the living room letting the three in. “This is Niamh and Blaine.” Niall says, joining his friend on the couch.

“Hi.” He mumbles to the two, lighting his cigarette.

“What happened?” Niall tries to start the conversation but he knows Zayn won’t tell his business with two strangers around. Zayn is very closed off, he likes his privacy and hates it when people try to get involved or get nosy.

Zayn looks up and Niamh and Blaine; Blaine is walking around the living room, shamelessly nosing through Zayn’s stuff. “Could you not?” Zayn mumbles, annoyed at the guy. He sucks in smoke from his cigarette then blows it out quickly.

“Hey, can I bum a cigarette off you?” Niamh asks Zayn with a friendly smile, he shrugs holding his open pack towards her. She grabs a cigarette then calls over to Blaine. “Come on, Blaine, I don’t like smoking inside.” The nosy guy follows after the girl, two people Zayn’s never met but he knows how to appreciate someone who saves him from his uncomfortable feeling.

“We got into another fight…” Zayn starts when the door is closed. “She just left and I have no clue what’s going on. A part of me feels relieved that she’s gone but then at the same time another part of me wants her to come back to badly. I have no clue what’s going on and it’s driving me insane.” Zayn rants, Niall awkward rubs his hand over Zayn’s shoulder.

“Don’t let it get to you, she’s not worth it.” Niall shrugs, smiling at his friends. He’s not too good at helping people out with these kinds of situations. Ever since he’s been touring around 300 days a year; he figured no relationship would last. Niall prefers the short pain, he’ll be just as happy with or without an extra someone in his life. But the moment you become dependent on someone and consider them to be what makes you happy is the moment you get in trouble; that’s exactly how Niall sees relationships. He chooses not to have any for that exact reason.

“Zayn, who’s the girl outside?” Zayn looks up to see Perrie standing in his doorway, hands on her hips and tears in her eyes.

“One of Niall’s friends… please don’t pick another fight with me.” Zayn mumbles, slowly giving up on the constant bickering with Perrie.

“You make it seem as if I always start the fights!” Perrie yells, making Zayn ball his fists.

“Just stop! I asked you to stop! I can’t do it anymore, you’re driving me insane Perrie.” He yells. Niall carefully walks out of the room, leaving the couple to yell at each other again.

“Well, they sure seem like a happy couple.” Niamh says when Niall joins her and Blaine.

“It’s just something that can happen.” Niall says, not trying to defend his friend yet trying to defend him at the same time.

After what seems like forever, but in reality only is about fifteen minutes, Perrie comes storming out. She doesn’t say a word to Niall, only gives Niamh a dirty look. “It’s over.” Zayn mumbles, joining the three outside.


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I love this! Poor Zayn!
Parislover1d Parislover1d

I really like this story so can you plz update