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Always Will Remember

What have I done?

[i]Nine months earlier.[/i]
His brown eyes fluttered open with the sound of his phone buzzing on the nightstand. The black haired boy grumbled loudly while grabbing his phone, putting it to his ear without looking at the bright screen. “Hello?” His voice cracks slightly.

“Good morning, sir. I’m calling from T-Mobi-“ Zayn immediately presses down on the screen; he doesn’t even bother with letting the woman finish. He hates these types of phone calls, he’s told them plenty of times to erase his number from the list but they clearly aren’t doing there job quite well.

“Good morning sunshine.” Perrie giggles by his side, wrapping her arm around his torso. “Don’t be so grumpy, the sun is shining. We should go outside and do something.”

“There’s no sun, P. I’m cold, it’s winter.” Zayn grumbles then pulls her arm away from his body before sitting up in bed. He grabs his pack of cigarettes and a lighter. While inhaling the smoke he rests his elbows on his knees, running one hand through his hair while the other holds the cigarette tightly between his fingers.

“Fine then grumpy, I’ll go Christmas shopping alone. Don’t forget my present when you go do that by yourself.” She laughs, pouting slightly before giving her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

Zayn pulls away from her sighing loudly, making her do the exact same thing. “Okay, very nice Zayn. Stop taking your bad moods out on me already! I’m tired of this!” She whines, an angry tone of voice arising by the end.

Zayn sighs silently, concentrating his frustrated energy on the cigarette in his hand. He sucks in the smoke deeply while grabbing an empty Cola Light can, tapping his cigarette on the side of it.

After his morning cigarette, Zayn decides to step downstairs. He simply wants to have some rest but that’s incredibly hard when both him and Perrie are at home. He loves her, he really does. But she cheated on him a while back and that’s something he finds hard to forgive. He took her back and ever since he’s been trying his hardest to forgive her; but every time something bad happens he decides to take it out on her. It’s just easy for him to do so; she’s the only person that doesn’t complain about it too much because she knows how bad it hurt him when she cheated.

“I’m going to ask you this one more time. Are you coming with me?” Zayn’s eyes roll in their sockets as he grabs a bowl of cereal.

“And I’m going to answer you this one more time. I’m not coming with you.” He replies trying not to yell at his girlfriend. “Niall’s coming over.” He then continues before she can reply to him.

“I’ll see you later then.” Perrie replies, slamming the door when she leaves the house. Zayn smiles softly, finally coming to rest with his angry soul. He’s just having one of those days where he wants to be left alone. Those days he can’t stand anyone except for Niall. To Zayn that blonde, Irish boy is like a little brother and he’s always been protective over his siblings.

He smiles to himself with his bowl of cereal, grabbing his buzzing iPhone. Looking down he notices a text message from Perrie; he wisely ignores the text.

Zayn and Niall decided to step out in the centre of London a bit; get some fresh air. It’s almost Christmas; people are almost running through the streets trying to find a last minute Christmas gift for their loved ones. “I still have to find something for Perrie.” Zayn mumbles, looking at the different store windows as the two walk past.

Fans always surround the two; walking alone isn’t much of a possibility anymore unless they look for a decent disguise. Luckily people have gotten used to them walking around in London and they’re mostly left alone. Sure, they still walk around with a bodyguard. Which will attract some attention to them – but they can walk around without being surrounded by fans now; in central London at least.

“I’ll just get her a gift card or something.” Zayn says making Niall laugh and pat his shoulder.

“If you want to be single by New Year’s eve, that’s definitely what you should get her.” Zayn just shrugs making Niall laugh even harder. Niall – and every single Directioner – knows all about Perrie cheating on Zayn; but only the guys know the effect it had on Zayn and his look on Perrie.

“I bought my mum a bunch of stuff… one of her gifts is a cook book. Would that be considered rude?” Niall asks his friend, being completely oblivious to where the line lies with women for presents.

“Not unless you wrote something like ‘Get in the kitchen woman!’ on the wrapper or the card…” Niall laughs a guilty laugh making Zayn widen his eyes but then shakes his head.

“I love my mum, I’d never tell her that… she knows the exact time my tummy wants a refill.”

When Zayn and Niall arrive at Zayn’s house he puts the gift card he got for Perrie under the tree, along with a couple of presents for his sisters. Niall says a quick hello to Perrie before then sits down on the couch beside her. “Hi P.” Zayn mumbles before sitting down next to his friend.

“Zayn, are you not going to talk to me?”Perrie sighs frustrated at her boyfriend.

“I have a feeling it’s time for me to go…” Before Zayn can protest against Niall, Perrie nods leading the blonde out.

Frustration runs through Zayn’s veins as he lights a cigarette before Perrie sits down next to him. “I said hi to you. How is that not talking?” He sighs making her yell at him before even starting a sentence.

“Hi? Sure, you said hi! You acknowledged my existence! But you can’t even look at me? Do I need to remind you that you had a cheating scandal going on as well not too long ago? I believed you when you said you didn’t do anything!” She screams at him, running her hands through her purple hair as tears appear in her eyes.

“I didn’t do anything and I’ve told you that a million times! You choose to bring that up every fucking argument we have, Perrie. I’m fucking sick of it.” Zayn yells back at his girlfriend, walking past her.

“Zayn, stay here!” She yells at him, crying – mostly from the shock that Zayn actually yelled at her. The door slamming shut ends the discussion between the two. Zayn doesn’t usually yell at her, so she’s hopeless as of what to do now.

Perrie likes to pretend that they’re doing good still; to the media, to the fans and sometimes even to her friends and family. She’s not ready to give up on her relationship with Zayn. Zayn’s cheating scandal came shortly after she actually cheated on him; before he ever got to tell her it didn’t happen she already admitted to her mistake.

Ever since she’s been trying to talk it through with Zayn but he’s refused to; he doesn’t realise that she got hurt just as badly as he did. The thought of Zayn looking for “pleasure” with another girl did some serious damage to her self-esteem. But both of them are watched closely by the public eye so she never really had the chance to let her head hang low.

Her relationship with Zayn is at the cliff, the smallest push could ruin it all – but Perrie wants nothing more than to save them. It’s doubtful they will make it though.


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I love this! Poor Zayn!
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I really like this story so can you plz update