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Towers *Liam Payne Love Story*

Never Will


It's been five days since Jacob came and things have been fantastic and he has kept my mind off what I did a week ago.
But it haunts me in my dreams and I end up waking up in the middle of the night and cry because I don't know who to choose
Liam has broken my heart and Jacob has put the pieces but I still have strong feelings for Liam, and it's stronger than what I have for Jacob,
but I think I need to ignore it because I don't think he deserves my heart again.


Today all of us are going dress shopping for the wedding but girls and guys are going separate and I'm not excited to go at all but remember I'm doing this for my mum.

I got ready
(A/N: couldn't use polyvore because it was some error)
and waited for Jacob and we went down stairs with the family and ate breakfast.

During breakfast Liam kept looking at me weirdly, it was like he was trying to see through my heart, or my soul, or something.


I stared at Hayden trying to see through her.
I need to be with her, I never felt this way before, not even with Kalenna.

I think the only reason I'm with Kalenna because she had everything but I don't want everything I just want

She's perfect in her own little way, she is a shy girl most of the time but when she looses her temper, she will speak her mind
and doesn't care what people thing like Kalenna does.

She isn't skinny or fat, she is just right , with her curves and perfect shape, and I love that about her.

She has this weird cute personality that everybody loves and no one could forget her because of that.

I continued to look at Hayden for the rest of breakfast .

At the dress shop

When we got to the dress shop, I see two familiar girls and a woman with blonde hair .walking towards us and when they looked at me their eyes
went wide but I don't know why.

"Hayden is that you?" the woman with the long blonde hair asked.

"Yeah, it's me," I nod "Who are you?"

"It's Karen, Ruth,and Nicola," She said and my eyes went wide.

"Oh my god!" I exclaimed and walked over and gave them a hug" I haven't seen you guys in years."

"Yeah same, where have you been? we have missed you," Nicola said hugging me tightly.

"I have been living in New York for the pass 3 and 1/2 years going to NYU ," I said.

Liam's family were the only people who only knew about Liam and I's relationship and my parents just thought Liam
and I were good friends but no that was a lie, and when Liam cheated on me, his family knew and
didn't like it but when they found out who it was with , they were furious.
Nicola and Ruth doesn't like her because of something that happen in high school happened between them three and
what ever it was it might been something bad.

"Oh that's good, what major?"Ruth asked.

"I'm in Writing and literature," I said.

"Oh that's amazing," She smiled "so you want to became a writer?"

"Yeah, it's my dream," I nod.

"Yeah, I remember you use to write poetry, and all these stories that I couldn't come up with," Nicola said.

I laughed "Yeah, but my writing has changed since then and improved,"


We were trying on our bridesmaid dresses and things.
The bridemaid dress are beautiful , they are lace pinkish/orange dresses that looked amazing on each of us.

"It's beautiful, " I said looking at my self in the body length mirror.

"Yeah it sure is," My mum said coming up behind me "You look beautiful sweetheart, I just can't wait until you get married."

"Oh I don't think that will ever happen," I said moving away from the mirror and sat down.

"Why is that?" she asked with one her eyebrows raised.

"Cause I don't think, the married life is for me mum," I said looking down.

"Why do you say that? Aren't you going to marry Jacob?" If she acts me another question, I will go crazy in this bitch.

"I don't know Mum, I can't predict the future, so don't asked me about it," I said before going back into the dressing room changing back into my normal clothes.

I think it's bullshit that my mother wants me to get married and I don't think
I ever will never will


Hey you guys I'm back, and I've missed you guys.

I will update probably will update tomorrow and again later on this week because school and I will be rehearsing for an audition this Performing Arts school so excited.

See you soon Byexx
- Aalyiah-Anastaysha


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