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Towers *Liam Payne Love Story*

I really don't care

Next Morning
The next morning I woke up so happy to see Jacob but I feel guilty because what I did with Liam last night. I quickly got dressed into this and I let my hair out of my bun and let my natural waves flow and put a little bit of make up on and head down stairs .

On my way down I bump into Kalenna "Oh hey Hayden what are you doing dressed so nice?".

"My boyfriend is flying in today," I smiled.

"Oh yay I can't wait to meet the special guy in your life little sis," she said excitedly.

"Yeah me either, I see you when I get back," I said before continuing going down the stairs.

I walked into the kitchen and seen my mum and dad in the kitchen making breakfast.

"Hi mum , Hi dad," I said sitting at the kitchen.

"Hello Sweetheart," she turns around and sees me"So where are you going looking so nice?"

"I'm going to pick up Jacob today actually," I smiled.

"Oh really, " She said excitedly "We can't wait to meet him, right honey?"

"Yes I can't wait to see him sweet heart," My dad said smiling as he finish up making pancakes.

A few minutes later Kalenna came back down but with Liam and guess what? he was shirtless and had some basketball shorts on, and they sat across from me and mum and dad.
Moments later as I was eating my breakfast and I looked up from my food and seen Liam was looking it me and looking down at my...OMG , he is a perv.

After breakfast I got up and went to the dishwasher and put my plate in there and I told everyone I would see them later, except liam and head out.


I was excitedly waiting near the gate for Jacob. Then I looked around and I paused and seen afamiliar boy and I began to run and when he finally notice me and his eyes went wide and he ran towards me and when we met he picked me up and we hugged.

"I missed you so much," I cried in his ear and he was rubbing my back.

"I missed you too baby," He said in my ear.

After our little moment I helped him with his bags and we head to the car and the driver helped put Jacob's bags in the boot and we got in the car and we head back home.

At Home

When we pulled into my parent's driveway and the only thing I seen on Jacobs face was wide eyes.

"I know right," I laughed.

"I never known your parents were rich," He said and I shook my head.

"My parent's aren't rich , my mum is a caterer and my dad is contracter," I said.

"So who brought them, the house?" He asked confused.
"My sister's 'fiance' brought it for them," I said then sighed thinking about
what happen last night again.

"Oh cool, what does he do?" He asked.

"Um he is a pop star," and I then I looked and seen his eyes they were wide again and I just shook it off and the car stopped.

We got out of the car and got his bags out the boot and headed to the door and I took my key out and
unlock the door and heard running echoing from the house and it finally stop and seen Kalenna.

"Hi Kalenna" I said awkwardly.

"Hey Hade," she waved and she turned and looked at Jacob"And who is this?"

"This is my boyfriend jacob," I said "And Jacob, this is my big sister Kalenna."
"Hi nice to meet you," He said shaking hands with Kalenna.

"Nice to meet you too," She smiled "So are you going to introduce him to mum and dad."

"I was getting to that," I rolled my eyes and talking his hand going towards the kitchen where my mum
is always at and I seen she was baking as usual "Mum."

She turned around and she was wearing a apron and some mittens and was holding a pan a brownies.
"Hey, Sweetheart," She said to me and then turned and looked at Jacob "Oh you must be Jacob."

"Yeah that's me, it's nice to meet you Mrs.Richardson," he smiled as he walked over to shake my mum's hand.

"It's nice to meet you too Jacob," she said putting her pan down and took her mittens off and shook his hand.

Soon after that my dad came in "Dad this is Jacob, my boyfriend,"

"So you are the lad that took my little girl's heart," My dad said with his arms crossed.

"Yeah that's me I'm Jacob, it's nice to meet you Mr.Richardson," Jacob said before shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you too Jacob, and you can call me Hal," My dad smiled.

"Okay Mr-Hal," Jacob corrected himself.

Thirty minutes passed and my dad and Jacob was talking about sports and how American football is different from football here.

Then I heard footsteps and seen Liam and Kalenna come in and as soon as he seen Jacob and his eyes went wide and he looked at me and I smirked because I didn't really care about Liam as much as I use to , I only care about Jacob because he has help me stop thinking about Liam. But if I think about it now I don't have that spark with Jacob like I have with Liam but I don't care because Jacob will always be there for me more than Liam will ever be.

I really don't care what he thinks either.


Just wanted to surprise you guys with a second update today.
I will update tomorrow byexx



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