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Towers *Liam Payne Love Story*



Two weeks later

These two weeks with Liam has been amazing.
We have did everything picnic to movie dates things are like different compared to last time we've been together.

Liam has been very sweet and charming, I can't ask for anything else.

Today Liam and I are going to his parents house for dinner, I'm kinda nervous because I haven't seen them in a while since when Liam and I were a couple.

We were got ready at Liam's place. I brought my stuff over because I knew that I would be staying over.
I went to take a shower while Liam went to go get his suit from the dry cleaners.

After 20 minutes in the showers I got out and combed the knots out of my hair , dried my hair , and curled it.
Then I went to put a little makeup on like eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick because Liam doesn't want me to put that stuff on
because he likes me for me and I love him for that.

I began to put my cream white dress, with my matching heels. After I put on my Infinity necklace that Liam brought me
for my birthday last week, I went down stairs and seen Liam already wearing his suit and he was sitting on
the couch in the living room

"Hey babe, when did you come back?" I said as I walked over to sit on his lap and he put his arms
around me.

"Like 30 minutes ago," He said"You look Irresistible baby, are you ready to go?"

"Yeah," I said before getting up off his lap so he could get up and got my purse and we headed
out the door.

we got out to the car and Liam opened the door for me"Thanks babe," I smiled getting in the car.

"You don't have to thank me, I would do anything for you," He said before closing the door and going to the
driver side and he got in and turn it on and we head over to his parents house.

i reached over and turned the radio on and night changes was on
As we were listening to the song Liam began the song
'Driving too fast, moon is breaking through her hair She said it was something that she won’t forget Having no regrets is all that she really wants'
He begans to look at me as he sings it and I smiled.

At Liam's Parents House

Liam parks in his parents driveway
He gets out of the car and goes on the other side and opens my door.
I smile at him and step out and he grabs my hand leads the way
up to his parents door and knocks on the door
and moments later the door opens and revealed Nicola.

"Thank god, you guys are finally here now we can eat," She said

I'm smiled and we walked inside the house and walked in
the dinning room and I seen Liam's whole family with smiles on their faces

"Oh my god, Hayden you're here," Karen said walking up to me
and gave me a hug.

"I'm glad to be here," I said as I hugged her back.

"We've missed you so much," Karen said in my ear

"I've missed you guys too," I said in her ear.
she pulls back and grins at me .
We all sat down at the table and said our prayer, and began to eat.

"So how is everything going?" Nicola asked

"Everything is good, I'm going to the Uni studying Journalism ,
and working as a vocal coach," I said before taking a bit of my food
"OMG congratulations," they all said i smiled

"thank you," i said

"So Liam, how is the band going," Geoff asked Liam.

"The boys and I are going to America soon, to attend and perform at the AMA's," Liam said.

"That's great Liam, is Hayden going with you?" His mom asked him and I turned to look at him confused and he blushes.

" I um haven't asked her yet," he said .

"You could ask me now," I smiled.

" Hayden will you go to the AMA's with me?" he asked smiling at me.

"Yes I would be Honored Liam," I smiled and gave him a peck on the lips.

"Aw you guys are so cute,"Ruth said.

Back At Liam's Flat

We walked in the flat and I was exhausted.
While I was taking my shoes off he begans to kiss my neck.

"Babe, I'm tired, I don't wanna do anything tonight," I said but he wouldn't stop.

"C'mon please." he begs and pouts
"Can't we do it tomorrow, I just wanna rest," I said walking upstairs

"fine" he says and follows me up the stairs into his room "I'm about to shower, be out in 10," I said taking my dress of and put it on the hanger and put it in the closet.
Liam nods and i head into the bathroom to take a relaxing shower.

I walk out the room and go down stairs
i walk into the living room
I grab the remote and sit on the couch and turn the TV
The E! news was on

"Liam Payne and his old/new girlfriend Hayden Richardson was with
Liam Payne's family today," The anchor said and a picture popped up of me and Hayden out.
i groaned loudly don't they ever leave us alone.
Seconds after Hayden came down stairs in a tank top and sweat pants "What's wrong babe?" She asked worried. "That is what's wrong," i said pointing to the TV, she looked and groaned angry. "Oh my god," she said before sitting on my lap "They will never leave will they?"

I sigh and shake my head
"I think I know something that will get our mind off this," She smirked.

"Now you wanna do it," I said, she nods."I thought you were tired.".

" I'm not tired anymore," She said straddling my lap and I grabbed her waist, I smirk and start kissing her.

"I love you," I said against her lips and she moans.

" I love you too," She said against mine.

She began to roll her hips against mines making me hard.

"Come on baby let's go upstairs," I said and she gets up off my lap and I get up and pick Hayden up causing her to gasp and I chuckle as I takes her upstairs beginning a pleasurable night .

Next Morning
I woke up the next morning in Liam's arms
I felt soreness between my legs.
I turned around and looked at Liam sleeping so peacefully and I smiled and
kiss naked chest.

he shifts in his sleep

"Babe, why are you up so early, go back to sleep," He said with his eyes close.

"Liam it's 11 a.m., it's almost noon," I said.

"OMG really?" he asked surprised jumping up out of bed naked and putting on his boxers.

"Yes,"I said "What is so important?"
"Oh nothing, just didn't know it was late," He said.

"you," he said cheeky before climbing into bed and hugging my body
and laying his head on my chest.

"Liam, I'm serious, what do you want to do?" I asked with a straight and serious face.

"Well someone is grumpy but anyways i dont know," he said rubbing my stomach.

"Maybe, we could just lay in bed today because today is Sunday and watch movies,
and eat junk food," I suggest as I start combing my fingers in his hair.

"Okay," he said

"Good, because I don't feel good," I said still combing his hair soft hair he nods and sits up
from laying on my stomach.

"What are you about to do?" I asked.

"Nothing I'm just sitting up" he said.

"Oh," I said looking up at the ceiling.

"yeah," he said picking up his phone up from the bedside table.

Seconds later he flashes the camera at me.

"Liam are you taking pictures of me?" I asked.

"Yes I am," he said laughing.

"Liam stop, I'm naked," I said covering myself with the covers.

"Come on babe it's not like I'm putting it on twitter," He said and I give him a look.

" yeah sure ," I said sarcastically.

"Baby, I won't put them on twitter, I just want to keep them just for my needs,
and to remind myself I have the most beautiful girl in the world," He said smiling.

"Aw thank you" I said "You are the most handsomest and sexiest man ever."

"Thanks baby, it's special coming from you," He said.

"What do you mean? everyone calls you these things," I giggled.

"Yeah but they are just fans but you are different," he said

"Aw babe," I said reaching over to kiss him on the lips and he kisses back and holds me in his arms.

"You know I'm in love with you right," He said as he held me in his arms.

"Yeah, you told me, like the millionth time," I said "But I'm in love with you too."

He grins and kisses me again "I think I should make love you," he said against my lips.

"I think you should," and with that we start
our business.

I love liam so much, together we are irresistible


Hey everyone new update YAYY!!!!
I'm sorry for the long update again.

My Co-Author Dedicated Directioner girl 13
helped me with this chapter again and I thank her so
much for collaborating in this story with me.

And on the other terms , I finally picked a ship name for Liam and Hayden.
a couple of people commented and
their name will be 'Layden'
Cute right?

In the next couple of chapter there will be big surprise
coming, some will be shocking ones
some will be sad.
But until then good night


- Aalyiah-Anastaysha


thanks so much

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