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Towers *Liam Payne Love Story*

New Beginnings

2 Days Later
The Day of the Wedding

Today is my first day of my new job as a vocal coach for the teens.
I got ready and started to make my way out of the house.

My phone began to vibrate and I got a text from Liam that said 'I'm coming back for you beautiful,' and I was thinking as I read the text 'what is it suppose to mean?' I thought to myself
i text back ' what do you mean Liam' I was truly very confused
But I didn't get a text back so I just headed to work.


I woke up this morning ready to get this day over with, I text Hayden saying
'I'm coming back for you beautiful,'

Minutes later she text back 'what do you mean Liam,' but I didn't reply because I wanted it to be a surprise


I was getting ready with the boys and my dad.
I was going to make this plan work no matter what happens.
I told the boys and my dad
I didn't wanna marry Kalenna and told them
what I was going to do, so they could already be fully prepared
I hopped into the car and start driving.
As I was drive the only thing that was on my mind
was Hayden being mine once again and I will never let her leave me again .
I have promised myself that I would never let her slip away.

Third Person Point Of View

Kalenna was about to walk down the aisle and that's when
Mr. Richardson came towards Kalenna with a
worried look on his face "Dad what's wrong?".

" Darling, We have bad news," Her dad said.

"What is it? I think I can take it it's my wedding day," she said.

"Um Liam is gone," When her father said that that she freaked out.

"OH MY GOD! where did he go!!" she panics.

"I don't know sweetheart, we have been looking for him all morning," He said.

"OMG " she continues to panic and starts to hyperventilate.

"It will be alright Kal, we will find him,
he might just went to do something he didn't get
to do before he gets married, and just running late," Her dad said as he tries to calm her down.

"I sure hope so," she said calming down a little

"I let's just wait a little while until he comes,
and then we can start," He said before kissing her cheek and walking away.

She sighs and starts to walk around.
She stops at a old picture of her and Hayden.
She kinda just stares at it for a few minutes.
She thought of all the memories he
r and Hayden had and how she always took things from
her and that's when something popped in her head
'She took Liam from Hayden'.

She couldn't believe it she took

Liam from her baby sister.
She felt so bad, and
she wonder if Liam went to find
Hayden because he really wanted Hayden and not her.
All this time She was his high school crush not his true love
She bite her lip She can't believe that's what She did to Hayden all this time.

She began to walk towards her family and friends
"Everyone, the wedding is canceled," She said and everyone gasped.

"Why sweet heart?" Her mother asked.

"Because Liam and I just weren't meant to be together," she replies.

"What? Where is all this coming from?" Her dad questions.

"Dad, I took Liam from Hayden," I confessed.

"Liam was with Hayden?" Her mother asked in shocked.
She nods "Yes he was for a while,"
"So that was the reason, why she left, because of all this?" Her mother begans
to understand this whole situation.

"Yeah, and I think that's why Liam didn't come to the wedding because he is in love with Hayden," She explains

"Oh honey I'm really sorry," Her mother said before rubbing her back.

"No don't be," She sighs
"I just need to be happy for him because his true love was my little sister and it should've been that way." "Can I ask you something?" her dad asked,she nods "Why did you go for Liam if you knew he was?".

"I don't know, I heard he had a crush on me and I thought if Hayden had him, I should too," She explained.

"Why would you do that Hayden we didn't raise you like that," her father said
"I don't know Dad, I did things in the past that I regret and these are the things that I regret," She said looking down. "Kalenna, you are 23 years old you need to grow up and get you life together and stop acting like this or we will cut you off," her father said
"But dad-"

"No buts, you need to learn and this isn't it Kalenna, why don't you be like Hayden? She left home at 18,
she didn't need no man, or us to depend on her life," Her Father said cutting her off.
"Well I'm sorry I'm not the child you wanted!!" she yelled.

"We didn't mean it like that,
we just want you to grow and be a independent woman," Her mother explains to her.
"Fine what ever," She said before she was beginning but her dad stopped her.

"And remember to call Hayden and apologize to her," Her father said and she walked off.

She went up to her room and got out of that wedding dress and Ten minutes later
She called Hayden
'hello this is Hayden but I can't get to the phone right now, but leave a message at the beep," Hayden's voice mail said.
She sighs" hey Hayden it's me i just wanted to apologize for everything can you meet me tomorrow at Starbucks at 2:00 please I love you sis bye" she records the message.


I get out of work and see I had a missed call
I began to
listen to it '" hey Hayden it's me i just wanted to apologize for everything can you meet me tomorrow at Starbucks at 2:00 please I love you sis bye,"
I was shocked to here her voice and apologizing. Kalenna called me, 'Wow' I said to myself.

The only thing I thought was should I call her back.

I decide to i mean it's the right choice right?

I dialed her number and let it ring.


"Hey Kalenna, it's me Hayden," I answered.

"Hayden oh thank god you decide to call me back," she said in relief.

"I never hated you, you are my big sister, but what you did, I almost did hated you," I explained.

"That's why I wanted to apologize to you" She said.

"I forgive you, Kalenna, and I hope you and Liam have an amazing life together," I said.

"Oh the wedding is off," she said.

"What! What happen?" I asked worried

"he left," she said

"He left!!"

"yeah," She said through the phone.

"Oh wow, are you ok?" I asked.

"yeah I'm fine, " She said through the phone.

"Okay Kalenna, I see you tomorrow, I have to get home before Kayla worries about me," I said.

"Okay bye,"

"Bye," I said before hanging up and headed home.

I got home and seen a far too familiar car.
I looked at the car and
thought it was just some random person ,
so I just walked towards the door to the flat.

I grabbed my key out of my bags
and unlocked the door " Kayla I'm back" i call walking in.

I looked around the empty
flat and then the door opened and I seen a fancy dressed Liam.

"Liam what are you doing here?" I asked confused.

"To get you back," he said walking close to me.

"Really?" I said with hope

"Of course I made a terrible mistake for leaving you," Liam said looking into my eyes

The only thing I could do was cry in joy and I hugged him.

He hugs me back "I've always loved you and always will," he said.

"I will always love you too," I cried on his shoulder and he holds me in his arms and tells me sweet things in my ears .

"Awww," Kayla said and we turned around and looked at Kayla "Where have you been?" I asked

"Out," she replies simply

"Oh," I said and turned back to Liam "So what do you wanna do?".

"Take you out on a date," he said cheekily.

"Should I change?" I said referring to my clothes. " nah you look fine," he said.

"Thanks babe," I kissed him on my cheek .

"No problem," he said smiling at me and we headed out on our date.

This is the start to new beginnings



My Co Author Kayla A.K.A Dedicated Directioner girl 13 helped me with
this chapter and I thank her for that.

We are working on new ideas for this story
and we hope you like them along the way.


What should Liam and Hayden's ship name be?
A. Layden
B. Hiam
C. Hadiam

Plz comment what you think it should be
and the name that has the most chosen
will be posted on the next chapter.

- Aalyiah-Anastaysha


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