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"i'm coming for you baby"

Niall POV~

I went for a walk to clear my head..
Why did I say that about Zayn???
I get a text from Tyler??
From Tyler- hey babe is your friend alright?? He seems weird, no wonder he's single...
From Niall- ikr!!! lol
oh Jesus why on earth would I say that.
Zayn is not weird and he is defiantly NOT single!!
ugh how does Tyler do this to me... I'm so sorry Zayn...


Zayn and I are laying on the couch watching safe haven.
I know, I know, we are such girls, but it is actually a really good movie.

The door bell rings and it scares the living shit out of me.

"I'll get it babe" I say to Z as I slowly get off of him and kiss his cheek.

I open the door.
"What are you doing here?" I say.
"I wanted to see you, you wanted to see me, so I came to you."

"Tyler how did you know where my new house was?"

How did he find me, did I tell him, I don't remember
"You told me silly" Tyler says with Grin on his face
"oh, ok!"
I hear Zayn's voice in the background
"Who is it Ni?"He some how sneeks up behind me and is in the door way.
"who is this?" Zayn asks with a smile

"Hi i'm tyler, an old friend of Niall" Tyler answers Zayn's question, as they shake eachother's hand.

"what's your name?" Tyler asks.

I enterupt Zayn befor he can say anything.

"This is my..uh.... friend, Zayn" I look over at Zayn's face and my heart breaks when I see the hurt in his eyes from my response to Tyler.
Zayn bites down on his lip.

"ya, i'm his friend" he says, his voice cracks as a single tear slides down his tan cheek.


I am so stupid!! I should have just told Tyler that zayn was my boyfriend!
Why couldn't I? It's like when ever I see or talk to Tyler, everything goes wrong in my head.
I need to talk to Z. I need to remind him that he is the love of my life!!!
I start running back to the house as fast as I can.
I'm coming baby! I run into the house
"ZAYN!!!" no answer...
I go to or room and knock on the door.
"Zayn, baby you in there?" No answer.
I get flushed with a concerned feeling...
I slowly open the door. No Zayn....
What wrong with that pillow? It looks weird. I walk over to it and pick it up.
My heart crumbles... It's wet with tears... Zayn's tears.
I can't believe I did this to him. Tears start streaming down my face.
Where is he I need to make sure he's safe. Where could he have gone??
"I'm sorry Zayn" I say out loud to no one in particular.
Maybe Harry knows where he is, they're best friends...

Text to Harry- do you know where zayn is???

From Harry- YaFrom Niall- ok so where Is he??

From Harry- he's with me at Alfie's flat

From Niall- ok I'm coming to get him

From Harry- don't you dare come over here!!

From Niall- what?!?! He's my boyfriend I have the right to pick him up!!

From Harry- I heard you think otherwise!
From Niall- oh he told you about what I said?

From Harry- yes, and if you even step foot in my boyfriend's flat I will personally kick your ass myself!! I'm done talking to you. I hope you feel terrible! Bye.

Oh my God what the fuck was that?!?!
Did I really hurt zayn that bad??
I don't care what Harry says I'm going to get my zayn back.
"I'm coming for baby" I grab my car keys and run out the door.

Harry POV~

I just want to punch Niall in the face!
No-one does this to my best friend, when I say no-one, I'm mean no-one. Not even Niall Horan..
------one hour earlier------

"Zayn what happened you look like a mess?!"
Zayn got to Alfie's house where I was waiting for him.
"Niall doesn't love me anymore!" He bursts into tears.
"WOAH buddy we both know that's not true!!" I lead him over to the couch so we can sit down. I go and bring some tea from the kitchen.
"Ok Z, start from the beginning"
He takes a deep breath.
"Well niall and I were on the couch watching movies when the doorbell rang.
Ni went to get it. I didn't recognize the voice so I went to see who it was.
The guy introduced himself. His name it's Tyler I think.
I was about to introduce myself and niall cut me off..."
Tears started coming back down his face. But he starts his story again.
"He interrupted me and said 'this is my...uh, friend, zayn' He said that.
Right in front of me.
He didn't even care. He just stood there starting at me while tears sprung in my eyes. He didn't even come after me when I burst into tears and ran to our room.
He left me by myself Harry!!"
Zayn couldn't hold it in anymore.
He started sobbing into my chest.

I just sat there and rubbed his back for about an hour, until I got a text... From him...

------real time-----

Niall better not come here!!
*door bell rings*
"Shit!" I whisper under my breath.
Zayn fell asleep about 30 minutes ago, so I slid him off my lap and go to the door.
I open it. "Niall I told you to stay the fuck away" I growl angrily.
"I know but..." I interrupt him with my fist to his face. I can't control myself anymore.
I am punching niall as hard as I can.
We fall to the ground he throws a few punches.
I hit his nose and I hear a loud crack.
The feeling of achievement fills my body.
my hands are covered with blood. wow I never thought that i would ever say that.
my hands are covered in Niall Horan's blood.
Niall tries to punch me one finall time, but the door behind us is opened.
I turn around to a scared Zayn.
"Zayn.!" Niall and I say in unison.
He runs up the stairs and I can hear the bathroom door slam shut.
I jump off niall and we both run to the bathroom


I hope you like this chapter.
i hope zayn is ok. don't do anything stupid Z!!!

I hope this picture makes you smile!!!!!


aww thanks I didn't know anyone was still reading it. Could you please read my story Visiting Hours?? It's soooooooo much better

Zaynlove Zaynlove

Woah this story has a lot of twist and turns one moment I am squealing and the next I am cring

HEYY I just posted your One Shot!! I really hope you like it!! here is the link


Zaynlove Zaynlove
@give me time and a crayon
have you seen your one shot yet??
Zaynlove Zaynlove